Lie back and make yourself comfortable, see if you can find a spot on the ceiling or on the wall to fix your gaze on. Now just move your eyes a little further up from that spot to a point that is not quite comfortable to look at, where your eyes have to make a slight effort. Keep your eyes focused on that spot you’ve chosen and start to relax, very deeply and very completely, while still keeping your eyes open.

Don’t close your eyes even if you are tempted. Keep them on the spot. Remember nothing else matters but you are relaxing and listening to my voice. Nothing will disturb you or bother you. No outside sounds that arrive will trouble you, people talking, traffic moving past… they will only relax you further, there is nothing to worry about, , you can just lie back and relax, completely, happily and completely safe. All you need to do is keep your eyes on the spot and gradually and slowly relax, sinking into the surface beneath you. Eyes still open and now you are going to relax even more, , starting with your toes and feet (continue with progressive relaxation) 

You are calm and peaceful your eyes are still on that spot but they are feeling so heavy now. So heavy, the eyelids very, very tired and heavy.

Wanting to close, now. Wanting to close. Very soon they will close. But try to keep them on that spot for a little bit more… and as I count from 10 to 1, you will actually feel yourself going even deeper relaxed, deeper and deeper with every number, your eyelids drooping and closing, and by the time we get to 1 your eyes will close and you will enter a gentle rest, not sleeping, not waking, but a perfect state for this journey today.  

10, 9, 8, Eyes wanting to close now, 7, 6, 5, Going further and further down, your eyelids heavy and drooping and closing. They can close any time they want to now… 4, 3, 2, 1 eyes firmly closed and deeply and calmly relaxed… that’s it. 

As you rest and the body has relaxed and you are letting go, I want you to imagine that you are in a garden, and this can look any way you wish, because it is a place created especially for you and by you… a safe retreat. In this comfortable place, maybe you are curious about how deep you will go… there is a comfortable place set up here in your garden… a pillow that seems to be made just for you… go ahead and lie down here in your garden… feel the warmth from the sun…and as soon as you lie down you look up and see a butterfly floating overhead… flying around in circles and circles, follow it now just with your eyes, and as you watch it fly round and round you feel sleepier and sleepier, more comfortable, heavier, drifting further into your trance …

Keep watching the butterfly, notice its colours, is it a yellow butterfly? White? or is it a rich brown, or maybe it’s a mixture of colours…watch the butterfly now fly off towards the sky, getting further and further away, and as it gets smaller and smaller, you find yourself drifting further into trance, the further it gets the deeper you will go, the deeper you go the further it gets…10, 9, 8 watching it get further away… 7, 6 feeling sleepier, heavier, 5, 4, 3, you can’t see the butterfly anymore but you are feeling more relaxed than you have in a long time, 2 and 1. 

I will be quiet for a few moments, all will be quiet and still… any noises from the waking world will only serve to make you relax further… no need to worry…and when you next hear my voice you will not be surprised… you will stay in this deep trance … ready to follow any suggestions and work with me…we will be going on a journey towards transformation and progress… your subconscious mind intuitively knows this is the best way forward for you. 

For a while now you have experienced a certain block when you want to try something new or try to do things that you feel are outside your comfort zone.

When you do actually try, there is something in the back of your mind that stops you, and gives you doubts. I want you to ask that part of you to come forward now, the part of you that is quite hesitant… this part of you serves to protect you, and we don’t want to get rid of them completely, but today we are going to ask them to take a break. They will actually be really appreciative of this… so thank that part of you now, just imagine that this part of you is now watching you from the side… ready to learn what it needs to… and ask them now to rest and allow you to go on this journey of learning and healing. 

This part has sometimes stopped you from acting out your natural creativity, your true nature, your great abilities, and it has stopped you from enjoying the process of experimenting with life in order to achieve what you want. Sometimes even when you did succeed in whatever you set out to do, there was still an unsettling feeling where you thought you didn’t deserve your success. Or maybe you even gave credit to someone else for your achievements or claimed that your success was by random chance. 

In front of you is a computer, and this can look any way you wish, because this is a special computer that only you can access here in your subconscious. Very soon, with the help of your powerful, creative subconscious mind, you are going to surprise yourself by changing the way that you think and feel about failing, by using this computer. And afterwards, instead of doubting your own ability, you will approach all that you do with a feeling of confidence and an anticipation that you can, and you will succeed. And deep down, even though you may not have yet acknowledged this to yourself on a conscious level, you know that you do deserve to succeed in all that you do. Your subconscious mind knows, and your soul knows. 

On this computer there are programs that we will install today, and once we install them they will run automatically and endlessly within your subconscious. So I want you to use the mouse there and find the program that is labelled ‘Self Belief Program,’ double click, and watch it load up on the screen here on the computer of your subconscious. 

The program has opened up a pleasant, happy video of you as a baby. As babies we learned to talk and later to run and to dance and to sing. Watch yourself now and see how amusing you find everything, everything is a wonder… the program is now showing happy images and videos of you as a very young child… see if you can focus on one particular memory. The memory will stay on the screen if you wish, and you will be able to watch it for as long as you like…  As very young children there was a point where it seemed like there was no limit to what we could do. Everything was possible to us, and we explored and adventured so much. We explored all of our options, we tried things without fear, we didn’t worry about failing or letting people down, we just did what came instinctively and naturally to us. Eventually all these skills, like learning to speak correctly, learning to read and write, how to use money and get along socially with others, they all became unconscious learning, and we could perform these things and many other activities without giving them too much conscious thought. You didn’t worry about failing or upsetting others, if you made a mistake you just adjusted your thinking until you succeeded in whatever you were doing. 

See yourself now as an older child and teenager on the screen… unless hindered by other people or unfortunate events, we still learned all sorts of skills and even if it meant that we had to practice and practice, we eventually got most of them right. You just learned as you went along with life… and any little accidents or minor mistakes along the way were soon overcome, relationships with people that truly love and support you, remained. And it is because you are a human being, just like the rest of our race, that you have the same capabilities and potential as anyone else.

This knowledge, which has been stored here, is now ready to install on the computer here… go ahead and click install… watch the percentage bar reach 100%… 

Now, you may have been in the unfortunate position of being overly-criticised, instead of encouraged… or maybe ridiculed, or made to feel scared or feel any other negative emotions connected to achieving, and this is how that natural inner confidence can soon fade away… there could be a number of reasons why you do not believe in your ability to succeed today, but we can ensure the program we just installed runs smoothly by also removing old and outdated programs that are on this computer here in your subconscious. They are making the computer run slow, and causing interruptions to the way it processes, and that is affecting the way that you process things… I realise that fear of failure has been a result of things that have happened in earlier years, but your subconscious mind knows everything there is to know about you and it has now decided that it is time to let go of self-doubt and that fear of failure and uncertainty… I know this is true because your subconscious mind has gotten you to do something about it, which is why you are here… At some stage in your life you were programmed to think in a way that does not serve you now. So, since you have already proved that you can accept programming, I’m fully confident that you can and you will accept the reprogramming we do here today, reprogramming for success. 

People with a strong influence in your life could have expected you to be perfect in whatever you did and showed their disapproval if you didn’t meet their expectations. There have been moments that you found embarrassing. Sometimes people want the best for you, but they do not realise the pressure they are placing, and that every human is different and unique, with their own dreams and aspirations. Pressure placed on you by those people, siblings, friends, family or anyone else, I want you to know that you can be released from this pressure here…. So look for the program on the computer titled ‘Release’… when you have found it double click to open it … and watch the installation reach 100%… instantly you feel that pressure lift from you … you feel so much lighter as you realise now it was not your pressure to own and wear, it was theirs. 

Deep down you already know that you can succeed in almost everything you do, which is why you are listening to me today. And even if you do fail in the future, it will only be a learning curve for you, and give you what you need to come back stronger and better. It is how we naturally progress through life, and it is ok to make a mistake. Your mind will remember this after we have finished our work here today.

I want you now to look for a program that is installed on this computer that contains a negative belief that you hold…we are going to delete this program… have a search now, maybe it’s a statement you hold of yourself, or something that has been said to you by someone else, or something you assume someone else thinks of you, it doesn’t matter which, it will come to you instinctively. When you are ready I want you to let me know what thought this first negative program holds… (wait for negative belief). 

You’re doing really well… now the ideas inside this program represent old ideas that you have accepted. These ideas are not true. At one point they have served to protect you, but they no longer serve you. They hold you back. I want you to delete this program now. And when you have done that, move to the recycle bin, and remove it permanently from the trash bin. There is no way it can be re-installed now.

(repeat however many times is necessary) 

And now, let’s install a program with statements that you know to be true. Open up the program titled ‘Success,’ click install… (insert relevant phrases/beliefs/statements) … Have a look now and see the new statements that are being uploaded into the computer with this program. ‘I have the ability to do whatever I set out to do, and finish it’… watch it upload into the program …‘I have people that love me and care about me even if I make a mistake, even if I fail’…I can be me… I am enough…(insert other relevant phrases)…is there anything you would like to add to this program installation? These statements represent your new way of feeling, thinking and doing. You have the ability, and you are not afraid to show to yourself and others your own talents and successes. You expect to succeed so you do. It’s as simple as that. 

Have a look now as the program is running images of your future self, you will be able to see yourself in the future exactly the way you would like to be, or you might just get a sense, a knowing… this is actually how your future will be. What do you see? 

Just like when you were a baby, taking those first steps, falling down and getting up again, you keep going because you really do expect to succeed. You don’t care if you don’t, you want to try! Because that is the first step to succeeding. 

You are kind to yourself and you are kind to others… you are a caring and unique human being with inspiring thoughts… you have unique ideas, and special characteristics and strengths… None of us are the same, and that is beautiful… you are a child of the Universe with an intuitive sense of adventure and curiosity, and you are claiming back what is yours, the right to explore new ideas and the right to try out new things without fear of failure or other people’s reactions. This is how you will discover what is right for you and what is not… and when something is not right for you, it doesn’t matter because at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you tried it… if there is something that is important to you right now, you will soon succeed because you are determined that you will not allow fear to stand in your way. 

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10 and at the count of 10, you will be wide awake, fully alert, refreshed and relaxed with an inner feeling of confidence and self-belief. You will have a beautiful, new but familiar feeling flowing throughout your body, and very calm and peaceful thoughts flowing through your mind. In the days to come you will find that you don’t even think about failing or making a mistake anymore. In fact, very soon after this session, it won’t even cross your mind unless absolutely necessary. Feel how exciting it is, to know that this life is about experiencing new things, enjoying the journey and lessons that come with those things. Now, as your confidence has increased with the reprogramming we did here today, you will find yourself becoming far more relaxed in situations that would have previously caused you to feel negatively… you will approach new tasks with excitement and expect to succeed, and this will make you feel happier about yourself, and others will notice this in you… what we have done today is firmly embedded in your subconscious mind, and it will grow stronger and stronger as each day goes by. 

1, 2, 3, you are coming back easily now, 4 good breathing back to normal, 5, muscles activating, 6, 7 eyes wanting to flicker open, 8, 9, and 10 eyes open, wide awake, fully present, fully conscious and back in this room.