I want you to head over to a table in the corner here and notice that resting on top is a happy photograph of you as a child … take a moment to notice where you are in the photo… in a moment when I count down from 7 to 1 you will be transported into that time and place for the purpose of communicating with little (name) once again… 7…6…feeling your surroundings blur 5…moving to that time and place in photo… 4… 3… 2… and 1 be with little (name) now 

Greet them now with a big smile and a big hug… little (name) remembers the love and understanding you provided them the last time you met and is excited to see you. I want you to tell little (name) that you are their best friend…because you are in fact your own best friend… And as you have taken the time to relearn this you know that you no longer need to fear rejection from anyone else. Because you accept yourself… reassure and remind little (name) that there is still no longer a need to fear what others think of them. Tell them about how good you have been feeling… give them an insight into what their future holds… a future where they know that since receiving all of the resources you have given them, that they have the ability to live their life the way they want to live it, and they have been doing just that too. They have been feeling such a strong sense of inner peace, self-love, acceptance, patience, confidence and understanding, just as you have… 

With all of the wisdom and clarity you have gained recently, you still understand that there will be times that people will reject something you do or say, but you now also have the knowledge and resources to understand that it is not really you they are rejecting. The more you have started to trust in yourself and enjoy yourself for the wonderful person that you are, the happier you have been. And you will only continue to grow more and more. You accept yourself…you are kind to yourself…you find now that you don’t worry about what others think of you… as long as you accept yourself, you know you will be ok. 

You have started to see situations more clearly, with more understanding of the bigger picture. You accept that when others disagree with you, that this can help you to grow… to learn…and to understand more about them and their perceptions.

Of course, there might be times when you have acted in a way that requires self-reflection, but when this occurs, you will be able to reconsider yourself and your way of thinking, or your actions, without being hard on yourself, and without feeling rejected.

You realise now that having a closed mind isn’t the best way forward for anyone that wants to develop themselves in a positive way… so you are determined to keep your mind open and explore other possibilities… in fact you welcome criticism because it helps you to do this.

You see yourself as equal to others… you are a good person…and you deserve to have a say… I know this, you know this and little (name) knows this.

Every day you feel the desire to approach people…you want to talk to people…you have an urge to just simply smile at people…. it feels great to be this way, and it will only get better and better, each and every day. 

And for now it’s time to say goodbye again to little (name), thank them for coming forward now, and give them a big hug… you already know that they will continue to feel comfort and a strong send of fulfilment, knowing they have so many great things ahead of them in life… and you know that you have so much ahead of you too, your heart is so full after all of the work you have already done… and you are looking forward to enjoying this new perspective you have in life. A perspective that will attract abundance… it will attract joy…a perspective that will make you grow in ways you previously couldn’t imagine…. And in a few weeks time you will look back on your old ways of thinking and wonder how you ever felt that way… and you will realise how impossible it is to even go back to thinking that way.