We’re going to go to a very special place inside your mind, this is where we can go to any place we like and see anyone and anything we want, and the things that happen in there can make you feel better in the real world! Anyone can do this, with the help of hypnosis, it is a little bit like having a rest when you are feeling very tired after you have been playing for ages and ages, and you lie down and think about how much fun you just had… it’s a bit like having a very nice dream… do you want to go there? Good!

Now to get there we need to make sure we are nice and relaxed, and to do that we are going to use this coin. Keep the coin between your finger and thumb and hold it here with your arm stretched out… that’s it… and now something really interesting is going to happen while you listen to my voice… your arm is going to get heavier and heavier, and when it does you’re going to feel really relaxed and really comfortable, and as soon as you notice this feeling, your arm is going to get even heavier, it’s getting heavy now, and it doesn’t matter if you drop the coin… that’s it… you’re going into a nice comfortable rest…

Now keeping your eyes closed, I want you to imagine that you are watching your favourite show or movie on the TV at home… let me know when you can see the TV… what are you watching? Now I know there is a favourite movie of yours called How to Train Your Dragon… it’s going to play now on the TV, can you see it? Good, I’m going to show you how powerful your mind can be now… do you want to see?… good! Feeling nice and comfortable here on the chair watching TV… when I count down to 1 we are going to that very special place in your mind… ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

You are standing in the middle of a very special enchanted forest, it is dark outside because it is night time, but you feel very, very safe, because if you have a look above you, flying around happily in the night sky is your friend and your most favourite dragon in the whole wide world, Toothless. Look at how fast he flies around, he is performing tricks for you, and shooting his purple light into the sky just for you to see!

Toothless is flying down to the ground to meet you now…walk over to him and give him a pat on the nose, and a hug if you like… he is looking at you with lots of love, because he cares very much about you, and he wants to keep you safe. Toothless is holding out a remote with a special button on it, and he wants you to press that button now… go ahead and press it, because as soon as you do this, Toothless will be connected to you forever! You will be able to speak to him now even when you are far, far away, and he will hear you and understand you. Even when you are in your bed getting ready for sleep. Actually, this will be the best time to speak to Toothless, because in the dark is when his powers are the strongest ever! And you know that Toothless is a Night Fury type dragon right? That’s the most powerful type of dragon there is, and now he is going to be watching over you always. That makes you feel very safe doesn’t it?

From now on, whenever it is getting close to bedtime, and you are feeling worried about the dark, or maybe you are in your bed and it is already dark because your parents have turned the lights off, ready for you to have a nice, long, beautiful sleep… I want you to say “Toothless please watch over me tonight,” and soon as you say those words, a very special thing will happen. Toothless will be able to hear you and he will know that you want to feel safe, and he will keep watch over you while you sleep. You might not be able to see him, because he likes to hide and use his camouflage, but you will know he is there. You will feel him around. And all those little noises that you might hear in the night? That’s Toothless moving around trying to be quiet while you sleep… And those shadows you might see when you are moving around in your bed or in your room? That’s Toothless trying to stay out of your way. You can speak to him any time you like, and he will hear you and understand you… but he might not like to speak back because he doesn’t want anyone else to know he is there. He is only there to help you, and only you share this special connection with him. Other people might get scared if they see a dragon! But not you, because he is your favourite dragon, and your special guardian.  As soon as you ask Toothless to watch over you, you will have nothing to fear. Even though you know that there is nothing that will hurt you in your house when it is dark, you will feel better knowing that you have the power of a Night Fury dragon watching over you. So say goodbye now to Toothless, watch him fly off into the night, knowing in your heart that he will be with you always, whenever you need him, whenever you feel afraid.


Wake up



Made for 5-10 year old child who fears sleeping in the dark who particularly likes popular kids movie How to Train your Dragon. The character can be changed to suit the child.