Objective of Script


This script is aimed at a mature adult who has experienced pain, rejection and loss in relationships and who is seeking a life partner. The symptom is a feeling of hopelessness which not only relates to finding a life partner, but also extends to other aspects of their life. This hopelessness is based in self-doubt, shame, and an inability to see a happier and better future. This script seeks to change their perception to one of self-love, self-confidence, and hope. The aim is to encourage the belief that change is possible; that they are worthy and that no matter what, their life can be happy and fulfilling.

The trigger is a recent rejection, which has reinforced their negative perceptions and made them feel hopeless. (It is ok to attach my name to the script.)



Close your eyes and just relax. Make yourself completely comfortable; make any adjustments you need to, and when you’re ready, take a gentle, deep breath … Take in air all the way into your lungs … as you exhale, breathe out any tension you are holding. Take another few deep breaths … With each breath in, feel life-giving oxygen flow into your body … cleansing and healing you … and this time with each breath out, let go of any doubt or worry, and any limiting thoughts. Let go of judgement … You are exactly where you need to be right now. Good. 

Now just return to an easy and normal rhythm as you relax your breathing … breathing in healing light … breathing out anything that does not serve you. Focus on the rhythm of your breath and on the sound of my voice as I take you to an even deeper level of relaxation. To the level of the subconscious mind … that part that has infinite wisdom. The part that knows everything you have ever experienced. Let go of any last worries now … And as your subconscious mind follows my words, let your conscious mind drift off … or listen … it doesn’t matter, just relax and let go. Because with each word I say you will go deeper and deeper to a place of healing. Know that you are completely safe and that this will be a deeply nurturing and loving experience. 

Now … as you breathe in light, let this healing light spread through the body in a gentle wave of warmth and relaxation … like liquid gold … Beginning with the top of the head, relaxing every muscle and nerve as it flows down the face, the back of the head and the neck … Moving down the shoulders, and down each arm … all the way to the finger tips … Liquid gold spreading to the chest and abdomen … down the back, relaxing each muscle and vertebrae … Releasing all tension, and all cellular memory of pain or loss… 

Flowing down to the pelvis now …  and then the buttocks … releasing any tension stored there … Down the legs, the thighs … the knees, the ankles … the feet and finally the toes … Liquid warmth flowing through the body with such ease, releasing tension and any trauma stored in the body … Gently releasing any memories of loneliness, of struggle. Liquid gold flowing … healing … restoring balance and vitality where it’s needed … gently smoothing out any little blocks that might hinder the flow of golden, healing energy through the body. 

In a moment I am going to count down from ten to one. With each count you will experience an even deeper state of relaxation and on the count of ten you will so much more deeply relaxed than you are now. With each count down, your subconscious will adjust your brain wave frequency to exactly the frequency needed to access the inner knowing and healing that you need today.

Ten, feeling so deeply relaxed … nine, growing heavier … eight, shifting your awareness deeper and deeper inward… seven, six … letting go … five, no longer aware of any sounds except the sound of my voice … four, three … so deep now, feeling such inner peace … two, all the way down … and one. So relaxed, and so peaceful. 



Imagine yourself in a special place, somewhere where you always feel joy. It may be a particular place in nature, or it may be a place you have visited that holds a special energy for you. It may be an event, or a ritual … it could be singing, or dancing … Whatever it is that brings you joy … just take a moment to be there and feel how happy you are … feel joy and gratitude at how easily you are back in this place or event that you love so much, this place where hope and joy flow naturally. Take a moment to really feel the joy and the incredible feeling of wellbeing there  … Feel how effortless it is just to be happy.

Now feel this joyful energy build within you and expand beyond you, beyond everything … See yourself opening your arms wide to this joy, smiling and just wanting to embrace it … and at the same time wanting to share this joy with the universe. With arms open wide feel yourself begin to slowly turn in a gentle dance, a circle of joy and complete bliss.

Three times you will turn in this dance of joy and bliss, and with every turn you will become twice as relaxed as before … Turning now in slow circles, circling towards a place of understanding and love. Three …. So deeply relaxed … two … so peaceful … and one. Fully and completely relaxed.



Coming to rest now and standing in your joy, you are aware of your limitless ability to receive joy, and give joy … And you realise that this joy has always been within you … you do not have to do anything except remember that you are joy to feel joy. Just feel the joy now… And in the days and weeks to come, you realise that being joyful, loving and open to all of life is your natural state of being. It is how you have been created. Joy is what comes naturally to you and brings you the most exquisite fulfilment. Day by day, more and more you think and act from this place of joy, where everything you do feels more effortless, and yet more meaningful. You will feel safe to express love and receive love in any way you wish, without fear of rejection. You will realise that you cannot lose your joy, that no one can take joy and happiness away from you. And this makes you feel so safe and so confident in your life.

From now on, the golden threads of love connecting you to loved ones and friends, clients and family will feel stronger, and yet more flexible; kinder and gentler … New connections will form naturally and effortlessly. Relationships will be easier to create and to hold when they are working in your highest good; and easier to release and transmute when they are not. Discernment and clarity will come easily because when you are in your joy, you are aligned with the creator energy of unconditional love that understands that self-expression, experience and growth is the natural law of all life. You will embrace your life knowing that you are always safe to do so, that no pain can reach you when you are in your joy. Everything you do brings you joy, fulfilment and peace. Every experience will be beneficial and you always make choices that benefit your highest good. 

With each day you will understand this better, and consequently enjoy your life more and more, knowing that your inner joy completes you and fills all those around you. You will know for certain that you future is bright, that you are a beautiful and precious soul that is created in love, and thrives in all expression of love. Any doubt about your purpose and value will be gone forever, replaced by trust in the divine path of your soul on this earth at this time. Being open to relationship, but knowing now that you are complete within yourself at all times and that this fulfills you. Any old feelings of shame or despair are even now being released, and the space they held is replaced by self-confidence, hope and self-belief, always looking forward to what you can achieve and knowing that you can and will succeed and that everything is as it is meant to be, in its own divine timing.

 You will feel excited to see what each day will bring. Whenever you need to imagine yourself back in this special place with your arms wide open to life and slowly, joyously turning in circles of love and light, and your joy will instantly return. Each time you will feel better and stronger and happier. Any doubt will be transmuted into hope, joy and confidence in the value, the meaning and purpose of your life. You will live each day gracefully, effortlessly, confident that you have all the strength and resources to live without fear of loss, without fear of rejection. Nothing and no one can hurt you.



In a moment I am going to bring you back to consciousness. You will remember what I am about to say to you because you know it to be true, and your subconscious mind knows it to be true.

You are a beautiful and divine soul, full of compassion and an endless capacity to love yourself and others. You are discerning, strong and capable at all times, and no matter what you do you are always safe because you are supported by the light of your Spirit. You are perfect in every way; you see this perfection reflected in all you do. You are unique, you are valued, and your light makes this world a better and kinder place. You are so worthy of the love of those around you and you know this to be true every single day. You feel this love, as you draw positive and fulfilling experiences to you from now on.

When you wake, you will simply know this truth in the deepest layers of your being – that you can do anything you want to do, that you are always safe, and that you can love and be loved, and that you succeed in everything you set your heart towards. And all this is effortless for you because you are exactly as you are meant to be, and where you are meant to be, now and every single day.

All the wisdom, the resources, the qualities that you have gained are now available to you, today and every day from now on. You will gain clarity and strength with each day forward, and the knowledge you now have is already create new pathways in your brain and these will continue to grow and strengthen from day to day to fully integrate the positive and beneficial frequencies of love and light.



I’m now going to count from one to ten. On the count of ten you will be back in the room, fully alert, fully awake. 

One, feeling tingles in your toes … Two, the feeling travelling up the legs and to the thighs … Three, becoming more aware of the sounds in the room and the sound of my voice … Four, feeling good, happy and calm… Five, breathing coming up to a normal healthy level for you … Six, feeling confident that you now have everything you need to create happy and fulfilling life experiences … Seven, feeling refreshed … Eight, feeling full of loving energy … Nine, eyes wanting to open now … and Ten … open your eyes, fully alert and feeling wonderfully relaxed and rested.