This script was developed for Tia who is 9 and has a range of health issues (and as a result behavioural issues). It was her first experience with hypnotherapy, so I wanted it to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience so I could continue with more sessions with her. I wanted her to be resourced with a safe place for herself and some healing fairies so she could reactivate between sessions when she wanted to. Giving her some agency over her own healing journey.

Likes – running fast, flying, elevators, freedom, slides. Not scared of heights.
Dislikes – anything too childish, being in water or ocean
Notes – Family spends a lot of time at the beach together, but Tia doesn’t like water very much. She also has a low threshold for staying still.

Before hypnosis conversation

Hypnosis is like a rest. You know how when you watch a TV show or play a video game, your brain feels really focussed and you get absorbed? It is like that. It’s like being super focussed.

It is good for you and your brain. It is a pleasant experience. It is safe, you will always be safe and your brain will always keep you safe.

Do you remember the feeling when you are watching the iPad or about to drift off to sleep? It’s like a mix of those things – it feels good.

Are you good at making pictures in your head and imagining? Like your own movie inside your head? It’s like that, you close your eyes and listen and imagine.

Do you have any questions?

Do you want mum to stay in here with you?


Ok, get really comfy. Make sure you’re in a comfy spot. Close your eyes and take 3 big, slow breaths.

As you breathe out, you start to feel your brain waves slowing down and you’ll feel more comfy and relaxed.

As you take 2 more deep breathes you start to feel a bit more gooey and floppy.

Now I would like you to imagine that you’re at the beach. The sky is big and blue. The white sand is flat and smooth. The ocean is calm and the sun sparkles off it. You can smell the salt from the ocean. You can feel the warm sun on your skin.

As you look around you can see the beach is really long and straight. Perfect for running on. You decide to run and as you do, you notice you’re running faster than you ever have. Your hair is streaming behind you. You can feel the wind on your skin as you run faster and faster.

You feel free and happy.

And then – just as you’re running as fast as you can, you decide to do a big jump and you become airborne! You can fly! You’re not scared, it feels really great to be able to fly. You find it easy and exciting.

As you fly, you try a couple of tricks. A loop-the-loop, some somersaults, a couple of spins. You find these tricks easy and you know you are a good flier.

You fly up a little higher and then look down and see mum and dad on the beach. They look up at you, wave hello and smile. They also know you’re really good at flying. You wave back at them.

You feel so light, like a balloon. And you can glide, like a bird. Flying is easy and fun.

You decide to fly higher, as you do this you look back at the beach and see that everything is getting smaller as you fly away from it.

You’re high up now, so you decided to look around. And as you do this you notice that there is a rainbow. So you decide to fly towards it.

As it gets closer – the colours get very bright and you realise they sparkle. You can see red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. It’s so pretty.

The rainbow is massive, so you decide to fly through a few colours to see what it feels like to fly through a rainbow. You start with the purple, it tingles on your skin and feels so nice. It smells like grape lollies.

Where blue and purple combine is a kind of pink layer, so you aim for that next. It feels warm and soft and sticky, it smells like strawberry.

Orange is sweet and tastes tangy and fresh like oranges. As you fly through you take big sniffs of air and stick out your tongue to taste it. It’s such a nice flavour and you notice it feels like little bubbles popping on your skin as you fly through it.

As you fly through the rainbow you feel happy and excited.

You look beyond the rainbow and see a big white, super fluffy cloud.

You decide to fly towards that. When you get closer – you see your name written on it in big teal, glitter letters.


This is your cloud. Make just for you. You fly over to it and decide to lie on it. It is so comfy and soft. It’s the softest thing you have every felt. It wraps around you and cuddles you. Your cloud makes you feel so safe and happy.

This is your safe clour. This is your safe place. You can come to your cloud whenever you would like. You just need to close your eyes and imagine it again in your mind. Feel it and picture it and you will be back at your safe and comfy cloud.

This is Tia’s cloud.

And as you rest in your cloud, you feel so relaxed and happy. And then you spot some little fairies flitting around you. They are small, and so pretty. They have gorgeous shimmering wings and pretty hair. As they flutter around you you feel curious and can feel their magic.

They have magic powers.

They begin to sprinkle magic golden glitter dust on parts of your body. The parts that might need a bit of a boost right now.

They sprinkle golden magic glitter dust over your eyes and feels so nice to you.

They sprinkle golden magic glitter dust onto your head, making your brain feel calm and relaxed and reducing inflammation making your brain feed good and your thoughts clearer.

They sprinkle golden magic glitter dust onto your heart and chest, making your chest feel like and your heart happy. Breathing seems easier,

They sprinkle golden magic glitter dust onto your tummy getting rid of any churning or angry feelings.

They sprinkle golden magic glitter dust onto intestines, healing them and making them absorb all the nutrients you need.

They sprinkle golden magic glitter dust onto your feet so they can dance well and help you run fast.

You can now ask the fairies to sprinkle their golden magic glitter dust onto any part of you. Just by asking them in your head. You can ask them now and they will help you.


Now you feel so much better, it’s time to wake up. Remember you can go to your cloud whenever you want to, you just picture in it your head and imagine the feelings and you’ll be back at your safe cloud. You can also ask the fairies to help by sprinkling their magic golden dust. Anytime you want it or need it. They are here to help you and help you feel better.
When you wake up you will feel calmer, relaxed but still have energy. You will better that you did before we started.

I will count from 1 to 5, and on the count of 5 you will be awake, alert and feeling really good.

1 – feet want to wiggle as energy moves into them
2 – legs and tummy wake up
3 – chest and shoulders and arms wake up
4 – eyes want to open up now
5 – all awake now and alert