First, I would like you to close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath. Good .. Take a few more deep breaths now … breathing in light …  breathing out toxins … Very good … Now let your breathing return to a normal comfortable pace and follow the sound of my voice … As you do I want you to know this is a safe place, where you can let go of any worries or concerns. There is nothing you need to do other than let go … let your conscious mind rest and let the wisdom of your subconscious mind take you to a special place.

Feel the air enter the lungs … let the chest and the diaphragm gently expand then relax with each breath … it is so easy to breathe here … Feel life-giving oxygen enter the bloodstream … trust that the body has its own intelligence that knows how to distribute the oxygen … there is nothing you need to do except relax and enjoy how peaceful you feel. Just relax as the oxygen moves through the bloodstream to reach every part of the body … Feel the face, the neck and the entire head let go of any tension or tightness, especially around the eyes … the mouth … all so relaxed now. Feeling the relaxation spread down the neck, to the shoulders and arms … feel the arms grow heavy and limp. Feel the chest relax … down towards the hips and abdomen … so relaxed and so heavy … down the left leg …. Feel the left leg grow heavy and relaxed … Down the right leg now … growing even more relaxed … feeling more at peace with every breath … and now more relaxed again as the entire body surrenders to such a feeling of peace.

Your whole body is now completely relaxed … more relaxed than it has ever been before. And you feel yourself sinking down… down… down into the couch as you go deeper and deeper into the most blissful feeling of just letting go. On the count of five you will go five times deeper than you already are …. Five … deeper and deeper… four, so relaxed … three… two … one. Good.



I would like you now to imagine that you are in a special place of great beauty and tranquility. It can be a favourite place in nature, or any location you love … it is entirely up to you … it is a place where you feel calm and joyful. Let me know when you are thereby nodding your head … [wait for nod]. 

Good. Look around you and take in the beauty of around you … it might be a beach, or a country scene … it might be an imaginary place that is meaningful to you. Feel how sweet and pure the air is … how perfect the temperature feels. Feel yourself breathe in the pure air … notice how easily you inhale and then exhale … releasing all tension as you do. Notice how peaceful it feels. 

I’m going to count from ten down to one now. With each count you will enter a deeper and deeper state of relaxation, and a deeper level of consciousness. As you go deeper, you will feel more and more relaxed, and more aware of that subconscious part of you that is wise and that has all the resources you will need. 

Ten, beginning to feel so relaxed … Nine, feeling your body grow heavy … Eight, shifting your awareness inward … Seven, six … focusing on my voice as it takes you deeper and deeper … Five, no longer aware of any sounds except the sound of my voice … Four, three … so deep now, feeling such inner peace … Two, all the way down … and … One …so relaxed, so peaceful. Very good. 



Now that you are standing in this beautiful tranquil place I would like you to a look around you. Really look … notice the ethereal quality of the light … feel the temperature of the air … smell the scents around you … hear the birds sing, the breeze gently whistles past you … feel the movement of air on your skin as you take in the beauty of your surroundings. It is so good to be here. You feel so happy here. So peaceful. You can almost taste the sweetness and beauty all around you. 

You notice that you no longer feel depleted or afraid … you are stronger and more confident here, and you realise with delight that you are perfect in every way – you are healthy, and strong … here you know you can overcome any obstacle or problem effortlessly and easily. You feel happy and sure of yourself; nothing can harm you. These are qualities that you want to have with you always. You know you can journey here whenever you need or want to. Like all travellers though, you want to take a souvenir or two back with you to remember how wonderful it is here. So that whenever you need to feel this strong and sure of yourself you can easily recall what it feels like. What to take? 

You look down and on the ground in front of you there are many small pebbles, each a different colour, shape, size and texture … each so individual. They feel purposeful, intelligent, as though they know something about you. They seem to call out to you. You decide these would be ideal souvenirs – they are light to carry, and easy to have with you at all times. You decide you can easily take some back with you to remind you of how complete you feel here. To remind you and give you strength. 

You pick up the first pebble you are drawn to; feel its texture and see its shape and colour … turn it over in your hand. As you do you see something inscribed on the bottom of the pebble. It is a quality, a specific resource that you especially love and need. This is something you would like to have all the time. It might be wisdom … or resourcefulness … or resilience … whatever it is, it is something that you value and want more of. Close your fingers around the pebble and let yourself really feel how good this feels … feel the emotions you are experiencing as you hold the pebble … feel the joy … really feel it … and now feeling wonderful, I would like you to put the pebble in your pocket. 

Now take look until you feel yourself to another pebble. Pick it up and once again, notice its colour, texture, how heavy it feels in your hand … Is it cool or warm? Turn it over and see a different inscription. It is another quality, strength, or resource that you especially love when you are here, and it would be so very useful to have this with you all the time … feel how good it feels to have it in your hand. Close your fingers around the pebble and let yourself really feel the energy it is giving you … feel confidence, and pure joy as you do … and now put this pebble in your pocket. 

You like these souvenirs so much, you decide to take one more … again, pick up a pebble that you are drawn to, and again this pebble is inscribed with exactly what you need to take back with you. You close your fingers around the pebble … feel the emotions you are feeling when you hold it … feel how good it is to feel this way … and put the pebble in your pocket. 

You feel so calm and happy now … so complete … because you are taking back with you the most important qualities that give you resilience to meet whatever life presents to you. You also know that you can come back here and take more pebbles anytime you need to. This is a place of limitless abundance and unconditional love just for you. Preparing to come back, you realise that the resources the pebbles gave you are now energetically part of you – they have infused their energy into your energy field and are part of you from this point on. You thank the pebbles and feel so grateful to have such an abundant source of support to draw on. 



Whenever you need to, you only need to still your mind and imagine yourself back in your special place. And every time you do this you will feel better and better, and stronger and more resilient. The resources available to you have no limit. You feel joyful and light … any doubt has been transformed into confidence, strength, and a knowing that you have the ability to do whatever you want or need to do … effortlessly, confidently … knowing that you are always supported. As you integrate this you feel calmer and calmer, more self-assured and excited to see what each new day brings. Because now you have all the support, all the resources, all the resilience you will ever need to meet whatever comes your way in life. This makes you glad to be alive, joyful and grateful for all that you are. Know that you are worthy of these gifts and they are now a part of you.


Wake Up 

In a moment I’m going to count from one to ten. On the count of ten you will be back in the room, fully alert, fully awake, bringing with the new resources you have gained today. All the wisdom, the resources, the qualities that you have brought back with you are now available to you. 

One, circulation and energy returning to the feet and ankles … Two, moving up the calves, to the knees … Three, to the thighs … Four, to the pelvis and abdomen … Five up the torso and spine … Six, heart, blood pressure and breathing all returning to normal … Seven, the energy moving down the arms and legs… Eight, full awareness returning to the mind and body … Nine, wiggling the fingers and toes … and ten … fully present, fully alert and feeling wonderfully relaxed and renewed. 


Explanation of Script 

This script is aimed at providing ego-strengthening and resource building, promoting a return to a greater feeling of self-assurance and resilience. The Deepening and the Therapy contain guided imagery. It is OK to attach my name to this script. It is OK to attach my name to this script.