I want you now to look over in the distance, and you will notice a big beautiful arch way ahead, forming an entrance. Walk towards the arch way, and you will notice that the arch is not made by bricks or stone, but from crystals and gems…and it is so beautiful. Take a moment to feel the crystals, and appreciate the magical glow that they provide. What kind of crystals do you see? You might notice a mixture of amethyst, and maybe some quartz…what does it feel like against your fingers? As you take a moment to appreciate this magnificent structure…you begin to feel curious about what is through the other side of the archway. Take a few deep breaths here…and when you are ready, I want you to begin walking through the archway, feeling another wave of relaxation flow through you as you do.

As you cross through to the other side, you are amazed to find yourself within a very interesting, yet familiar neighbourhood. This is not like any neighbourhood you have seen before, yet the buildings are very familiar to you. Look down at your bare feet, and you will notice a pathway made of soft green moss. It feels so nice and squishy against the soles of your feet. This pathway runs all the way through this neighbourhood, and its now time to begin your journey through. As you walk along this path…you begin to approach the first building in this neighbourhood. As you get closer, you become aware that this building is in fact a hospital…and it feels very familiar and comfortable to you. Step inside this hospital now…and as you do…. you realise that this is the hospital in which you were born. Continue making your way through and you will see a purple door straight ahead. Step through that door…and to your delight, you see a cute little cot right in the middle of the room, surrounded by a beautiful white protective light…approach the cot…look inside…and you see baby version of (insert name) resting peacefully within. She looks up at you, and you both take a moment to look each other in the eyes. Tell baby (insert name) who you are, and explain that you are the adult woman that baby (insert name) will grow to be. Tell her how much you love her and that you are here to ensure that she knows that she is enough…that she is cared for, and valued for exactly who she is. I want you to know give baby (insert name) a kiss in the middle of the forehead…and then look over to the ground, and you will notice a cosy looking baby carrier basket. Gently pick up baby (insert name) and place her in the basket…and begin making your way back out of the room…through the purple door…and back out of the hospital building…once again on the beautiful moss path.
Continue making your way along this path…with baby (insert name) resting peacefully in the basket you are carrying….
You now begin to approach another building…and to your surprise…you notice that this is in fact your childhood home, in which toddler (insert name) grew up in! You are filled with a sense of nostalgia and calm…and you begin making your way to the front door of your childhood home. As you enter the home, you know that you are safe and completely comfortable. The house might look a little different, but in a way that is pleasing and comforting for you. Walk through the house until you notice a door with a sign saying (insert name) on it. Reach over to the door handle, turn it open and enter the room. To your delight…you realise that you are now inside your old bedroom! Take a moment to notice the colour of the walls…and whatever toys you might have laid about. Look over to your side and you will notice child (insert name) sitting on the ground playing with her toys. She looks so joyful and calm, and she is quite excited to see you too. Go over to child (insert name), and introduce yourself. Letting child (insert name) know that you are an older version of her, here to inform her of how precious child (insert name) is. And that you understand her very well. You understand her feelings…her worries or fears…And you are here to show her that it is okay for her to feel how she does…and that she is so loved and accepted for exactly who she is. Give child (insert name) a warm…loving hug…and when you have finished embracing one another…take child (insert name’s) hand, and with baby (insert name) in the basket in your other hand…and make your way back out of the bedroom…through the house and back out the front door…through the front yard and back on your beautiful moss green path. This time with the three of you all together.
(Continue this process until you come across and complete each home that the client has lived in, in the different stages of their life)

(Here, the therapist may also choose to guide the client to a future home, where they will see their future self, happy and successful…the client may then choose to bring their future self along with them on the path, toward the next step, and final merging).

And now you are back on the path, with all the younger versions of you (and future you) by your side…and you all continue walking joyfully along…knowing in your hearts that you are completing a very important mission and healing…. walking along with your hands held…you begin to approach an opening. The opening is big and beautiful, with lush green grass, and a glistening lake running through. There are beautiful flowers and trees all about and you all begin to make your way through this opening.
As you do…you are enchanted to see a very large and glamorous hexagon shaped tent, tied down to the ground by all six corners. The tent is made from a thick white canvas, and there is a little opening for you all to go inside. So, step through…making sure all of the younger (and future) (insert name’s) are stepping through with you.
As you all step inside…you notice the walls of the tent are covered with beautiful twinkling fairy lights, and there are giant glistening crystals, of all shapes and colours all about. The energy inside this tent feels very soothing and safe…yet powerful and transformational at the same time. Towards the back of the tent, you notice a very large golden chair sitting up tall…inviting you to come and take a seat. Go over to the chair…and take a seat. To your left, you notice a crown…and you know this has been placed there for you to wear. This crown represents your power….and it is time for you to put on your crown…and take back your power. So, place the crown gently on your head…and feel a rush of empowerment flow through you…and you know you have felt this empowerment before…the feeling reminds you of something you can’t quite explain…but one that you have definitely felt before…. perhaps before your incarnation. And notice how perfectly this crown fits you….as though it was moulded to the exact shape of your head.
Look to your right this time…and you will notice a magic wand. Hold the wand in your hand…. this wand represents you as the wonderful magician of your life…. you are the magician…. with the magnificent magic of transformation, and creation. So, I want you now to invite the younger versions of you (and future you) to all join you on the chair, sitting on your lap, or all around you. Taking this opportunity to tell all the younger (insert name’s) that you appreciate all the effort they have made to keep you safe and protected. Acknowledging that it is because of them…that you sit in this chair today, with the crown on your head, and the magic wand in your hand. That it is because of all of you…. that you know your strength…your abilities…your magnificent value to this world. Let them know that from now on…you are going to protect and honour them in a way that is even more powerful and unconditional than before. That they will never be alone. Let them know that it is time for them to now rest…for all their efforts have been acknowledged and successful. It is their turn now to rest peacefully…to just be….
And tell your future self, that you are so proud of them for all that they have achieved…for maintaining their positive outlook…for being true to themself…true to their values and goals. And let your future-self know that you are so excited to enter the same timeline as them in just a few short years…that you are now embodying all the same traits and qualities as them…and making your way towards them.

When you are ready, I want you to have one final group hug. Embracing one another with so much unconditional love and respect. When you have finished embracing…. I want you to wave that magic wand around the group of you…and watch…as each version of you begins to merge within you again. Integrating with your being now…. feel yourself becoming one, and whole, yet again. And it feels so wholesome…so complete…
You have done so incredible today…In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 10, and when I do you will awaken feeling alert and refreshed…and you will feel fully integrated with all the different versions of you, along all of your different timelines. You have accepted and embraced your multidimensionality here today…and so when you awaken today, you will feel a sense of completeness…of balance…of acceptance and unconditional love for all of your experiences. You will feel empowered and confident to accept every one of your emotions…without judgment…. empowered to face your shadows, if they ever arise…
After today, and every day forward…you will continue to feel empathy and compassion for yourself…compassion and empathy for your emotions…your circumstances…you will have an innate knowing that you are always doing your best, and never deserve to criticise yourself, but only to have self-compassion. And with the younger versions of you integrated into your current consciousness…you will continue each day forward with a sense of child-like creativity and playfulness…knowing that this playful energy is always within you, and capable of creating powerful and magical abundance in your life. You will wake up each morning feeling resilient…and the integration that has taken place today will enable you to face perceived challenges with adaptability and fluidity. You will flow through life…like water…and with a growth mindset. And during each encounter, you will feel confident to express yourself authentically, without fear of judgment.
Okay…its time to come back now….

Wake up