Imagine now that you are in a beautiful park … it is filled with many trees of all shapes and sizes … there are rolling green lawns in between and shallow lakes here and there… You can see beautiful garden beds nestled in amongst the lawns, each with different flowers and shrubs, all looking vibrant and healthy … there is no obvious order to these beds, they seem to have sprung up organically. Everything in this park feels organic and natural, and whole.

Criss-crossed all over the park, as far as the eye can see, are narrow gravel paths winding between the garden beds, trees and lakes … just wide enough for two to walk side by side … and along these paths are wooden benches placed here and there, for anyone to sit and rest as long as they need. The day is beautiful, not too warm, sunny but with enough shade from the trees that one need never be uncomfortable. There are even little alcoves of bamboo and delicate leafy trees where one can sit privately, secluded from view yet connected to the lovely open and welcoming atmosphere all through this park. It is a special place you realise, it resonates with healing energy, and love. It is here for all who wish to be whole and there is no judgement here. It is safe and it is here for you.

You are feeling so relaxed. You decide to sit on the grass for a moment and just take in this scene .. as you do you feel yourself sinking down… down… down onto the grass as you go deeper and deeper … and a feeling of joyful anticipation fills you at the prospect of exploring this park. On the count of three you will become three times more relaxed than you are now …. Three… two … one. Good.

You are now ready to explore the park. You stand up, seeing several paths in front of you. You choose the path that you are drawn to and follow it, knowing that there is someone you wish to speak to, and this path will lead you to them. You walk for a while until you see in the distance the person that is waiting for you. They are overjoyed to see you … they wave and beckon to you to approach them. You branch off the main path towards them. Behind is a lovely, shaded alcove and as you walk together you notice towards it you see two benches in this alcove, facing each other so it is easy to sit comfortably and communicate effortlessly.

You are so grateful to see this person. When you enter the alcove, you ask them to sit on one of the benches, and you sit down opposite them on the other. This is a completely safe place, and you know you can speak freely here without fear of judgement or of hurting them. Trusting your heart now, you speak … you free the deepest feelings that you have hidden, repressed or ignored until now … these may have been feelings of anger, or shame, or envy … or disappointment, abandonment or grief … you can speak openly and freely here … and so you now tell them everything you have been unable to say before … no matter how intense … do not judge yourself for having these feelings … acknowledge them and continue to speak openly and honestly to this person.

Take as long as you need and let me know when you have finished speaking what is in your heart by saying the word “finished” …. 

Good… now it is the other person’s turn to respond to you; let them respond now and let me know when they are finished by saying the word “finished”. Let them take as long as they need.

Great … Leave this person to stay sitting there for now and stand up and make your way out of the alcove and back onto the path you were on. Continue further on this path to see if you will find anyone else that you need to speak to. Let me know if you see someone else ….

(Repeat the process with the next person, each having an alcove nearby and each having two benches. Continue until there is no one left.)

Now stand up and together with the person you just spoke with, walk out of the alcove and onto the main path, making sure you stop by at every bench and collect everyone you have spoken to along the way. Follow the path now to an opening in the trees and you see a beautiful pergola waiting for you. You take them to this pergola and when you enter it you instantly know this is a sacred space filled with love and healing … The roof is open, and the sun is beaming straight down on each of you, filling you and this space with unconditional love … peace… forgiveness and acceptance … and this light is directly from Source; the source of all love … and your whole being is filled with the healing light of such unconditional love and forgiveness.

When you stand in this light you are your true self, your true soul; standing in your light and from this perspective you now turn to the first person you spoke to, and you speak to them again, this time from the perspective and the wisdom of your soul to theirs; from this place of all-knowing, all-loving and all-being. Tell them everything you want and need to say … and let me know when you’ve finished by saying the word “finished” ……

Good … now allow them to respond, also standing in the light of their soul … and let me know when they’ve finished by saying the word “finished” ….

Very good … Now though you may not condone any negative behaviour, do you feel ready to forgive this person, truly and completely? Great … now go ahead and forgive them … and see them absorbed into the beautiful light of love and forgiveness, smiling and whole …

(Repeat the process with each character.)

And now you are the only one left standing, and you feel so peaceful and so whole. You are happy and grateful for your visit here, and as you start to leave you notice you feel lighter, more free and happier than you have ever felt before. As you take the main path back now you notice that you are still walking in your light; you realise this light follows you and will always connect you to your higher self and to Source. You are always in your light, knowing this brings you such joy and peace.



You are now ready to return to waking consciousness, filled with the love and forgiveness that you have shared. Every cell in your body has been washed in this light and renewed with hope and love so that you can look forward to the rest of your day, and every day in fact, with peace in your heart. You feel more serene, and more whole in every way and as you when you awake you will feel better and better with every day from now on. You know you are capable of immense love and forgiveness, and you are excited at how much better, happier and more fulfilled your life is now that you have released the burdens you have been carrying. The release of negative emotions will have a positive effect on all aspects of your life, and will continue to strengthen over time, bringing you continued upliftment, and transformation. Feel pride at the immense achievement of today and know that you are capable of this whenever always. You now look forward to every day knowing you are stronger, wiser and more forgiving of yourself and those around you.



Explanation Of Script

The purpose of the script is to facilitate forgiveness of self and/or specific people in the client’s life. It is OK to attach my name to this script.

The specific therapeutic techniques used are:

  • Therapy component (Gestalt – with Forgiveness)
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions (Ego Strengthening).