Make yourself comfortable and when you’re ready take a deep breathe in through your nose and a deep breathe out through your mouth… good…. And again… deep breath in and deep breathe out…on your next breathe out I want you to gently close your eyes down…. Feel how good they feel to be closed… they are like soft, silk coverings for your eyes and your eyes are feeling the soothing sensation of them being closed…. Your eyes have had a very hard day so far… they welcome the break when your eyes are closed….I want you to imagine that this silky sensation that you feel over your eyes is now going down moving over your face….such a pleasant sensation of the feeling of soft silk washing over your face, down your nose, cheeks, mouth and down to your jaw…. Feel your jaw relaxing, it might open up a little as you feel your jaw starting to relax… good…. Let go of the everyday worries and stress while you’re here with me in this room… relaxing at every word I say… going deeper and deeper into a state of hypnosis…feel that beautiful, soft silk washing over your face and down your neck now… opening up your throat chakra so you can speak the truth straight from your heart…. Allowing the soft silk sensation going down now to your shoulders… take a deep breathe in and as you breathe out relax your shoulders…drop your shoulders into your body… fully relaxing that upper part of yourself….allow this sensation to flow down into your arms and hands… allowing this relaxing sensation flow into every fingertip on each hand…now following that silk sensation down to your chest and onto your abdomen… down it goes to your pelvis… allow the sensations of relaxation flow down your spine and back… down into your buttocks…. Good…. Becoming so relaxed now… so peaceful….so relaxed….so calm…. Keep the flow of that silk sensation com ing down onto the top of your thighs and into your knees….down into your legs….. relaxing all the muscles…. your legs have been working so hard to get you around your whole life…. And they welcome this time to relax and take a seat….Good…feel that sensation going down into your ankles and feet… right into every single toe on each foot…letting that silky sensation come out through the bottom of your feet into the ground now… washing away any negative feelings that were once in your body before you cam to see me today….. wonderful…



 I’d like you to imagine now you are breathing in a beautiful white light….and it’s filling up your body from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes….down….. down….. down it flows effortlessly and freely from the top of your head to the tips of your toes…finding every nook and cranny that the silk sensation may have missed on it’s way down in your body…this white light will help you fall into a deeper state of hypnosis….relaxing every inch of your well deserving body and mind….let everything go…. good… a moment I’m going to count down from 10 to 1 and as I do you will go even deeper into a state of hypnosis…. 10, 9, 8… going deeper…….7, 6, 5…..even deeper now…..4, 3….feeling verrrry sleepy, verrrry relaxed now…..2 and 1 you are now in a deep state of hypnosis and every word I say from now on will help you relax even more…. as you’re breathing in the white light….it starts to circulate around the outside of your body too… cocooning your body in its warmth and safety…protecting you and keeping you in a safe place as you listen to the sound of my voice…You are safe, you are full of love and this is going to be a positive healing journey that we are going to take together…i’m here with you every step of the way… going deeper now with each breathe you take…. Take another deep breathe in and breathe out any worries, expec tations or fears that your body and mind might be harbouring…You are safe with me as we journey within… I want you to imagine now that you are standing at the top of a beautiful set of golden stairs…These stairs are so beautiful, shining a gold like you’ve never seen before… they are almost sparkling….this stairway leads you down into your subconscious mind where we will start to explore the many possibilities of what your journey holds…..step down onto the first step… good… we are going to go down these steps one by one and as I count down to each step you will go deep into your subconscious mind where all the answers you seek will be easily accessible to you… 10 steeping down to the next step…9, 8, 7…. Going deeper now….6,5, 4 deeper and deeper…3, 2 and 1 you are at the bottom of the stairs…you see a door way in front of you…. Open up that door and walk through it….


Safe Place/Mode of Transport 

You find yourself at the beginning of a beautiful garden path…. Look around… breathe in the fresh air that surrounds you….take in the feeling you are feeling now….you are completely safe in your garden within your subconscious mind… There is a pink light within the air… it has a slight scent of strawberries to it… breathe in that beautiful smell… and as you breathe in the scent you notice that the pink light starts to embody you….protecting you from any thoughts that do not serve you right now….this pink light is the essence of love and safety….so you know you are completely safe and you can relax as we embark even further on this exciting journey…Notice the beautiful array of wild flowers surrounding the edges of the garden path…. Start walking down the path…. Slowly and carefully as you take in your surroundings… can you hear any wild life? birds? Squirrels maybe? The buzzing of bees that are flying amongst the flowers looking for their nectar….keep walking down the garden path and you notice that the path is now splitting into two paths…. One to the left and one to the right…choose one of the paths to walk down…. Have you chosen one? excellent… start walking down that path and you will notice that there is a clearing up ahead….a beautiful path of lush, green grass awaits you….you step onto the grass and the sensation of the soft, pillow like grass feels wonderful under the soles of your feet… I want you to stand with both feet planted on the grass and take a deep breath in… this is a fantastic way to ground yourself….you are connecting with the earth, connecting with the universe, connecting your mind, body and soul as you stand there on that soft, lush grass…. You see something in the corner of your eye…. It’s laying on the grass also… walk over to it… you see that it is a golden carpet…. It’s intricate details of pattern on the carpet intrigue you….It is almost sparkling gold but with blues, greens and oranges mixed through it… I want you to step onto the carpet…it feels so soft… so clean… almost as if you could lie down on it….Sit down on the carpet….get comfortable…you can lie down on it if you feel it will be more comfortable for you or you can just sit on it anyway you like so you are comfortable… this carpet is magic…and you can’t fall off it for it senses that you are on it and it starts to shine it’s golden light all around it….. enveloping the outsides of the carpet in a protective bubble…. this bubble light is protecting you from falling off the carpet…



This special, magic carpet is going to take you into another place in time….You will be travelling on this magic carpet to a time in your childhood… A very happy time in your childhood…we are now going to start your journey back in time to one of your earliest, most happiest times of your childhood….you may have be 3, 4 or 5 years old… it doesn’t matter… just know that this magic carpet will be taking you to a very positive time in your childhood…. The magic carpet starts to lift…. Surprisingly you feel very safe and secure…it’s a very smooth ride…. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (click fingers) you are there now! 

Look around at your surroundings….are you inside or outside?

Look down at your feet…. Are you barefoot or wearing shoes?

How old are you? What are you wearing?

Is anyone else there with you?

Where are you?

What are you doing?

How do you feel?

Wonderful……we are going to leave this time now and take the feelings of this moment with us….this was a very happy and positive time in your life and we want to cherish these beautiful feelings of happiness and love….. We are now going to get back on our magic carpet and go into a time after your conception and before your birth….Your mother’s womb….5, 4, 3, 2, 1 you are there now!



Can you tell me if it is dark or light where you are now?

Can you see or sense any colours?

Do you feel comfortable or cramped? (make yourself comfortable)

You may be able to sense your mother’s feelings now….

Can you sense how she is feeling? Tune into your mother. What is she experiencing in relation to this pregnancy?

Send her love and white light….

How do you feel about coming into this life?

Do you feel excited or apprehensive or something else

It’s not that long since you’ve been in spirit so you may have some awareness of the purpose with which you have come…Why are you coming?

Is there anything else you need to know while you are here?


Wonderful…. We are now going to leave your mother’s womb on our magic carpet….. and prepare to go back to another time, another place, another lifetime…. Ask your higher self…. your guides….. and the angels to help guide you to a time…. where you allow insight, clarity, wisdom and growth for the opportunity to heal and transcend any obstacles that may be contributing to your current life… in their guidance….trust yourself….this journey is a magical one… and this is your opportunity to discover the many answers you’ve been searching for….as you step onto your magic carpet…. I will count down from 5 to 1 and when I get to 1 you will be in a relevant time that you need to explore so we can transcend your current obstacles…..5, 4, 3, 2, 1 be there now!


Past Life 

When you’re ready, imagine looking down at your feet…. Are you wearing shoes, bare feet, boots, sandals? What are on your feet if anything? 

Great… now became aware of your clothing… you might look at it. Or you might feel it’s texture… or even have a sense of what you’re wearing…..are the clothes you’re wearing fine or course? 

Loose or tight fitting?

Do they seem to be the clothes of a male or female? And Adult or child?

Great, now look at your hands… What colour is your skin?

Now you’re ready to very, very slowly turn around in a full circle, becoming aware of your surroundings… are you inside or outside? (have them describe surroundings and probe with relevant questions to environment)

What time in history is this? You may know or you may have numbers come to mind.

Where about is this place? You may just know or…..if you were looking at a map of the world, where would you be drawn to?

How old are you?

Do you have a name? (Greta)

Wonderful Greta….Is there anyone else with you? Do you know them? What relation are they to you? Greta, Can you tell me what your purpose is to where you are right now? (no)

Ok, we are going to go onto the next significant time or event in that lifetime….

As I count down from 5 to 1 you will be there… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 you are there now!

(continue exploration of scene) 

Wonderful… we are going to leave this moment in time now and visit your death scene from this life….Hop onto your magic carpet…. Remember that you are safe and surrounded by love…. Nothing can hurt you here…. and if at any stage you feel unsafe you can return to your garden at any time….this scene can be very important to visit… as it could help us find some answers relating to your current day problems…. Are you ready? Wonderful…. I’m going to count down from 5 to 1 and when I get to one you will be at your death scene for this particular life….. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 be there now!


Death Scene


Look down at your feet… are you wearing any shoes?

Look or get a sense of the clothing you’re wearing….

What are you wearing? Look around you… do you know where you are?

Are you inside or out?

Can you tell me how old you are now Greta?

Is there anyone else there with you?

How are you feeling Greta? Do not be afraid…. You are safe and doing a wonderful job….

Tell me what is happening Greta….. Are you ok to continue on?

Great….Tell me how you are dying in this life Greta…. 

I want you to feel the sensations of this death scene…..Tell me what you are feeling….do not be afraid…. (let client explore and talk to you while you continue to support them through this journey). 

Can you see the white light above you? When you are ready… follow the white light…. (Continue on- if client allows it)



Great, in a moment we are going to leave this place….but before we do… I want that part of your mind to connect with your conscious mind… I want you to remember your experience, your emotions, your lessons from this life and connect them with your current life….this will help heal the traumas that have happened to you in that past life and bring awareness and wisdom to you… all the wisdom from the learning of that experience and all other experiences……make you aware of the effects it is having on your reality of life… so that life will not be held back by any fears of the past, by the experience of the past or the health of the emotions stored in the mind…..Let that part that knows now speak….let the voice speak now….loudly and clearly



Now as you begin the journey back to the present….leave all that is negative from the past experience behind… the past where it rightly belongs…..the past is the past… it stays in the past and has no place in the present…..Bring back all the