Therapy: Working with low self confidence / self-doubt. Trusting the self, being sure and shifting the belief that you ‘cant’ do something because you are inadequate.
Outcome: ultimately wanting to be more confident and believe in the self when facing adverse or challenging situations.

Induction: Progressive relaxation – but a little quicker then usual (2-3 mins tops) – (I know its common, but I have chosen this because I believe the issue we’re working on – self doubt – can mean the client has increased anxiety about not ‘doing it right’. Therefore their cortisol levels could be quite high and they’re overthinking the session already. I thought this would be good to help ground them a little more and make them feel safe. It is also a really nice Segway into the guided imagery. Of course, this could go either way – it would be important to gauge with the specific client).

I’ll get you to start taking some nice deep breaths when you’re ready.
I through the nose, out through the mouth.
That’s it.
Inhaling through the nose, nice and deep. And slightly parting the lips, allowing the exhale to just fall out naturally.
A few more like that, I’m here breathing with you, Inhale… and exhale. Good.

Let’s bring that awareness to the body now.
Beginning to scan the body, making sure each part is nice and relaxed. Nice and comfortable.

I’m going to count from
Starting with the soles of your feet. Releasing any tension in the soles of the feet.
Feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation pouring over the feet.

Take that feeling all the way up the shins and past the knees.
Relaxing the thighs, all the way up through the hips.
Feel that softness and peace travel up through the torso and pooling in the heart space. Relax the chest a little more here. Good.

Sending those waves of relaxation now to the shoulders, softening the shoulders. Feel the arms and hand become heavier now as you drop a little further into stillness.

Finally sensing deep relaxation start to spill over the face, relaxing your jaw, cheeks.
Notice the eyes become heavier, closing even more. And more. And more.
The head becoming nice and relaxed. Nice and soft. So good.

Feel your entire being here. Relaxed, still, peaceful. Good.

Now that you’re relaxed and heavy, from head to toe. I want you to imagine you’re standing at the top of a staircase.
That’s it.
Standing at the top of the staircase, looking down at what lays at the bottom.
These are the stairs to your subconscious. At the base of the stairs is the door to your favourite place. There are 10 stairs.

In a moment you’re going to walk down them. And as you do, I’m going to count from 10 to 1. As you slowly come down the stairs, and I count to guide you, each step down will allow you to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. With each step you will become more and more still, more and more peaceful and more and more tranquil.

Okay, let’s begin. Starting to walk down the stairs for 10, going deeper down to 9, 8 – as you feel yourself relaxing more and more, 7 – deeper now, good, 6, 5 becoming heavier, 4, 3 2 – even deeper, 1 so relaxed. Good.

Now, standing at the door to your subconscious, I want you to open the door. You are now in YOUR private place.

Notice the scenery. Take a look around at your sacred, secluded, special place. The place in which you come to rest, rejuvenate and replenish from the outside world.
Notice the landscape here. The ground your standing on. What is it made of?
Notice yourself barefoot here. The ground nice and warm.
The breeze coming through. The smell in the air. Feel the sun rays warm on your skin. Notice what you are wearing, if anything at all.

Feel the softness of your skin on the breeze. Notice any sounds in the aether. Perhaps there are birds. Listen carefully now. Notice the sounds. *PAUSE – allow them to absorb) *.

Feel how calm and peaceful you are, just by being here, in your private place. How already you are more relaxed.

Now I want you to envision a mirror. A grand mirror. Notice its design and its shape. Walk over to it now.

This is the Mirror of Love. It is filled with light and beautiful healing rays. It is the great reflector of all that is true and Divine. It reflects back to you, only the wonderful, powerful, pure qualities you possess. This mirror speaks only of the highest truth.

Stand in front of this mirror now.

Notice yourself. As you look at your reflection, it is being filled with light.
Feel that you are being bathed in warm, beautiful healing waves.
Smile at yourself. And watch in awe as you are being filled with this energy.

This mirror is here to show you that you are radiant. You are confident. That right before your very eyes, you are being transformed by the love that is within you. A pure reflection of YOU. It is here to prove to you that you project an image of self-confidence, strength, resilience, intelligence and assurance.

The more you know this now, the more you light up. The more you are experiencing the warmth within you. This joy, this beauty. That you are seeing the wonderful, positive things that you are. With this light you attract opportunities, expansion, growth and a deeper sense of trust every day. You have set the deep knowing of your inner light free now. You are centred in yourself. You know now, without a doubt in your mind, how beautiful you truly are, and how good it feels to have this trust within yourself. You know also now that it is safe to hold this trust. And so you allow yourself to feel it even more now.

Watching, feeling, embracing as you are filled more with this love.
Stay here for a moment and embrace this feeling. Fill yourself.


Now, as you look back at yourself, place your hand on the mirror, and watch your reflection meet your hand. Smile up at yourself and give yourself the assurance that you know, always, this love is here for you, within you and holding you. Tell yourself ‘I see you, and I love you’. Say it twice more.

Slowly release your hand from the mirror. And know thar it is always here when you need a gentle reminder of all that you are, most truly. It is here, in YOUR private, sacred place.

Begin to step away from the mirror now.
Notice how good you feel. How light you feel. How confident you feel.
This energy surging through you.

Start to walk back towards the door in which you came. Open the door and close it behind you finding yourself at the foot of the stairs again.

In a moment you are going to walk up the stairs, and I am going to count from 1 to 10. As I do, you are going to begin to come back to the room with me. But, before you do, take a moment to sense your energy here. Place your hands on your heart and seal every part of that experience inside you. Know that it is with you always, in your heart. Know that when you come back into the room you will have returned with full trust in yourself. Trust in your ability to believe in yourself, to apply yourself to your life in every aspect and trust in who you are. You will be more confident in making decisions, freer to express yourself and enjoying life so much more. You know this to be true because you know who you are. And from here you can only attract positive, beautiful experiences.

Now, keep your hands on your heart and begin to walk up the stairs.
10 beginning to feel sensation coming back into the legs, 9 as you walk up the stairs, 8, 7 – feeling the sensation return to your hips and torso, 6, 5 – feeling coming back to the chest and arms, 4 in the neck and jaw, 3, 2 – heart rate returning to normal 1 coming back, eyes open, fully alert and so rejuvenated, so refreshed, and so so energised.