Guided imagery in deepening and therapeutic parts. Can be used to treat anxiety, stress, fears and confidence levels.



I want you to position yourself comfortably…take a nice, big breath in through the nose… and out through the mouth…. again, in through the nose…. And out through the mouth… pphwwwww… good…. Close your eyes downs and take another deep breath in through your nose, right down into your belly and out through your mouth… very good…. Feel yourself relaxing with every breath your take… Breathing normally now, just at your own pace…. each time you breathe in and out you sink deeper into the chair and into a deeper state of relaxation… good…. Feel how good it feels to just relax and not have to worry about anything in that’s happening in your life right now, in this moment in time… just focus on my voice and listen to my words as you become more and more relaxed….


I want you to imagine yourself driving in your car (this can be changed to walking if they do not drive)… you’re driving along a very familiar road… this road is quite… it seems you’re the only one around… you feel a sense of safety, that everything  is going to be ok… you’re taking a leisurely drive… you don’t really need to be anywhere, you’re just taking some time for yourself…. to let go of any worries that may be burdening you… you come to a give way sign and you gently press on the breaks. looking left and right, then right to left… no one is around… so you gently press on the gas to start moving your car… as you press down on the gas you notice that you’re driving down a  hill… down the hill further and further… down…further down… this is quite a long strip of road and there is no one around… you’re completely safe and you can drive as slow or as fast as you like down this stretch of road…. Your surrounds are now an open space and the road you’re driving along is a very long stretch of road… so long that you cannot see the end… but you know that you are safe and you know that when you do get to the end of this stretch of road… that you will be where you need to be…keep going down the  road, down the hill.. you are in complete control of how fast or slow you are going down this hill… you see a road sign on the side of the road with the number 10 on it and keep passing these road signs as you’re going down this stretch off road… 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4….

Keep going down this road… 3, 2, 1… good… you’re feeling totally safe… and you are feeling very liberated at how wonderful it felt to just drive as fast or as slow as you wanted with no reputations of your driving style…. Feel how free you feel… how safe you feel… how wonderful you’re feeling right now….



You decide to stop the car… you pull over on the side of the road and you get out… You notice to your left that there is a tree… a big, strong, oak tree… just sitting there on the side of the road… this tree is very lush… very green…very healthy and very safe…. it looks as though it has a hue of light surrounding it… a special glow of white light with golden edges around it… you walk towards the tree and as you arrive at the base of this beautiful, magical oak tree…. you see a door on the trunk… It slowly opens up… it’s inviting you to come inside… you walk towards the door…… you step through the door and notice as you step inside … the ground below you start to form into grass…. each step that you take lights up and forms green grass under your feet… the grass is slowly getting larger across the circumference of the land of where you are …. The grass is as soft as a pillow and with each step you take you feel a sense of security, freedom and liberation…. free from the stresses that once plagued you… free from any worries that your mind keeps going back to.. free from the anxiety of life… free from the worlds troubles… you continue walking on this soft, green grass and you start to see some beautiful flowers popping up from the grass around you… they are growing on each side   of you… forming a path for you to walk on… you follow that path… everything around   you is beautiful… a magical land that only your imagination can take you… you can hear birds chirping… squirrels playing…you see butterflies dancing around you as you walk down this path… these butterflies are surrounded by a beautiful hue… of many different colours.. almost as if they are glowing… one lands on your arm… you say hello to it and it flutters off to play with its friends…you come to the end of the road and notice a bench… the bench is glowing a beautiful purple haze with golden sparkles though it… the bench has some writing on it… it says… ‘sit here and release all your worries’… you sit down and as soon as you do you feel the beautiful coloured purple haze surround you… lifting any  of your worries away from your body, away from your mind and dissipate into the light… this light is a magical hue of transformation… and as you sit here, quietly, feeling safe… you start to feel the heaviness that was once attached to you… slowly release into the light… it feels so, so good, so, so comfortable… so, so wonderful…. Sit here for a few moments and release any negative feelings and thoughts that do not serve you anymore….


Wake up

In a moment I’m going to slowly bring you back to full waking consciousness…and as I do your subconscious mind will carry with it the feelings of safety, strength, courage and relaxation… all the positive feelings that you have just gained within the magical oak tree… These feelings will be firmly embedded within your subconscious mind and you will carry these feelings around with you permanently…

To bring you back to full alertness… I will count from 1 – 10 and with each count forward you will start to become more and more alert, more and more awake within the room… 1,