By Carol Green

So now, I want you to relax, get yourself comfortable if you need to, and when you are just close your eyes down. Take a nice deep breath in, hold…and let go, again take a deep breath in, hold…and let go, one more time, breath in, hold…and breathe out letting all tensions in your body go. And as you continue allowing your body to relax, I also want you to let your mind start relaxing, there is nothing it needs to do right now, just relax, relax. Let every muscle go loose, so loose, so limp and relaxed, arms limp now, so relaxed…good. Now you feel a wonderful wave of relaxation wash over your entire body, from the top of your head right down to your toes, relax, relax, deeper, deeper into relaxation. More and more relaxed with every breath you take, drowsy and sleepy, going down deeper now, your mind and body so calm, so relaxed, just let go and  let my words go into your subconscious mind while your conscious mind rests, so calm, so relaxed. Feeling another wave of relaxation washing over your entire body, every muscle, every nerve going limp and relaxed.  More and more relaxed and with every breath you take you sink 2 times deeper on the out breath.


Relaxing, relaxing with every beat of your heart, with every breath you take……………….


And as you continue relaxing feeling more calm, more peaceful and more at ease letting my words go easily into your subconscious and letting your conscious mind rest, I want you to imagine that you are seated in a beautiful green meadow…….the sun is shining……….the temperature is just how you like it and there’s a soft breeze blowing over your body. You are feeling more comfortable, relaxed and at ease.  Beautiful flowers are all around you, see the amazing colours and notice their fragrance, it may be a soft gentle fragrance or a stronger fragrance as all the different smells merge into one on the soft breeze.


Over in the distance you see a small mountain, it’s at the end of the meadow you are sitting in, it looks very inviting, you would like to take a trip up this mountain. You get up from the bench and as you look around there is a gentle flowing stream, you walk over to this stream, bend down and put your hand in the water…..beautiful clear refreshing water…. feel the coolness on your hand as the water touches it.  You look up the meadow and see that the stream seems to come from the mountain. You begin to follow the stream up into the mountain and as you begin to climb you can hear the calls of different birds, you can smell the pine trees. You look back and see the meadow getting smaller and smaller, you continue climbing and pass different types of small bushes. Soon you are half way up and just next to you on the left is a fallen tree… you sit on this tree for a rest before continuing. You can feel the rough bark, you can smell the damp of the rotting wood and from here you look down through a small clearing and notice how beautiful the scenery is. Now it’s time to continue up the mountain, you have never felt so content, so relaxed and at ease and feeling gratitude for nature all around you. The breeze is still blowing gently and you catch different smells from all the various flowers and trees as you continue climbing. 


So now, just a few more steps and you will be there……you finally make it to the top and the view makes your heart skip with delight as you look down over the magnificent view, and because you are so peaceful, calm and relaxed you decide to lie down on the grass and enjoy the moment. And as soon as you do your body relaxes even deeper and deeper, all tensions being released.


As you look up you see a beautiful blue sky scattered with white fluffy clouds, all different shapes just drifting by. You continue relaxing deeper and deeper,

deeper and deeper, so relaxed and as you lie there you feel your eyes getting heavier and heavier, closing down slowly, eyelids feeling heavier and heavier and you fall into a beautiful slumber, relaxing even more, so safe so secure.


You begin dreaming that one of those beautiful fluffy white clouds is floating down… getting lower and lower, so low that it touches you and surrounds you in its fluffy whiteness.  You feel the cloud pick you up, surrounding you with support and protection…and soon you are floating on your very own fluffy white cloud, safe and secure. Feel how soft and comfortable your cloud is, feel the support it gives you, feel where your body touches it.  Up, up you go, feeling warm, comfortable and secure. Your cloud rises high above the mountain and all the while you feel so relaxed, so comfortable, so calm and so peaceful, knowing that you are safe and secure. You look over the side of your cloud and you can see all around you………you notice how things begin to appear hazy, you feel your cloud swaying gently on the soft breeze, so relaxed, so comfortable, floating on your cloud.


You begin to notice that your cloud seems to be drifting backwards and all the other clouds are going forwards. As your cloud drifts gently backwards you become more and more relaxed, you see the ground below, it resembles a patchwork quilt of green grass, fields of yellow and brown, you see blue patches of water every now and again. Your cloud continues to move backwards and you note that you are going back in time, year by year…..you see each year pass as you go back in time….and I want you to stop at the place when you first had the feeling of (insert client issue)…When you arrive there I want you to say the word ‘OK’.


Good…so now you have arrived at the time you first felt (insert client issue)… I want you to experience those feelings you felt back then……..tell me all that you need to…(pause until client has finished)….good.  And as you continue to float on your fluffy white cloud, fully supported and secure, you feel a warmth going through your body and you know that your body has been healing.


You look upwards and you see several white fluffy clouds floating down towards you, and as they get closer you see that each one has words on it.

As the first cloud approaches you, you see the word LOVE, this beautiful white fluffy cloud is drifting down enveloping you, you feel the love surrounding you, breathe in this love, feel the love surrounding your body….breathe it into your heart, feel your whole body filling with love… and now a second cloud approaches and this one has SAFE AND SECURE written on it… again you are immersed in the cloud and you feel so safe, so secure… breathe, breathe in the security… and a third cloud follows with the word DESERVING on it, and this deservingness fills your whole body going into every cell, breathe, breathe it in filling your whole being… The next cloud begins to approach and you see the word BELONGING, closer and closer it comes and drops over you, surrounding you with belonging, breathe, breathe it in… you have such a strong feeling of belonging, permeating your whole being…


And now a cloud with the words SELF WORTH is descending down over you, breathe in these words breathe and know that you are so worthy of being loved and accepted… The last two clouds start approaching you now, and the next one has the word UNDERSTANDING and as it descends over you, you begin to understand why all that has happened in your life is just as it’s meant to be and you are exactly where you need to be in this life right now. You breathe in this word, understanding deep into your being… the last cloud approaches now and you are so eager to see the word… there it is….CLARITY, it surrounds you and you feel a wonderful feeling of letting go, a weight has been lifted off your shoulders…you breathe in deeply the word clarity and everything makes sense now, you feel so soooo relieved, all those negative emotions you were holding on to just dropping away from you, leaving you feel light, relieved and so, so happy.


(Insert reframing process here)


And now you know that everything is really ok, you will in the days, weeks, and months ahead be surprised by how much more whole and integrated and at home you feel , you are standing taller, feeling rooted and connected in the knowledge that these changes will continue and deepen for the rest of your life. You will find these changes integrating more and more deeply into your every day life in every way. You now have a sense of deeper peace, deeper than you have ever known before and know that all these new wonderful feelings will only deepen as time goes by. So all these feelings of love, safety and security, deservingness, belonging, self-worth, understanding and clarity will remain firmly embedded in the unconscious part of your mind so deep, that nothing will erase them. And because of this, when you are no longer here with me these feeling will have the same influence just as strongly and powerful as if you were. From this day forward every day you will have a feeling of well-being, a greater feeling of safety and security, you will feel much happier, more contented knowing that you are cared for and loved for exactly who you are, and every day in every way your personal and family life will get better and better….you will walk into life, full of confidence in your ability to do whatever you have to do.


And now with all these positive feelings you can prepare to start coming back to the present time….feeling wide awake and refreshed… I will count from 1 to 10 and when I reach 10 you will be totally present, wide awake and feeling wonderfully loved by your family.


1, feeling the pressure of your physical body on the couch… 2, feeling sensations in the arms and legs… 3, Coming back to the present… 4 and 5, Hearing sounds around you… 6, and 7, Heart rate and blood pressure returning to normal for you… 8, Preparing to feel wide awake….9, All the way back now, nice stretch and 10, Wide awake eager to continue your life.