Purpose of the Script 

The purpose of this script is for specific ego-strengthening and includes direct and indirect suggestion to help people who feel they have anger within themselves to release the anger.  It may be that the cause of that anger is unknown and the person feels there are times when the anger is dominant and controlling their emotions.  It may also be used for people that are feeling frustrated or trapped and cannot see a way forward.  Lastly, it may be used for people that lack confidence in themselves and have low self-esteem. 

A metaphor of a caterpillar is used in the P.R.E.M. so the person can see themselves as metamorphosing from someone living in the dark to being in the light. 


Guided Imagery Outline 

The guided imagery is used in the therapeutic part of the script.  Guiding the client through removal of the anger and frustration within themselves and replacing it with calmness and peace and a sense of self-worth.  It’s also used in the post-hypnotic suggestion when the metaphor of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly is used for the person becoming someone they can love.



Relax into the chair and take a deep breath in.  Breath slowly through your mouth to empty as much of your lungs as possible. Now breath in again, filling your lungs with air, soothing and calming, peaceful, replacing the tension that you may have been feeling.  Breath out again, slowly through your mouth, emptying your lungs as much as you can.  Once again breath in, filling your lungs, but as you breath out I want you to close your eyes as you exhale, feeling your eyelids close and relaxing and wanting to stay shut. 

In moment, I’m going to count from three to one, when I reach one, I want you to inhale and open your eyes and look up and see my hand, follow my hand with your eyes as my hand moves down and exhale and close your eyes when my hand stops.  You’ll simply feel more and more relaxed every time you exhale. 

Okay, three to one, open your eyes, follow my hand and now breath out and close your eyes.  Feel the relaxation, feel the heaviness of your eyelids, just let go. 

Again, three to one, open your eyes, follow my hand, breath out and close your eyes, feel how deep you are getting as your eyes close, letting go, relaxing, feeling calm and peaceful. 

Again, three to one, open your eyes, follow my hand, breath out and close your eyes, letting go, deeper and deeper now. 

Again, three to one, open your eyes, follow my hand, breath out and close your eyes, deeper and deeper, the deepest you have felt, peaceful and calm. 

Now I would like you to think with your subconscious, the part of the mind that controls all your automatic functions in the body, your heartbeat, your breathing, your swallowing, your digestion.  Let your conscious mind go, it may understand this or it may not, but it doesn’t matter, because your subconscious mind will understand this and will do as its asked, even if the conscious mind thinks that what is being said makes no sense at all.  So subconscious mind, as I count from five to one, I want you to slow down your brainwave frequency.  Conscious mind, you don’t need to do anything at all, just let your subconscious mind do what it needs to do as I count from five to one and you will find when I get to one that you may be in a deep state of consciousness, one that will allow you to work at a healing level, a truthful level and supportive level and so subconscious as we count from five to one you will take your brainwaves down to 5Hertz, your brainwave frequency will slow down and you will feel relaxed and deep, very, very deep.

Five.. going deep now.

Four…brainwaves slowing

Three…deeper now and brainwaves slowing even more

Two…slower and slower

One…deeper and deeper now, as deep as you have been before, brainwaves slowed to 5 Hertz 

Take the time to imagine the anger and frustration that you have been feeling within you.  This anger and frustration won’t be able to hurt you or upset you while you are here today.  You may want to get a sense of the feeling so that you will be able to work to release it.  This is the anger and frustration that you feel stops you seeing into yourself. The anger and frustration that blocks you from getting to the heart of your situation, the anger and frustration that you feel prevents you from opening up and becoming the beautiful, confident and joyous person that you are.

 Now imagine this anger and frustration is a black ball and its sitting within your chest.  You can feel it there, heavy and blinding, making breathing difficult if you let it, but you are not going to let it.   It’s been there so long, coming out in moments when you least expect it, not allowing control when you want it, preventing you from seeing your way forward or the essence of your being.  

You have a special tool in your hand, this tool is able to remove the black ball of anger and frustration from your chest without hurting your body in any way, it will allow you to reach into your chest and remove this ball so that it is no longer there.  Similar to when a surgeon is able to use special instruments to remove a tumour from a person’s body with minimal cutting of the skin or tissue, this very special instrument will allow you to remove the black ball of anger and frustration from your chest.  It’s such a special instrument, that as it enters your body to remove the black ball, it heals your body at the same time by using powerful, brilliant white healing light, leaving you feeling at one with yourself, peaceful and calm.  

So, use your special instrument, made just for you, to reach inside your chest and remove the black ball of anger and frustration, feel it leaving your body, feel your chest being able to breath freely again, feel the instrument use the powerful white healing light to heal your body and the ball passes out of your chest and out of your skin and into the daylight of this room. 

Within your body, you can feel the beautiful white healing light has taken up residence and it allows you to breathe easy, it allows you to see yourself standing there, feeling happy and joyous, confident and at peace, calm and controlled, the person you have always wanted to be.  You may be able to see the true essence of yourself, your soul, your passage forward. Perhaps to feel at One with yourself without guilt or shame, your self-worth returns. 

Now, see and feel yourself lifting the special instrument into the air and the black ball is surrounded by healing white light, so bright, so angelic and the ball begins to shrink and disperse, it becomes nothing as it is turned into glitter dust and dispelled into the atmosphere.  Gone, not to return.

See yourself now, feel yourself now. Light, free and easy, happy, worthy, childlike at times, in control and in your truth.  You know now that you are a positive person who is filled with love and compassion. You might find yourself forgiving yourself at any time that you need to, you have love for yourself, feeling confident and at peace with who you are.  These feelings allow you to see within yourself, see who you truly are at soul level, hear what you have to say to yourself, and be your inner adviser, your strength, your healer and your helper.  Whenever you need to, you know that you can rely upon yourself.  Your mind will remain calm and in control in times of stress. 

It’s as if you are a caterpillar, who slowly grows and develops in the dark but when the time is right, as it is now, the caterpillar chews its way out of the end of the chrysalis and emerges as a beautiful butterfly, the most beautiful butterfly that you have ever seen, with it wings perfect and outstretched.  The butterfly sits there for a minute on the end of the chrysalis, letting its wings stretch and unfold, slowly letting them flap up and down to get the feel of them, these new wings that are its most stunning feature.  The butterfly knows that the worst is now past and that life is going to begin, it is out and in the light, able to see and feel its own beauty.  As the butterfly does, it gracefully and gently flaps it wings one more time and flies off to its new life. 

And so, you will fly off to your new life as well.  When you awake, you will feel confident within yourself, calm and at peace. You will know that whenever you need too, you can rely on yourself to be in control of your mood and your reactions.  You will feel lovingly towards yourself, knowing that you are coming from a place of truth and love.  You will be able to see yourself for who you are and know that the person you see is a great person, a good person, a remarkable person. 

On the count of five, you will be fully awake and alert, back in the room, knowing what a wonderful and unique person you are and being truly comfortable with yourself, knowing that every day in every way, things will get better and better. When you awaken each morning, feel refreshed and energised you will say to yourself, I am a good person, I am the person I want to be and I can see the person within me and the true beautiful soul that I am. 

One, feelings coming back to fingers and toes.  Two, feeling moving up the arms and legs, three to the abdomen and back, four up through the chest and neck and five, feeling returned through to the top of the head, feeling awake, alert and refreshed.