By Lynda Aghan

Induction and deepening of choice

I now want your mind to go back to when you first became afraid of large bodies of water (or insert relevant client issue)…  Your subconscious mind will know when this was.  So allow your mind to trust that you know when this first occurred…  Relaxing more and more…

I am now going to talk to your subconscious mind.  The part of you which will understand what I mean when I say that I want your brainwaves to reduce to 5 HZ or 5 cycles per second.  Slowing down your brainwaves now…  I am going to count down from 5 to 1 and as I do, your brainwaves will become slower and slower.  5 beginning to slow down now…  4 slower still… 3 your mind is slowing down as you go deeper and deeper…  2 slower now and 1…  You are now in a very deep state of relaxation.  Any sounds you hear in this room or in the distance will waft over you and serve to deepen your state of relaxation. 

As you go deeper and deeper, I would like you to picture your safe place.  This safe place is an individual choice.  I want you to imagine the place where you can go when you feel anxious or overwhelmed.  This is a place that you feel totally secure – your own private haven.  It may be a garden, the woods, the beach, a library, a tent or a fortress or even a cloud where you can float away from all that disturbs you.

No matter where you are, know that your higher self, guides, guardians and angels are always around, ready to help whenever you require it.  So imagine your safe place, the one place that you resonate with and take joy in being there.  No one else needs to know about it, it is totally yours.  You can visit there whenever you feel anxious and unsure. 

As you relax in your safe place, you notice a building not far from you. For some reason it catches your eye and you are curious as to what it could be.  So walk up to it.  You notice that the front door is open and seems to welcome you in.  When you enter the foyer, you see that there a number of corridors branching off into the distance.  Pick a corridor that seems to catch your notice.  There is no right or wrong one.  As you travel down the chosen corridor, you see that there are a number of doors on your left and right hand sides.  Each door has a number.  Behind a particular door is the time when you first developed the fear of a large body of water.  This will be the very first time.  As you have travelled a way down this corridor, I would like you to stop where you are and just look back down the passageway to where you have just come from and then look to where you were going to.  Repeat to yourself that you are wanting to go to the lifetime where you first took on the belief that (???).  The relative door will attract your attention.  The door may have changed color or it might vibrate or you just might be drawn to a particular one.  Walk up to that door.  You may see a number on it.  Take note of it.  Put your hand on the door handle.  Take a deep breath to centre yourself.  When you open the door and cross over the threshold, you will go 10 times deeper into hypnosis than where you are now.   

  • Do you have an idea as to where you are now?
  • If you are unsure, that is perfectly fine. Let’s start by you looking at your feet.  Are you wearing shoes or are you barefoot?  If shoes, what type of shoe – are they sandals, clogs, moccasins or boots?”
  • Let your awareness feel and see your clothing.  Are you wearing a dress, tunic or trousers?  What color is the clothing?  Is the fabric course or soft against your skin?
  • Is this clothing for an adult or a child? Male or female?
  • Have a look at your hands and see the color of your skin. Are you light skinned or dark?
  • Is your hair long or short? If long, what colour is it?
  • Become aware of your surroundings. Turn slowly in a full circle and see all that surrounds you.  Describe what you see.  What sounds and smells do you notice?
  • Do you know what country you are in? Do you know what year it is?  (The client may remember the number that was on the door.  It may have been a particular year). 
  • How old are you?
    What do you do for a living?
  • Do you see people around you? If yes, do you know them?
  • What is your purpose to being here?

Now I want you to go to a significant time in this lifetime which resulted in a fear of (???)…3…2…1…Be there now!

(Get a sense of the ISE as you do in a CLR)…

Allow the client to experience their passing and maybe the start of their passage into the spirit world.  If the manner of death is traumatic, give the client the option of continuing to experience it or rising above the event and watching it.  Remind them that they are safe, that this has already happened and that it has no power to harm their current body now. 

After their death, the client may be met by their guides, angels or other beings from whom they can gain information and insight as to their life then and now.  Give them time to avail themselves of this extra information and clarity as to the lessons they have experienced. 

If deemed appropriate for the client’s healing – ask “If you had your life over again, what would you change in order to have a different outcome?”  It could be that if they had done a couple of things differently that their life would be a longer and happier life.  Have the client explore that option till their death. 

To assist the client to learn and heal, some questions need to be asked:

  • How do you feel about that lifetime?
  • How do you feel about the person you were then?
  • What lessons do you take away from that experience?
  • What decisions were made then that are carried into this lifetime?
  • What would you say was your greatest accomplishment in this life?

(Insert reframe and healing process here)

Before we start the journey back, allow yourself to go to your safe place and relax.  Give yourself a moment to experience the love and support of your guides and angels.  Allow healing to come through.  Feel the healing throughout every cell of your body.  Feel the love throughout every cell of your body.  Here is a place for healing and renewal.  Allow all negativity and harm to be released back into its time in the past.  Allow a gentle loving light to fill your entire being, mind and soul……(pause)………

Now I’m going to slowly count from 1 to 10.  As I do so, you will become more fully aware and awake.  You will feel revitalized and invigorated.  You will remember the entire experience and the lessons that you have learnt.  You will feel empowered and let go of all negative emotion and trauma which you have associated with that lifetime.  You have learnt from that experience and are stronger for having done so.  You can choose to take the learnings and apply it to your life now.  You have a greater capacity to experience love, acceptance, forgiveness and healing than you had before.  You have the freedom of choice in how you want to live this life.  Freedom and choice to align you more with who you are at a soul level.  You may recall and experience more details of the event you have just relived.  This may be in your dreams or meditations and it will only enhance your understanding, knowledge and healing that you have already undergone at present.  This may happen over the next few hours, days or even weeks.

Now you are going to return to full waking conscious, feeling energized and alert.  You will take the lessons learnt and healing with you…1, starting to come back to a waking state…2, coming back up now… 3, you can start to feel your body again.  Awareness is increasing… 4, coming back.  Feeling invigorated and alive.  Healed and renewed in body and soul… 5, coming back up.  You can begin to feel your toes and feet.  Feel your fingers and hands.  Becoming more aware of your body… 6, coming back.  Become aware of the chair you are in.  Begin to hear the sounds in the room… 7, coming back. You can feel the energy rising in your legs and abdomen… 8, coming back.  You can feel the energy rising in your chest.  Your heart rate and blood pressure returning to a normal rate for you… 9, coming back.  You can feel the energy travelling up your arms and shoulders and into your neck… 10, you can feel the energy in your head.  You are wanting to open your eyes.  Feeling alert, revitalized and refreshed.  Recalling all that you have experienced.