This script was created for a client that has struggled with the core belief of having no value and low self-worth.

The therapeutic techniques I have focused on in this script are:

Gestalt – through acknowledging the various parts within the client in the present moment and using one of the parts to be the mediator. I also included the Gestalt aspect of allowing the sensations in the body to be felt.

Private Subconscious Healing – At the end of the therapeutic process through allowing the subconscious to further integrate the healing without the client having to do anything or communicate to the therapist what was happening.




Now that you are in a state of total relaxation, I’d like you to see in your mind now a beautiful temple shimmering up ahead in the distance. This is a healing temple designed especially for you, where total healing and integration can occur. Move towards this temple now.

Once you arrive at the entrance, I’d like you to open the door and step inside. Take your time exploring this wonderful place…. Now that you have familiarised yourself with your surroundings, I’d like you to find the room that we will be using for our work today. You will intuitively know where to go and which room to go into. Go ahead and find this room now.

Now that you are inside, you notice that the room has three chairs in it. You instinctively know that each chair is occupied by a particular aspect of you. In the first chair, is the aspect of you that still believes that you are not valuable and that self-sabotages in order to keep you in the familiar. In the second, is the part of you that wants to heal and knows that transformation is possible. In the third chair, is the part that recognises both parts as valid and wanting the best for you in their own way. This part is able to integrate and acknowledge both aspects of your mind without judgment.

I’d like you to sit in the first chair now. You are now connected to the aspect of you that wants to stay stuck and hold on to the belief that you have no value. This aspect of you has served a purpose and has worked hard to keep you safe. Really feel into this now. Notice the sensations that arise in your body when you connect to this part of you. Is there a particular part of your body that is brought to your attention? Perhaps you notice a sensation in your abdomen, or your chest? Just feel where the emotions related to this aspect of you manifest in your body. It’s been so hard trying to push this part down. There’s no need to do anything, just observe whatever comes up for you right now. As we feel it, we are able to begin to heal. You’re doing a terrific job.

I’d like you now to stand and move over to the second chair. This chair connects you to the part of yourself that wants to heal and reclaim your sense of worth. This part of you knows that you can transcend all circumstances and change your life for the better. Feel into this aspect of yourself now. This part of you is very much alive and is hopeful about your healing journey. It knows that you have all the tools required to make the desired changes in your life. Connect fully with this part of you now. Very good.

Now, I’d like you to stand up and move over to the third chair. This part of you is equipped with the skills and tools to mediate between these two very different aspects of your mind. It understands that it can be daunting and empathises with the part of you that feels like there’s no choice but to stay stuck. However, this part of you also recognises that there is great potential for the future. This aspect of you is the mediator and will help to bring the two other aspects together by acknowledging both points of view. I’m going to give you a moment now to allow the mediator aspect to speak to each of these parts.

Just allow in your mind you as the mediator to say whatever you need to, to the part of you that is scared. Show that part compassion and understanding and acknowledge the role it has played in trying to keep you protected and safe. Once you are done, just nod your head.

(Wait for nod)

Well done, you’re doing a fabulous job. The part of you that has been afraid is feeling much safer and reassured. It is now understanding the part of you that is eager to change and move forward with positive beliefs that serve you.

I’d like you now as the mediator to explain to the part that wants to change and that has been frustrated, why the other part has wanted to stay where you are. Explain this perspective to this part of you now. Reassure this aspect that the other part has only had good intentions and was only trying to keep you safe. You’re doing really well. This part now has a deeper understanding of why it has been difficult to make substantial changes up until now.

You are now feeling a deeper sense of self-compassion through exploring these different parts of yourself. You have done an excellent job at accepting and understanding these different aspects of you. And you may notice now the energy in your body seems to move more freely now, almost like a steady stream with no resistance. Your mind may even feel clearer after allowing these parts to feel seen and heard.

I’d like you to know to see in your mind’s eye a lovely, soft luxurious bed somewhere in this room. Go and lie down on the bed and make yourself comfortable. This bed is surrounded by beautiful healing crystals, and it is so soft. Just lie here for a moment and allow the work you have done so far to integrate even further within you.

I’m now going to ask the higher intelligence of your subconscious mind to do what it knows how to do…I now ask your subconscious mind to promote the highest healing possible for you at this time. Instilling the deep inner knowing that you are worthy, that you are enough, that you are so valuable. That all parts of you can be at peace and work towards creating your highest good. I’m going to allow a few moments for this intelligence within you to do this healing now. You may be aware of what is happening; or you may just inherently trust that all is being done for your highest good, without you having to do anything at all. Just know that this is an incredible opportunity to heal at the deepest level. Take some time now for this to occur.



Very good. You may notice now that any resistance you felt before has completely melted away. The longer you lie here on the soft fabric of this bed, the more peaceful you feel. You now feel so confident and worthy of calling in everything you need. And just know that you can come back to this bed at any time. Any time you may need a reminder of how much value you bring to the world and to the lives of all you come into contact with, you can return here easily and effortlessly. And you know now that every person you meet is positively affected by being in your presence. You know that you are capable of achieving all of your goals and being successful at anything you set your mind to. You are self-assured, and know that you can create loving, harmonious relationships. Relationships that are balanced and based on respect and appreciation. Having this inner sense of worth allows you to communicate effectively, and you are so confident in meeting your own needs. You even start to feel a warm glow filling up your entire body, as and this sparkling energy gets brighter and brighter, your new lease on life grows with it. You feel incredible, because you know you are of incredible value. It feels so amazing to feel so confident, capable and at peace within yourself. And from each day forward, this sense of worth will only get stronger and stronger.


Wake Up