Close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath in, exhaling slowly, letting go of any tension or stress.

Now your eyes are closed, I am going to slowly count backwards from seven down to one. As I do that, your eyelids can gently close and easily lock so tightly. Your eyes will be closed so tightly that the more you try to open them, the tighter and stronger they will be locked closed.

Seven…feel the eyes closing down…

Six…feel the eyelids pressing down…they feel like curtains made from heavy fabric

Five…the eyelids are pressing down harder…feel heavy and closed

Four…the eyelids are pressing down even harder now, sealing shut …

Three…the eyelids are closing down as if they were glued shut…

Two…they are now locked. The more you try to open them, the tighter they’re locking closed…

One…when you know that the eyes are locked, you can try to open them. You can try now and will find, that they are indeed locked and closed.

The client’s eyes will remain closed even though their eyebrows may rise in an attempt to open their eyes.

Ok, you can stop trying. They are locked. You can simply relax now and go into a deeper state of relaxation and rest.


I’d like you to use your imagination now. I want you to imagine, I’d like you to think about … a beautiful lush tropical garden. This is a paradise and like a paradise there are only wonderful things here … No harm can come to you here.

This is your garden, it was made just for you.

You’re lying on a soft grassy area next to a beautiful stream…you’re gazing at the blue sky above…a cloud drifts by and as your eyes follow it across the sky, you feel a tranquil peace fall upon you.

You feel the warmth of the sun, as it cradles your body. As the water from a nearby stream bubbles and flows past, the sounds soothe you.

The scent of your favourite flower is carried to you by the soft breeze that is blowing and as you breathe it in, the perfume moves through you, floats through you, and with each breath a deeper more relaxed feeling comes over you.

A wonderful feeling, a peaceful feeling. It feels so good.

This is a safe space you can return to whenever you feel you’d like to or you need to. This is your garden, filled with all the things you love.

You look up into the lush green trees and at the top of one is the most beautiful butterfly that you have ever seen. Its wings are glowing and sparkling in the light.

It starts to glide, its colourful wings outstretched to catch the breeze. You watch the beautiful butterfly gracefully drift slowly downward, and as you see it drift slowly downward, so too will you drift into the deepest state of relaxation.

So, as I count from five down to one you will feel your body drift downward like that of the butterfly.
5…Watch its wings as it glides down through the tree tops, things are getting mistier.
4…It turns its wings to sail with the breeze, you a very peaceful, very relaxed.
3…It soars to the lower branches, you can almost feel your body drifting…drifting on air. Light and free…
2…You both drift slowly downward as…
1…It lands, and rests its wings. As it does you find yourself calm and deeply relaxed.

And as you rest in this deeply relaxed state you start to comfortable and peaceful nothingness.

The light fades around you as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation. And as you become more relaxed your body, mind and soul are ready to experience other multidimensional states,

You notice you feel weightless. As you would in space. And as you look around there is an expansiveness you haven’t felt before. As you take this is you notice you are in space. Standing on a platform. You have a safety harness on, so you know you are safe. You see a line of stars either side of you.

As you look left, this line of stars sparkle with a warm, yellow light. As you look right they sparkle with a cooler, blue tinge.

Each of the glowing yellow stars to your left indicates a generation in your past. As you look around you may see other lines of stars, these show the many lines and paths of your lineage and ancestry. But as you look at the line of yellow stars, they stand out and you know that this is the line that is important to you right now.

As you look along this line of stars you will notice that one is brighter than they rest. It could be two stars from you, or three.

Now you can see this bright star you float or fly towards it. Drifting towards this bright star. Once you reach it, say “here” so I know you have arrived.

This start indicates a particular time in history…a time when one of your ancestors has an experience that you carry with you now.

This star represents you <insert ancestor> on your <mother’s/father’s> side of the family. They had experienced <insert trigger> which resulted in then deciding they had <insert relevant primary thought statement>. She/He felt <insert relevant secondary thought statements>.

I am going to count now from 3 to 1. As I do, you will be drawn into the light from this star…into that time with your <insert ancestor>.

3…the is getting light is bright and completely surrounds you
2… being drawn into the light right now, going deeper and deeper
1…<click fingers/tap table/ make sound> you are there now.

Your <insert ancestor> did not have the resources that she/he needed at this time in order for her/him to have the experience they needed or wanted. But you do. You have the resources, the knowledge, the understanding and the wisdom…and you bring this back with you for her/him right now.

Give your <insert ancestor> a big hug. You may experience this as a person or an energy. They may be a child, young adult or and older person at the time of this experience. It really doesn’t matter what your experience is of your <insert ancestor>. Just know that the dimension of time is not linear and as you hug your <insert ancestor>, they feel your love and support. They are being infused with the resources that they need. They choose the experience they wish to have. Choose the life they wish to experience. They are filled with love, self-worth, confidence, positivity, self-belief, strength, wisdom and empowerment <insert all relevant resources>.

With these resources now at their disposal. The resources you have shared with them. They can choose the life they wish to now manifest. The life they want to experience because they now have the perception, knowledge and self-belief to align with who they are.

Take as long as you need with <insert ancestor>. When you are ready to leave, when you know they are ready and equipped to make positive, aligned choices from a perception of self-belief, self-love, wisdom, confidence and empowerment…let me know with a nod.

Good…now say goodbye…
As you say goodbye, let go of this experience…as you let go, drift out of the light…back into space.

As you look around you see the spot, the platform, from where you first started this journey. You drift towards the platform. As you do, you are aware of a rush of beautiful light that moves you from where you are now, through all the other yellow stars to the platform. As you move with this beautiful light towards the platform healing spreads from your <insert ancestor> through every generation to the present time.

Rest on the platform and feel the transformation occurring. The past being healed.

It’s now time to return. But before you do, remember the feeling of transformation and healing. This is now part of you and it positively will impact your life going forward.

Remove the harness from the platform and allow yourself to become light. Float back to your garden. The one with the beautiful butterflies, stream and flowers. Once in your peaceful and safe garden, feel the difference that this experience has made to you. Absorb this experience and these feelings.

Then journey back to your current life. When you return to wakefulness you will find your reality has changed. You now vibrate with the newly transformed energy of your ancestor. This resonates with you and within your DNA. You now resonate with Self-worth, love, wisdom <insert positive versions of the core belief>. You now attract resect <etc etc> and can sense that others <value you, want to include you…other relevent suggestions>.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10…