Taking a deep breath in and releasing any nervous energy or tension you might be feeling… now I want you to look up towards your eyebrows comfortably and as you do this, take a deep breath and hold it… and now close your eyes and exhale…moving your eyes down comfortably and feeling how much more relaxed you become… … each time you close your eyes and exhale you feel your mind and body become more and more relaxed and willing to go deeper into your subconscious mind… feeling your heart beat slow… relaxing your breathing to a pace that is comfortable for you… feeling this relaxation spread throughout your entire body as it becomes heavier and sinks further down in the surface beneath you… totally relaxed and calm…ready to go on a journey of healing that will help you greatly… any sounds you might hear will only relax you further… as you continue to focus on the sound of my voice…



We are made up of a lot of aspects of our self that together make up our being…there might be a part of yourself that is alert or cautious and aware and usually serves to protect you… just let that part of you know that it is ok to have a break… it will be really good for this part of yourself now to take a break…so I want you to ask that cautious part of yourself now to have a rest… I want you to thank that part of you now… and ask permission for them to allow the other parts of you to explore and to have confidence today…. just reassure that cautious part of you that today is an exercise that will be really helpful for your growth and healing…. so just imagine that this part of you is now moving upwards from where you are …so that they can still be near you but just far enough to allow them to rest…. allowing you to think clearly and confidently and with ease. 

There is a part of you that is all knowing… and when I count down now from 5 to 1 this part will come forth and be activated …and it will be free to do as it wishes….

5… 4… 3 completely safe in this moment 2… 1 … thoughts will come to you with ease and clarity from this moment now… and you will be willing to explore and understand what is required 

I want you to imagine that there is a staircase leading downstairs in front of you now… these stairs are a way for you to access your subconscious mind… this is the place that contains all the thoughts, feelings and memories we might not be consciously aware of… each time you take a step down you will drop further into your subconscious… you will still be able to focus on my voice and you will be able to respond to me… but you will drift further into the place that contains all of the knowledge we need today… so, standing at the top of the stairs now if you are not there already… in a moment I am going to count from 10 to 1 and with each count I want you to take a step further down the staircase and travel deeper into your subconscious …and as you do you will feel a deep sense of peace and tranquillity…your mind will no longer be limited by the usual barriers of space or time… and you will be able to experience anything you set your mind on… 

10 taking that first step now … 9, 8 continuing further down the stairs of consciousness…7, 6 feeling more comfortable … 5, 4 you are going where you need to go… 3, 2 deeper and deeper and 1 …arriving safely at the bottom of the stairs now…in front of you there is a door… open this now and take a look inside… you notice there is another set of stairs leading down to a garage… stepping safely down the stairs now…deeper and deeper… and arriving in the garage now… this garage is your safe place… and it contains anything you need…and looks anyway you wish…take a moment to feel and see your surroundings now… notice the smells if any… notice how perfectly safe and comfortable you feel here… you can return to this place at any point of our journey today. 



Here in this safe garage… you notice that there is a car parked… this car is unique to you… and it looks exactly the way you want it to… this is a special kind of car that drives along automatically without you needing to accelerate, brake or steer…it is very in tune with you… go ahead an open the door to the passenger side and hop in… and noticing the controls around you… they might seem quite futuristic… you notice now that there is a button marked ‘ready’ in front of you… go ahead and push that now… feeling the car start up and the garage doors open… as the car gently and safely makes its way out into the world…  travelling down a street… driving at a comfortable speed… you notice there are no other cars here on the roads… and you are perfectly safe and protected here in this vehicle. 

Noticing now that the car is making a turn onto a freeway… gently cruising along as you make your way onto the freeway… merging easily and safely… there are still no other cars here…  as you merge you notice a sign saying ‘leaving todays date’… This is the freeway of the inner mind… every thought, every feeling, every belief ever created is stored within the inner mind, on this freeway…and the mind knows where everything is and how everything is connected… each exit on this freeway is a pathway to any time period in your life… notice now that the next exit you pass says yesterday’s date…watch the next pass… count the days backwards… there are so many exits on this freeway… the next you notice says 2021… 2020… you notice the exits have shifted to years as you journey further and further back into the mind… the car will instinctively know where to get off because it is so in tune with you… you don’t need to think too much… so as you watch the years of the past go by… allow your car and your mind to take you back… way, way back to the time very early on in this life that has led to the current difficulty of ?????. If you cannot see the year, it might be just a feeling… a knowing… and notice as the car instinctively begins to merge and exit to the time of this experience… don’t try to work it out… just allow your inner wisdom guide you to this experience…exiting the freeway now… good… now looking out the window as the car drives along and notice that you are passing by many doors…behind each door is a specific memory during this time period… a memory of a time in your life you experienced ??? Is behind one of these doors…and when you are ready the car will instinctively come to a stop next to that door… allow your mind to take you back to the memory that is relevant for you… do not worry about what is imagination or fantasy or actual memory… wherever your mind takes you is what you need to experience today… when the car has stopped at a door let me know by giving me a nod of your head… (wait for response) 

Perfect… hop out of the car now and stand in front of the door… in a moment I’m going to count down from 3 down to 1…  and on the count of 1 … you will be at that place, at that age, experiencing the event that has led to????? 3…opening the door now 2 stepping inside…1 (click fingers) Be there now…

That’s good… just allow the images and sensations to come… I want you to imagine looking down at your feet… 



  • Are you wearing shoes or bare feet or something different?
  • (if shoes etc.) What colour are they? How big are the feet that are in those shoes?
  • What are you wearing if anything?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Are these surroundings familiar to you?
  • Do you know where you are?
  • Are there others with you or are you alone?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are you feeling? 

*If not in the negative experience: 

Great… now I want you to move either forward or backward to the exact moment of the experience that is directly related to???? 

If you think they might have gone back to an RSE, ask… I want you now to answer with the first thing that comes into your head… Have you ever felt this way in this life before this experience? 

*If it is an RSE: 

We’re just going to leave this moment for now, we can come back to it another time…. this is because I want you to go back even further to the very first time in this lifetime that you had the experience of???? This is where we will be able to get whatever information we need today that will serve you greatly…. exit back through the door now… hop back into the car…the car is now making its way to another door… hopping out now and ready to enter this doorway…opening the door now 3…2…1 

Once ISE is reached ask the above questions 



Look over to the door now and see adult client name walking calmly into the room, with a comforting look of care and compassion on their face… they know exactly how you are feeling in this moment because they lived this experience with you… but they now have the resources you didn’t have when you were originally dealing with this experience… with them they have several cups of a special drinkable liquid… each drink contains a resource that you can access now for this moment… the moment you drink a glass, you will feel that resource integrate with the very core of your being. 

Adult ??? offers you the first cup containing love… go ahead and take a drink… feel this resource spread through you and melt into you as you swallow it down… feeling a rush of contentment and satisfaction wash over you… the second cup contains self-worth… feel that sense of self-worth rising inside you… an innate knowing that you are enough… you are necessary in this life (continue with resources relevant to client) …. Are there any other resources you need right now? 

Now with adult ??? by your side to support you and knowing you now have these resources to give you clarity and understanding… I want you to replay this moment exactly the way you want it to play out… what happened this time?… How are you feeling now? 

I want you to thank adult ??? for all the help they have given you today… and adult ??? tell little ??? how much you love them, and that you will always be there to give them whatever clarity and resources are needed… to make sure that they grow up feeling like they have the capability to handle anything that life throws at them. 

Adult??? Is giving little ??? a big hug now… and saying goodbye… drifting away from this place now back onto the road into your special car… making our way back to the current time and place… in front of you now is the staircase we visited earlier… in a few moments I’m going to count from 1 to 10 and on the count of 10 you’ll be at the top of the stairs feeling fully alert and back inside your conscious mind and normal waking life… when you return you will feel (insert relevant suggestions) 

You are now feeling more at peace with yourself, and any processing of what has happened here today will be done with a sense of achievement, and a sense of clarity free from any negative emotions. Any dreams you have when you sleep next will be a healthy release from your subconscious that will assist you even further on your healing journey… You will sleep peacefully throughout the night and when you awaken, these feelings of clarity and understanding will stay with you… and you will be excited for the day ahead and for what is to come on the rest of your journey in this life as a healthy, happy and successful person.

Making your way back to full consciousness now… 1, 2 waking energy spreading throughout your whole body 3, 4... blood flow, heartbeat returning to normal… 5, 6 wiggling your toes 7, 8 waking energy moving through your head 2 eyes opening 1 fully awake and fully present in this room.