There may be many possible causes for the “dysfunction” in our lives. The stimulus for these problems may be past life or may be connected to the stage we are in our journey. Either way, it will usually still have some basis in this life. It may have been “learned” from our upbringing, may be a genetic trait, may be our personality or a combination of all of these. It is important, no matter what your spiritual beliefs or practises to remember that it is here and now we must live. Clinical hypnotherapy assists us to make changes and to heal situations in this life.

So many people today are living lives “beyond their control” i.e. their lives are not what they want them to be but they feel unable to change it. The good news is … you can!!! Believe it or not, things don’t just arbitrarily happen to us. We are the creator of much of what happens in our lives by our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The trouble is, most of these thoughts etc. originate from our belief system that resides in our subconscious mind. What does this mean? It means that to a large extent, what we believe and therefore think, is totally separate from what we are aware of (i.e. conscious of).

So, we may be aware of behaviour or circumstances in our life that we don’t like or don’t want, but we are “unaware” that we have created it. Blaming others, the world or bad luck is playing the role of a victim and is completely disempowering. To take responsibility for the life you have created is the role of a victor. Once in this role you have taken back your power and a sense of control.

Hypnotherapy is the wonderful tool we use to assist you to change those limiting, negative beliefs into positive, empowering ones. Changing your beliefs will then change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This in turn will then result in a more positive, productive, happy and peaceful life.



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