By Laura Omar

This script is for a child who has a phobia of the dark which stops them from sleeping in their own room.

Close your eyes for me now and relax. Take a deep breath in…hold it in for a couple of seconds…and breath out. As you do, I want you to think of all the parts of your body and how relaxed they can get, just by you thinking about it. This is quite amazing, isn’t it? The power of the mind…

Firstly, I want you to focus on the head. Your eyes are closed now…and the eyelids…like tiny blankets that your eyes are snuggling under. The eyes are feeling very relaxed now…and heavy. Feel your nose, lips, ears, and jaw…just start to relax now. The tongue is still and relaxed. I want you to focus your attention now on your right arm…I want you to lift this arm…hold it…now bring it down slowly and gently. As you bring it down…feel as it relaxes. I want you to do the same with the left…bring it up…and hold…now slowly bring it back down again.  Feel as the arms get heavier. Now I want you to think about your chest…as it goes up and down as you breathe. With each breath in…it goes up…and each breath out…down…Each time it goes up and down, you feel more and more tension leave the body. You do not feel any tightness…anywhere on the body. The legs are so still and relaxed. Feel the feet…how still they are. You may even feel a tingling sensation in the toes. The body loves to relax…this is your time now to let go of any fears you may have…any worries. It is time to let the mind relax. If your brain were made of jelly…it would be so still…there would be no wobble at all. Every part of the body…including the mind…is now totally and completely still.

I want you now to picture yourself in a treehouse. It is a lovely treehouse, and you feel so comfortable here. You also get the feeling you have been here before…it is familiar to you. It can look any way you like. You pick the colour of the walls and the outside of the treehouse. Whatever it is…it is perfect. Sitting in this treehouse…you feel very calm, safe and secure…I will let you feel these feelings for a few seconds. I want you to know…that at any time while we do this session…if you get anxious or worried…you can always come back to this treehouse and feel safe and calm again…okay!!


I want you to walk to the door of the treehouse now and you will see a ladder going down. Very soon you will start walking down the ladder…and as you do…each step you take down will make you feel even more relaxed and you will feel closer and closer to that feeling of falling asleep. I want you to get ready to go down the ladder. Okay, stepping down now…13, 12, 11…deeper and deeper relaxed…10, 9, 8…going down…7, 6, 5…deeper now…4, 3, 2 and 1. You are now so calm and relaxed. Your brainwaves have slowed down so much that your imagination can now be free, and you will listen to my voice closely. My voice is all you will hear and any other noises happening in the background will just fade away and help you to fall even deeper asleep.

I am going to tell you a little story now. It is a story about an elf called Iggy. Iggy was an 8 year old elf…who lived amongst the trees in a magical land called Kalliria. Iggy loved to play with his friends, and he loved school. He was confident and fun to be with and the other elves really liked him. He was a curious little elf and was always keen to go on adventures with his friends. The only thing that Iggy wished he did not have…was a fear of the dark. He was so scared of the dark…that he could never spend the night at any of his friends’ houses. When it is someone’s birthday, the young elves like to celebrate with a sleepover party. However, little Iggy just could not do it and that upset him. He was so, so scared of the dark…and all he wished was that he would not fear the dark anymore.

So how did Iggy become scared of the dark? Well, a couple of years ago, a mean elf called Grizalla decided it would be fun to scare Iggy. She had one of those mean personalities that just enjoyed seeing other people scared. She told Iggy the story of the Boogeyelf. Of course, the story is not real…but at the time, Iggy was so young…so he believed the story. The story went something like this…when little elves went to sleep…the Boogeyelf would come out of the cupboard and take them away…down into the Underground never to be found again. Well…this was too much for Iggy. When Grizalla told him the story…that night he had to sleep with his mum and dad…and this, unfortunately, became a habit. Always at about 10pm…Iggy would go into his parents’ room and hop into their bed. His mum and dad did not mind when he was young…but now that he was 8…he had to learn to sleep through the night as they love him but Iggy wants to be able to stay at friend’s houses and have fun and feel safe in the dark like his other elf friends do.

One day Iggy’s dad came up with a great plan. He decided to carry out this plan on a Friday night…because the next day was the start of the weekend. Iggy was curious…what did his dad have in mind? Iggy’s dad told him that he would lie next to him on an inflatable mattress…and that at 10pm and every hour after that…he would wake Iggy…and with a torch they would open the cupboard so that Iggy could see that nothing had changed. Well…10pm came and Iggy was woken up by a tap on his shoulder. He and his dad went to the cupboard…his dad opened the cupboard and Iggy turned on the torch. Wow, everything looked the same. His cupboard had not been converted into a portal to the Underground. Nothing had changed. They did this again at 11pm, 12am, and onwards…until sunlight entered the room through the window at 6am.

What Iggy realised is that the only thing that changed in his room throughout the night was the change in the amount of light. Otherwise, his room stayed the same. He realised that it was just his imagination that made him scared. He realised that all he had to do was think about how when he opened the cupboard each time…nothing had changed.

His father explained to him the beauty of the dark…that dark and light are just opposites of each other. You cannot have light all the time…there needs to be balance…there needs to be day and night. Iggy’s dad also told him that understanding the mind is one of the most powerful things to do. The mind is what creates the Boogeyelf…it makes the Boogeyelf seem real. But the Boogeyelf is not real. He never was and never will be. He was invented by a very imaginative, creative person who thought it would be funny to make young elves scared into behaving like good little elves. “From now on…” Iggy’s dad told him, “whenever you get scared of the dark…say to yourself…”

Nothing has changed…everything is like it was when there was light. I am not scared of the dark. I am the boss of my imagination…the boss of my mind. I will count from 10 down to 1…and when I get to one…I will be asleep.

From that night onwards, Iggy slept soundly through the night. Every now and then, he would wake up during the night…But he would say the words his father told him, and his mind and his imagination would calm down. Usually he was asleep by the time he got to the number 2!!!

Very soon I am going to count from 1 to 10. When I get to ten you will be awake and alert. You will feel happy, calm and enjoy the peace and calm that comes when it’s dark. You will have a stronger understanding of the power of your mind and imagination…and that will make you feel powerful and strong. You will look forward to sleeping in your own bed and you will sleep through the night. If you wake up…you can use the same words that Iggy uses…

Nothing has changed…everything is like it was when there was light. I am not scared of the dark. I am the boss of my imagination…the boss of my mind. I will count from 10 down to 1…and when I get to one…I will be asleep.

You will sleep so well, and your dreams will be fun and happy and full of adventure. You will enjoy sleeping in your own room…and you will feel so grown up when you wake up in your bed. You will feel powerful knowing that you are the boss of your mind and imagination.

Starting to wake up now…1…feeling the energy returning to your feet as they start to move and wriggle…2…moving up the legs and knees…3…the thighs and pelvis feeling the energy…4…as the energy moves through your tummy and your chest…5, 6…your breathing returning to normal…7, 8…wriggling the arms and fingers…9…you are becoming fully awake…10…eyes open, wide awake and feeling happy.