Objective of Script 

This script is aimed at a child around age 8-10 who is experiencing anxiety around friends. Feelings of insecurity about losing friendships due to isolation, and residual and unprocessed trauma from the impacts of enforced home schooling.

Suitable for a boy who is sensitive and loving, wants to be around his friends, and does not cope well with external forces impacting his secure and solid world. There is an element of needing to better cope with change in order to thrive.



We’re going to play a little game now Jack. Please hold out your hand and open your palm. That’s good. I’m going to hand you this toy car to hold, just like so {hands him the car}. This game is really easy and fun … all you have to do is to keep holding the car, with your hand stretched out, and look at it while you listen to the sound of my voice. 

Now there are no rules to this game. For example, in a moment you may start to feel your hand growing heavier and heavier, and amazingly, at the same time you may feel your arm feeling more relaxed and more comfortable than it was before. This is perfectly OK because the point of this game is to feel good. So as your arm grows heavier, you will feel more and more relaxed and wonderfully comfortable. As you feel more comfortable and more relaxed, your arm and fingers begin to feel too heavy to hold out much longer … so heavy, so comfortable, so relaxed … And soon that car can roll off as your hand touches your lap – and when it does, your eyelids can close fully and you will go into a wonderful, deep and gentle hypnotic rest. 



The arms and the hands and the fingers are getting so wonderfully heavy as you go deeper and deeper into a hypnotic rest. {When the hand drops down completely say:} That’s good, just falling down and down into a gentle, hypnotic rest. Good. And as I count from three to one you will be twice as relaxed and comfortable as you are now. Three … feeling soooo relaxed … two, going deeper into a deep hypnotic rest … and one, fully relaxed yet perfectly aware of my voice. 



You are feeling more peaceful and wonderfully comfortable with each breath you take. And as you gently breathe in … and out … in … and out … You might imagine yourself in a place you love to be, with people you love to be with. These can be family, friends, or anyone you love to be with. You might be remembering a happy memory or maybe you are imagining a special and happy event that you are looking forward to. Whatever it is, being in this place makes you feel happy and safe and just wonderful.

As you enjoy this scene you notice coming toward you a smiling, happy boy of about your age, who is so happy to see you. He is wearing a Superman outfit and red cape, and he looks so confident and happy. He comes over to you and picks up the car that just rolled off your hand and says “Did you know this is a special car? It has superpowers, and when you hold the car, or even think about the car, you also get these superpowers to use however and whenever you need to.” 

Now this is really interesting to you, because there are times when you think you might need a superpower. It might be when you especially want to understand something that you are finding hard to understand. Or it may be when you need a little bit of extra courage, or patience, or even if you want to have more fun and feel happy. 

So, you ask this boy, who seems so nice and so caring … “Who are you and how do you know about the superpowers of my car?” 

“Well,” he says, “I am your imaginary super friend, and I’m here to help you in times when you might feel unsure, or unhappy or confused. I am always here to help you and remind you that you are loved and supported, and you can overcome whatever comes your way. And that’s why I wanted to tell you about this car’s superpowers, because some days you might want the extra help. What is most special of all is that this car gives you whatever superpower you need at the time, there is no limit to what it can give you. Shall we see how it works?” 

You are now very excited to find out about which superpowers you can have, and feeling confident and very, very curious, you nod your head eagerly. “OK,” he says. “Whenever you have to do something or go somewhere that makes you feel a little bit worried – maybe you’re not sure how things will go, or maybe the day isn’t going the way you wanted it to… Maybe you’re missing someone you really, really want to spend time with… Whatever it is, imagine the superpower you need and its instantly yours! You might want to feel more confident for example, or you might want to feel calmer, or more caring about someone … Even if you don’t know exactly what superpower you need, all you have to do is just think about what’s bothering you and the car will know exactly what superpower you need to help you. How cool is that?” 

Now this is special indeed! But you think to yourself, what if I don’t have the car with me when I need some extra superpowers? You ask this to the imaginary friend, and he says “No problem, Jack! As I said before, you only have think of the car, and the super powers come to you instantly! It’s like magic and it always works perfectly. It never fails. So you can be sure that whenever you need some extra help you will always get exactly what you need. And there’s another thing. Each time you ask for the superpowers you will feel better and stronger and happier. Any doubt or worry will disappear right away, and instead you will feel hope, joy and confidence fill you from tip to toe. You will live each day joyfully, knowing that you have all the strength to overcome fear or worry. Nothing and no one can hurt you.” 

As he says this he comes and gives you a wonderful big smile, and with the twinkle of an eye he disappears back into your imagination, leaving you feeling just wonderful and so happy.



In a moment you are going to wake up. You will remember what I am about to say to you because you know it to be true. 

Mum and dad love you. Your brother loves you. Your teachers and friends love you. Everyone loves you. You are perfect in every way; and you see this in everything you do. You feel this love every day, as you grow more confident, more able to have happy, confident and joyful experience from now on. 

When you wake up, you will simply know that you are always safe, and that you can do well in everything you set your heart to. And every day things get better and better. All the superpowers are now available to you whenever you need them, today and every day from now on. 


Wake up 

I’m now going to count from one to ten. On the count of ten you will be back in the room, fully alert, fully awake. 

One, feeling tingles in your toes … Two, the feeling travelling up the legs and to the thighs … Three, becoming more aware of the sounds in the room and the sound of my voice … Four, feeling good, happy and calm… Five, breathing coming up to a normal healthy level for you … Six, feeling confident that you now have everything you need to create happy experiences … Seven, feeling refreshed … Eight, feeling full of loving energy … Nine, eyes wanting to open now … and ten … open your eyes, fully alert and feeling wonderfully relaxed and rested.