By Yi Dong

Do you believe you have a secret superpower that is your ‘inner mind’? I can test if you have it or not with a couple of simple questions: Can you tell me your dad’s name? Can you tell me your favourite TV show? Yes, there you go! You didn’t think about these answers before I asked you right? They are all stored there in your inner mind. Your inner mind is a massive information storage place. Whenever you need it, it will draw the information out for you and works for you. Maybe you haven’t realised how powerful it is yet, but you are going to find out with the little game we are going to play now!


Now I want you to hold this shiny little coin between your index finger and your thumb. That’s right… Now hold this arm straight for me please. That is it, very good. Now both of your eyes are focusing on the coin. Noticing how shiny it is, feel the coin’s weight between your fingers… notice its texture… its colour… see how it reflects the light from this room… very good. Now, your fingers feel a little tired, so is your arm. Notice how they feel… Your fingers feel very tired and your arm feels very heavy. They want to drop… I don’t want you to think about how heavy or how tired your body feels right now. I just want you to notice the feeling of your fingers and your arm… very good. In a moment, magic is going to happen. As your fingers and arm feel so tired and heavy, the coin is going to drop onto the floor. When the coin falls, your eyes will close if they are not already shut, and you will become completely relaxed. Your arm is going to drop onto the chair and rest on your lap… (wait for the coin drop)… very good. You are so relaxed, so calm. You finally understand what the feeling of relaxation is when adults talk about it. Your arms, torso, legs and your feet are feeling so heavy right now. They don’t want to move. Because they are so comfortable just lying there in the chair, in a totally calm and relaxed rest.



You are doing great. From this moment on, we are going to work with your superpower inner mind. Because your normal mind is in a deep relaxing sleep. I want you to use your imagination to pretend that the chair you are laying on right now is actually a giant, puffy cotton candy. So big, so soft and smells so wonderful… that’s right. Your eyes decided to rest now, so your eyelids are shut, just like blankets to cover your eyes to keep them warm, comfy and relaxed. Your head is slowly sinking down into the hug of the cotton candy, so soft so puffy… now the body is sinking down too, feel the warmth around it. Feel the cotton candy touching your hands and fingers… so comfy, so relaxed… going down deeper and deeper… now your little body and legs and feet are getting heavier too… sinking into the cotton candy… so soft so supportive so comfortable… and going deeper and deeper…


Very good… Now as your mind and body are resting I want to invite your superpower inner mind to go on an adventure with me. Are you ready? (wait for response)… good. You are in a magical place right now. Use your imagination. It can be anywhere you like… can you tell me where you are? (wait for response)..  Very good, in this place there is a little pathway. It is so quiet… (describe a bit more according to the client’s answer to help the client ground within the scene). Now, at the end of this pathway, in front of you, there is a magic little house. This magic house is where your superpower inner mind lives.


  • That is right, take a moment to observe it, what is its colour?
  • Touch it, what is its texture?
  • Can you smell anything? What is the smell like?
  • Can you hear anything? What do you hear?


Good, I want you to open the door and walk into this magic house. Take your time, have a look around. Is it big or small? Does it have any windows?… Now, notice in the corner, a beautiful chair. Go sit there and wait for your superpower inner mind to come back home. While we are waiting, let me tell you a little bit more about her/him. (Insert client’s name) inner mind is a very smart girl/boy. She/he is very confident and calm… she/he is a good daughter/son, a good student, good classmate and also a very caring friend. Even though she/he is still young, she/he has always been observing and learning. Seeing what other people do and learning from the good things they do. In her/his class, she/he is always paying attention to the lessons they are teaching her/him. Because she/he knows the knowledge is important. The lessons are useful. Even though some of them might not be her/his favourite. But because she/he knows they are all equally important, she/he will do her/his best to understand them. Because only when you understand them, will you then be able to choose whether or not to keep learning more about them in the future…


Knock, knock… I think (insert client’s name) superpower inner mind is back. Please go open the door for her/him… Good, do you see her/him? What does she/he look like? Do they have a name? (wait for response)… Good… Now give (inner mind’s name) a big hug. You guys are always together, and have been for the last (insert client’s age) years. But this is truly the first time you have met in person. Now, (inner mind’s name) holds your hand and takes you to a secret room. Open the door… walk into the room with . There are so many gift boxes in there. All with pretty wraps and bows. Each of the boxes stores a power, a quality or a trait of you. Now, (inner mind’s name) gives you a pink box… open it… It is a teddy bear, his name is ‘Strong’. He is there because you are strong… then go-ahead to open another box… This is a pink box… There is a beautiful little butterfly that flies out… Her name is ‘Kind’. She is there because you are a very kind girl/boy. Oh, there is a shining white box too and inside there is a unicorn! Her name is ‘Miss Confident’. The reason why she is there is because you are also confident! There are a lot more boxes, in different colours containing many, many, different qualities of you. We will come back in the future to open each one of them.


In the corner, there is a pretty green box. You open it and there is a cute little monkey that jumps out. He is so cute and friendly. He is happy and jumping up and down. Can you tell me what his name is? (wait for response)… (Inner mind’s name) tells you that (insert monkey’s name) is so smart that he is able to do all his subjects really well.  He is so friendly and happy, everyone loves him. However, because his mind is so active, sometimes he gets distracted by other things easily. especially when he is writing his homework. Now, it is a perfect opportunity for you to tell (insert monkey’s name) what to do to sort out this problem. Is there anything you want to tell him? (wait for response)… that is so good… Now every time when you notice you are distracted by (insert monkey’s name). You know he is just a part of the more active you that is living in your powerful inner mind. So you have total control of (insert monkey’s name). Tell him he is so adorable and you love him with all your heart. But for now, he will need to go back to his box for a short moment, so you can concentrate and finish all the tasks you need to do. As soon as you finish them, you will invite him out and have fun! See (insert monkey’s name) face, he has such understanding eyes and he tells you he is totally cool with it. He is in fact very, very, happy to see you make such a decision. That is a difficult and responsible decision only grown-ups can do and you did it. He is so proud of you. From this moment on, when it is needed, he will rest in his beautiful green box comfortably until you invite him out to play. Now, if you want, go ahead to make a pinky promise with (insert monkey’s name). Promise each other you love each other and will do whatever is the best for each other. How does that make you feel? (wait for response)…Very good…


Now we are going to temporarily say goodbye to all these magical characters and your inner mind. They are actually always with you supporting you. Let’s leave that magic house for now. Good, just imagine what your dad will say when you are concentrating on your math homework? (wait for response)…Very good. How does that make you feel? (wait for response)… Good, next time when you are writing, it will be easy and fun.  And what is your teacher going to say to you? (wait for response)…Very good. How does that make you feel? (wait for response)… from today on, every time you need to concentrate on tasks you find hard or boring or when you need support for anything, you know you always have your inner mind friends to support you, to give you strength and power…


In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 5 to wake you up. When you wake up you are going to feel happy and full of energy. Every day from today, and in every way, you will feel stronger and more confident with a lot more self-control. You are going to grow up into a (beautiful young woman / handsome young man). With all the qualities you have, you will live a very happy life surrounded by lots love and support. I’m going to now count from 1 to 5 and when I say 5 you will be totally awake, coming back to this room and to being you and me knowing how clever you are…1, wriggle your feet and hands… 2, 3, wriggle your whole body and take a big breath… 4, eyes wanting to open now… and 5, back in the room with me and feeling great!