The Analytical & Hypervigilant (Induction)

Would you agree that there is a part of you that is analytical and sometimes hypervigilant? (pause for nod)

I would like you to imagine separating that part from the rest of you that is interested in having a creative session today. To do this, imagine that the analytical part is in one of your hands, and the part of you that is imaginative in the other hand. (nod when you have done that)

I would like to assure that analytical part that we understand what an important job it has done over the years to assure your safety and survival.

We appreciate all that it has accomplished, and I am wondering whether that part would be interested in having a more important job? (nod if this is the case)

I now would like to ask that part of you that is analytical if it would agree to move up to the back of the chair so that it can observe everything that is going on in this session.

I wonder if it would be able to pay attention to this session without being involved in any way.

It may find itself becoming curious about what it might feel like to just observe, and pay attention, so that it will have even more information to analyse and think about.

Then, at the end of the session, we can call on it to assist in the process of analysing what happened. (nod if this is okay)

(If not, ask what concerns it might have, and find a way to satisfy them)

Now, as I count from three down to one I ask that analytical part to move up to the back of the chair, and as it does, you’re going to find yourself much more relaxed, much more peaceful, much more open and excited to begin the process that will lead to an even greater sense of safety and security, confidence and peace. That part moving to the back of the chair now as I count from 3, 2 and 1) (thank)