By Laura Omar

This script is suitable for a client who needs their self-worthiness reinforced. They may be feeling unhappy with where they are currently and perhaps their motivation has stalled. This script is intended to give them a renewed sense that they can do anything they want, as they deserve and are worthy of happiness, and a life of fulfilment and success.

I want you now to relax your eyelids…feel as they cover the eyes…almost like little blankets. It is nice to close the eyes…when we close our eyes it is a cue for our body to relax and for our conscious mind to switch off.  Switch off from what is happening around us. Letting go of anything that may be on your mind…anything that is worrying you…you can let go of it now. Our minds are a wonderful yet complex part of us. As you know…there is your conscious mind…it is the one more linked to the left side of your brain…the part of your brain that enjoys serial logic and thinking about one thing at a time. On the other hand, the right hemisphere…with its ability to multi-task is more likely linked to unconscious thought…So what is unconscious thought? Unconscious thought is where your subconscious lies…that powerful part of you. Did you know…that your subconscious mind determines more of the decisions you make and the actions you take…than you realise. The best way to access your subconscious is for your mind to relax…the best way for this to occur is to listen to my voice as I take you down…down deeper. You don’t need to logically understand what I am saying so you can just let go and absorb my words…

So, I want you now to visualise breathing in a golden light. As the golden light enters your body you feel it flowing through your airways…it is warm and comforting. Feel as it flows through the lungs, lighting up the lungs with a golden glow. As you breathe out, you breathe out toxins and tension. The golden light is now flowing through the head. Visualise the light as it moves through the head, relaxing every part of the head…the cheeks, scalp, forehead, back of the head. Any tension you may be holding onto…is leaving the head now…leaving you with a comfortable, relaxed sensation. Visualise the golden light flowing from the chest to the abdomen…as it does you feel the muscles in your abdomen relaxing. As the light moves to the pelvis…and down the legs…Feel as the lower part of the body gets heavier…more and more relaxed. The legs feeling warm and the golden light now moves through to the feet. Any tension leaving through the toes…You may even feel a tingling sensation in the toes. The golden light spreads from the chest, down the arms and through to the hands. The hands and feet are so relaxed…all tension has left the body. The body is thanking you for this relaxation…it is enjoying this time out.

I want you now to visualise yourself standing in a rooftop garden. You are at the top of a tall building. There are lots of beautiful plants and flowers surrounding you and you feel a sense of comfort and security here. I want you to look around and absorb everything you can about this rooftop garden…(pause)…  To your right, you can see some birds taking a bath in a birdbath nestled amongst some plants. I now want you to look ahead…and you will see a door on the wall of the rooftop garden. I want you to walk up to the door and press the down arrow. When the door opens, and you hear the bell, I want you to go in and press the number marked G for ground. As the lift door shuts, you know the lift is going to move down soon. I want you to know that as the lift moves down, and you pass each floor, you will relax more deeply…10 times deeper than you are now.

I want you now to look up…and you will notice that the number 15 is lit up. As the lift begins its descent, you see the number 14 light up…now 13, 12, 11…as the numbers move down you relax deeper and deeper…10, 9, 8, 7…relaxing even more now…6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and G… When the door opens, it opens to a massive, white room. In the middle of the room is a couch and a little girl/boy is sitting on the couch looking at you. She/He waves for you to come over. When you get there, you realise it is you…but the child you. You look into her/his eyes and see sadness. You tell her/him not to be sad and that everything is going to be ok. You tell her/him that you love her/him unconditionally and that you know she/he loves you unconditionally. You thank her/him for protecting you over the years but that she/he can relax now, and not worry about protecting you anymore. You tell her/he that she/he is a beautiful human being who is kind, intelligent and worthy of all the happiness in the world. You place your hand on your heart and remind her/him that all the love and happiness she/he needs is within her/him. You tell her/him to be courageous and confident as you will always protect her/him…and that you have gained so much wisdom over the years and with this wisdom, she/he can feel secure in the knowledge that she/he is safe in your protection.

When you are ready, I want you to give her/him a hug…and as you do, you feel your hearts connect…a golden rainbow connecting both hearts. You feel a warm sensation filling your heart. The hug is so comforting and beautiful…and as you continue to hug her/him you feel her/him integrating and you know that she/he has become a part of you…a part of your heart. You still have that warm feeling in your heart, and you feel amazing. There has been a shift inside of you…one that is positive and everlasting.

In a moment, I am going to count from 1 to 10. When I get to 10 you will wake up alert and refreshed and full of energy. You will feel positive about your future because you know that you are worthy of all the happiness in the world. There is nothing stopping you now. Your heart is richer, and you feel a strong sense of peace and tranquillity emanating from your heart…and this makes you feel good. When you next sleep, you will do so easily and peacefully, and your dreams will be of a comforting nature confirming the changes that have taken place within you. When you wake up to start your day, you will feel a renewed sense of energy and zest for life. You will have a powerful sense of worthiness and understanding that the world really is your oyster.

1, feeling the energy returning to your feet and legs, 2, moving up through your pelvis and abdomen, 3, 4…movement coming back to your arms and hands now, 5, 6…breathing returning to normal and 7, 8, awareness coming back to you now, 9 eyes wanting to open, 10, wide awake, alert and feeling fantastic.