Find a comfortable spot, a place where you, with your natural curiosity, can truly relax. Gently close your eyes when you feel ready, embracing this moment of tranquillity. This journey ahead is a reflection of your unique path – a path marked by your innate (SBT therapist can add any character trait related to the client i.e resilience…creativity).

In your everyday life, your resilience and empathy are a guiding force, helping you navigate through challenges. But at this moment, allow yourself the freedom to just ‘be’. This experience is a departure from the tangible world, where your characteristic (SBT therapist can insert relevant characteristics i.e.. pragmatism, idealism) takes a gentle pause. Let go and allow the experience to unfold naturally, just as you’ve learned to adapt and flow with life’s many turns.

As you breathe in deeply, let each breath be a testament to your strength. Inhale tranquillity, filling yourself with a calm that resonates with your inner essence. With every exhale, release any worries or stress, a practice you’re familiar with, given your ability to face challenges head-on.

Feel your body respond to this peaceful state. Your adaptability helps in relaxing each muscle, starting from the crown of your head and flowing down to the tips of your toes. Your natural ability to find balance and harmony guides this physical relaxation.

Your mind now enjoys a well-deserved break. Thoughts may come and go, but they do so gently, not disturbing the peaceful waters of your mind. In this serene state, your compassion finds a new expression, deeper and more reflective.

We will start our journey through time by revisiting a memory from your childhood. Recall a moment where your youthful curiosity was fully alive. Immerse yourself in the simplicity and freedom of that time.

Next, we’ll venture to a space between your conception and birth, exploring the period where you were in the womb.

Finally, our journey takes us beyond this lifetime to explore another existence. As we embark on this journey, remember it mirrors the way you live your life – with authenticity and depth. So, take another deep breath, rich with intention, and let’s begin this exploration.

Start to focus on your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths. Inhale tranquillity and exhale any tension or stress. With each breath, feel yourself relaxing more and more. Your mind becomes calm, and your body feels lighter. Imagine your breath as a wave of relaxation, washing over you, releasing tension with each exhalation.

Now, bring your awareness to the top of your head. As you breathe in, focus on this area. As you breathe out, let go of any tension in your scalp. Move your attention to your forehead. Feel it smoothing out, relaxing as you exhale. Continue this relaxation down to your eyes. Let them become soft and calm. Release any tension in your jaw, allowing it to fall slightly open. Feel this wave of relaxation moving down your neck and shoulders. With each breath out, let these areas become loose and free from tension.
Bring your awareness to your arms. Feel them becoming heavy and relaxed. This sensation moves down to your hands, releasing any tightness. Now, focus on your chest and abdomen. Feel them gently rise and fall with your breath. With every exhale, release any tension held in these areas. Let this feeling of relaxation move down to your hips and legs. Feel them sinking into a state of deep relaxation. Allow this sensation to flow all the way down to your feet, fully relaxing them.

Imagine now before you the most extraordinary, futuristic, comfortable space machine. This machine is designed just for you… so when you’re ready… you can step inside and settle into its cozy, adaptive interior. You can recline or stretch out, whichever feels best for you. Nestled in your space machine, you can choose to be an observer or participant in the events and experiences of the past. The choice is always yours. You’re in complete control. And remember, at any point, if you wish, you can retreat back to the safety of your space machine… knowing that you are secure and protected.

So, make yourself comfortable in your space machine now, and relax more deeply with each number I count… and by the time I reach one… you’ll be in a wonderfully deep state… understanding that the deeper you go, the better you’ll feel, and the better you feel… the deeper you’ll go…

10…9….8….7…going deeper and deeper….6…5…. As your space machine continues its smooth, gentle journey through time, you feel an increasing sense of tranquillity and detachment from the present. The machine is not just a vessel; it’s a bridge to your past, a conduit to deeper understanding…4…3…2…1. Feel the space machine accelerating softly, further back through your life’s timeline. With each moment, it takes you deeper into your subconscious.

As you travel, visualize the years rolling backward, like numbers on a clock rewinding swiftly. You’re moving beyond recent memories, past your adolescence, into your earliest years. In this space, you are completely safe, encased within the comforting walls of your space machine. It’s a protective bubble, shielding you from any discomfort or distress.

The deeper you travel, the more relaxed you feel. Let this sense of safety and relaxation wash over you, bringing clarity and peace to your mind. As the machine nears the destination, the time of your early childhood, the motion becomes even smoother, almost like floating. The images of your past start to become clearer, like a fog lifting on a sunny morning.

You’re approaching a significant, happy memory from perhaps when you were four or five years old. A very young age. The machine slows, preparing to bring you to this moment in time. Going back to that earliest memory, 10…9…8…7….6….to a happy childhood memory…5….4….3….2…..1.. The space machine now stops at this chosen memory. You are there now. As the door opens, step out into your past. You might notice colors, sounds, smells – let them fill your senses.

Look around you in this memory. Take in your surroundings. Let yourself be fully present in this moment, absorbing the experiences and feelings of your younger self. This is a journey of discovery and understanding, a path to deeper self-awareness. I will be asking you questions about your surroundings and you will be able to communicate to me…

What do you see?
Who is with you?
What are you doing? ……Allow these details to emerge naturally. You’re an observer, free to engage with this memory without influencing it.
What are you wearing?
Are your surroundings familiar?
What emotions are you feeling?
*To anchor positive feelings/emotions for the client if the experience is positive

Now that you’re fully immersed in this past memory, take a moment to appreciate this experience. You’re not only revisiting the past but also learning from it, gaining insights that are valuable to your current self. When you’re ready, we will move forward from this memory, but remember, the insights and emotions you’ve gathered here are with you, a part of your journey to self-discovery and healing.

Fantastic… now with those enriching feelings in tow, re-enter your space machine. Make yourself comfortable as we proceed on our voyage back in time… This journey takes us to a pivotal moment, the phase between your conception and your entry into the world… to that remarkable period in the womb, a time of preparation and anticipation… 10…9…8…7.. drifting deeper and deeper, 6, 5… delving further into a state of profound relaxation, 4, 3… traversing backwards in time, 2, and 1… Now, you find yourself in the womb!

Embrace any images, emotions, or sensations that come forth… Let them flow naturally and share what you experience…Listen to the sound of my voice…I am going to ask you questions..and when I do…you will respond to those questions…and as you fall deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Now tell me…

• Is it light or dark?
• Are you aware of any colours?
• Do you feel cramped or does it feel like you have plenty of room? (If cramped, do they need to adjust themselves to be more comfortable?)
• You may be able to be more aware and connect with your mother here. What is she experiencing with regards to this pregnancy?
• Can you connect with her and influence her feelings? Try to reassure her.
• How do you feel about coming into this world? Are you excited or apprehensive or something else?
• And why is it you’re coming?

Once again, step inside your space machine, readying yourself for a journey beyond this realm. We’re venturing through various dimensions where time bends and twists, no longer a straight path. In this journey, your space machine transforms into a conduit of wisdom and guidance, leading you to a past life that holds key insights for you. In this life, you may rediscover forgotten talents, abilities, and gifts. Clarity, understanding, and healing await, freeing you from the echoes of the past.

As you move away from the earthly dimension in your space machine, feel the safety and support surrounding you. Your higher self, along with your guides, navigates you through these different dimensions. This journey allows you to relive past experiences as if they are happening now, offering you full immersion for profound insight and transcendence. This traversal through time and space is smooth and enlightening, aiding in the reawakening of your true, divine essence.

Prepare to journey back to another lifetime. 10, 9… descending deeper into the past, 8, 7… each number taking you further back, 6, 5… travelling through time, 4, 3… feeling safe and in control, 2, and 1… Arrive in that lifetime now! Allow the images, emotions, and sensations to surface naturally… let them reveal themselves… and when you feel ready, envision looking down at your feet.
• Tell me, are you wearing shoes, boots, moccasins, sandals.? What is it that you have on your feet if anything?
• And what about your clothing? You might look at it or your might feel it’s texture. Are the clothes that you wear fine or course?
• Are they loose fitting or tight?
• Do they seem to be the clothes of a male or female?
• An Adult or a child?
• Look down at your hands. What colour is the skin?
• Are you inside or out?
• Describe your surroundings
• Become aware of where this place is. You may just know. If you were to look at a map of the world or a globe, where would you be drawn to.

**Explore significant events in clients life…to repeat process and move to another lifetime if necessary.
Having journeyed through your past life, you’ve now gained valuable insights and experiences. Let’s take a moment to reflect and heal from these revelations. Understand that these experiences, while part of your past, do not define your present or future. They are steps on the path that has led you to where you are now. If you’ve encountered any pain or trauma, now is the time to release it. Imagine a warm, healing light surrounding you in your space machine, soothing any old wounds. As this light envelops you, feel it neutralizing the pain, transforming it into wisdom and strength. You are not erasing your past, but freeing yourself from its negative hold.

Now lets move to the last day of that life. Be there right now. Explore how that life ended.
• How old are you?
• Is there anything going on to indicate that this is the last day of your life?
• Where are you?
• What’s happening?
• How are you feeling?
• Are there others there with you?
• What was the general feeling that you carried in that lifetime?
• How did you feel as the person that you were?
• What lessons did you learn in that lifetime?
• What were your greatest achievements?

Every experience, no matter how difficult, brings with it valuable lessons. Reflect on the strengths and wisdom you gained from this past life. Integrate these lessons into your present self. Visualize them as seeds of knowledge and resilience, now a part of who you are. You are now going to leave that body.
Now, are you prepared to release that physical form and its associated life? Excellent… begin to detach from that body now… As you do, consciously leave behind anything from that life that is no longer beneficial to you. Give yourself permission to have your soul depart from this body, fully intact and complete, while relinquishing any traumas, illnesses, and negative beliefs or emotions that are no longer of service to you. As you transition away from this third-dimensional experience, can you narrate this journey to me? Share what you’re encountering, feeling, and seeing as you move through this transformative process.
• Have you left your body yet?
• Where are you now in relation to your body?
• Are you still in the room?
• Are you moving away?
• Are you moving forward looking up or backward looking down
• Are you moving quickly or slowly?
• Do you have a sensation of drifting or of being pulled?
• Can you still see the earth beneath you?
• Are you aware of anyone coming to greet you?

As we bring this session to a close, a powerful and lasting suggestion is planted deep within your subconscious. This suggestion will continue to flourish and grow stronger with each passing day. Whenever you find yourself facing challenges or moments of doubt in your daily life, you will be reminded of the strength, wisdom, and insight you have gained from your past life experiences. These memories and lessons will surface gently, providing guidance, confidence, and a profound sense of peace.
You will notice that any negative patterns or beliefs that were released during our session no longer hold power over you. Instead, you will feel empowered, more aligned with your true self, and motivated to pursue your life’s path with clarity and purpose. This suggestion will also enhance your ability to cope with stress, anxiety, or any emotional discomfort. The calmness and tranquillity you experienced in the space machine will be a resource you can easily tap into whenever needed. Just by recalling this serene state, you will find yourself returning to a place of balance and inner harmony. Remember, these changes are natural and effortless. Your subconscious mind has already embraced this positive transformation, and it will manifest in your conscious reality seamlessly and effectively. As you return to your waking state, these suggestions will become an integral part of your being, enhancing your life in countless positive ways.

Starting now, at one, you begin to emerge from your deep, relaxed state. Feel a gentle awakening starting at the tips of your toes, bringing a mild, rejuvenating energy.

Two, this energy is slowly rising up through your feet and ankles, making them feel light and refreshed.

Three, the energy continues to ascend, revitalizing your knees and thighs. You feel a pleasant tingling sensation as your circulation begins to increase.

Four, this rejuvenating energy is now flowing through your hips, abdomen, and lower back. Feel every cell in these areas waking up, filling you with a sense of renewal.

Five, you are halfway back, as this energy moves into your chest and upper back. Your breathing is becoming more alert and aware, yet remains calm and relaxed.

Six, the energy is now revitalizing your shoulders, arms, and hands. You may want to gently wiggle your fingers as a sign of your returning awareness.

Seven, feel this energy move up into your neck and head, clearing and refreshing your mind. Your thoughts are becoming more coherent, preparing you to return to full alertness.

Eight, your entire body is now awake and energized. Feel this energy radiating from within, preparing you to open your eyes and return to your surroundings.

Nine, take a deep, refreshing breath. Stretch your body if you need to, feeling completely revitalized and ready to return to your day with a new sense of clarity and purpose.

Ten, open your eyes, fully awake, feeling wonderful in every way. You are now completely out of hypnosis, feeling better than before, carrying with you all the positive experiences and insights from your session.