And as you emerge from your blue coloured cloud of support, into the realm of flowers….know that you will be starting your journey deep into the subconscious mind….within your subconscious mind we will be releasing any old soul patterns that are not serving you any more…this journey will hold all the answers you’ve been looking for… all the answers to why and how you first experienced the feelings of JUDGEMENT….This is an opportunity for you to gain greater awareness and clarity over the issues we’ve been discussing….This is a journey that will highlight certain perspectives that you are able to understand more…you will also be able to explore these issues with a greater understanding of  why….and be able to surrender what does not work for you in your current incarnation….As we access the part of the brain that does not hold any negative belief systems such as JUDGEMENT…. the subconscious mind….and put our conscious mind at rest…. we will be seeking the answers deep within…. we will be accessing soul memories and understanding the lessons and choices that your soul has made in your past lives…. Transcending and healing those previous limiting beliefs that you once held onto as a mechanism to protect yourself…. but you are not needing to protect yourself from these beliefs anymore… because you are safe now…because you are seeking change that will benefit you in every way…. you are aware of your current situations and know that you can change these situations whenever you need to… because you have choice… you have all the resources and support that is required for you to let go and transcend these issues….There is a part of you already beginning to access these memories and the feelings and emotions that are attached to these memories….you have always and WILL always have that part of you deep within…. wanting to transcend and heal….and if that part of you is a little apprehensive or nervous, know that you are completely safe and loved within the realm of flowers and in this room with me…. and that you are fully supported. You also have your higher self, your personal guides and your guardian angels with you at this moment helping you transcend these issues with clarity, love and healing as they are aware of your wants… and they are always there for you whenever you ask for them…You are also within the flower realm where the pixies, fairies, flowers and plants all reside… they are with you on this journey supporting you in whatever direction you take…. 

Now, take a few deep, slow breathes in now…knowing that you are breathing in the essence of their support, love and peace….and breathing out the release of any unwanted energy that feels restricted, tense or negative….breathing in the support, love and peace and breathing out anything that is holding you back from this journey we are about to embark on… just let it flow now… easily and naturally….breathing in and breathing out at your normal rate… and as you take in your next breathe I want you to imagine a golden path in front of you….this golden path is leading you down towards a special place… you are becoming increasingly curious and your sense of adventure kicks in…. walk down the golden path…. Look around at all the magical plants and flowers that are surrounding you… breathe in their sweet scent…. I’m going to count down from 10 to 1 as you walk down this golden path and as I do you will go deeper and deeper into your sub-conscious mind and deeper and deeper into a state of hypnosis…and once you have reached the end of the golden path you will have arrived at the deepest level of your mind…. 10, 9, 8, walking down, down, down the golden path 7, 6, 5 walking down the golden path to a very special place, 4, 3, you’re almost there, 2 and 1 you have arrived….you see that the golden path has ended and you have reached the deepest level of your subconscious mind… see in front of you what looks like a train carriage….this train carriage is not an ordinary train carriage but a train that will take you back on time….and it is sparkling with whitened green light all around it… this whitened green light represents pure love and safety and surprisingly this seems perfectly normal..…You step onto the train and find a huge switch board in front of you with different dials and switches….You see one big silver button right in the middle of the switch board and on it says the words ‘on’ and ‘off’ to start it up….just the right of the on/off button is a green dial and it will flash up with the issues we have been discussing… the issue of JUDGEMENT. 

When you’re ready…. press the silver button…. Your surroundings will fade or become blurry as the train starts to move you back through time and through space… to another life…. the one when you first had a lifetime experiencing the fear and emotions and circumstances that have led to the issue of judgement that you are still experiencing in your current life. This train knows exactly where to take you because it’s part of your consciousness and it is driven and guided by your higher self and guides. As I count from 5 down to 1, you are going back in time to the lifetime where you first had the experience connected to this issue of JUDGEMENT. Going back now 5…4…going back…3…2 all the way back….and 1…be there now! 

  • Allow any images and sensations to come….
  • Look down at your feet? Do you have shoes on or are you bare foot?
  • Look at your clothes, do they feel course or soft?
  • Do you feel yourself to be inside or out

Are you male or female?

  • Are you alone or are there others around you?
  • Tell me about your surroundings….
  • What are you feeling?

(Continue exploring until you find the ISE)

We are now going to the last day of that life. 3, 2,1 be there now!

  • How old are you?
  • Where are you?
  • What’s happening?
  • Is there anyone see around you?
  • How are you feeling? 

From this perspective, how do you feel about the life you’ve lived? 

Okay, we’re going to go back to the beginning of the experience that you’ve just relived. You’ll see (John) from your future life coming towards you. He brings much love with him. He knows exactly what you’re experiencing. And he has come back in time to help you. John has lived many lifetimes since this one with many experiences and has gained many resources. He brings these back for you now. He gives you a big hug and as he does… you can feel the unconditional love…you feel a sense of self-worth and confidence building within you…. He brings you empowerment, strength, compassion, and wisdom….

Now, with these resources within you…with the knowledge and wisdom, confidence and strength that you now have…. and with John there to support you, I want you to replay these events how they would have happened the first time had you had access to these resources then. Have it play out how you want it to be… and let me know when you have finished… 

Wait for indication

  • Great! What happened this time?
  • How do you feel now?

Wonderful John….so again were going to go back to the end of that life but this time with the resources and experience that you’ve just had. 3, 2, 1 be there now!

  • How old are you this time?
  • Who is with you?
  • How are you feeling?


As you reflect back on your life with this new perspective, what can you tell me? 

I want you now to thank John for coming back for you and John…Tell the past life you, how much you love him. Tell him that you’ll be there for them always brining them whatever resources they need to live their lives with love, wisdom, compassion, empowerment and truth. Just for now say goodbye and return to the train carriage. Step in, press the silver button and set the train to return to the current place and current time. You will return now feeling confident, safe, loved and empowered…having had those learnings and wisdom now for many lifetimes.