My script is for a 10 year old named Addy. She has ADHD and has an undiagnosed issue relating to learning, she is very intelligent but struggles with basics at school and has been kept back because of this. She has not always had this difficulty and has regressed academically over the past few years. She also struggles with anxiety relating to school and thinking she is in trouble, she has a hard time reading people which impacts her sociability. All of these issues affect her ability to go to sleep and stay asleep. Her likes are football and hip hop dancing. She doesn’t like ‘girly’ things. I have used basic language but not childish language as her communication style is quite mature.


Taking a moment to get comfy on the bed. Maybe you feel like wriggling or shaking out any energy in your body before getting very comfortable. Good. Now you can relax into the bed and close your eyes, knowing you are completely safe here. Now begin to notice your breath. Feeling more relaxed with every breath in, and every breath out. As you breathe in and out, try to breathe all the way into the belly so it expands, a nice big breath. Then as you breathe out, your belly falls and you relax more and more. Now, I’d like you to imagine a lovely sparkling light, shining above your head, this light is a protecting light that will keep you safe. In a moment, the light will enter the top of your head and move through your body, relaxing everything it touches. You will feel the light get brighter and stronger with every breath. Now starting to feel that light entering the top of your head, relaxing your face and even inside your head, your mind settling more and more with each breath. Feeling that sparkling light moving down your neck and into the shoulders, relaxing everything it touches. The light moves down the arms, into the hands, beginning to feel softer and heavier. That sparkling light now moving to the chest, down into the belly, feeling so relaxed and peaceful. Moving to the hips and down the legs, all the way to the ankles. The whole body feeling so peaceful, so relaxed. Imagine this sparkling light now surrounding the body like a protective cocoon. Any time you wish to feel this again, just imagine you are switching on a light switch, and feel that protective cocoon of sparkling light around you.


Now I’d like you to imagine yourself at the top of some stairs. In a moment, you are going to walk down the stairs as I count down from 10 down to 1. As you walk down the stairs you relax deeper and deeper. When you reach the bottom of the stairs you will be fully relaxed and your imagination will be even stronger. If your mind drifts away or gets distracted that is OK because there is a part of your mind that is always listening, even if you don’t realise it. Begin to walk down the stairs, 10, feeling relaxed, 9, walking down, 8, deeper and deeper, 7 moving down, down, 6, more relaxed, 5, deeper and deeper, 4, almost at the bottom of the stairs, 3, feeling very relaxed now, 2, and 1, at the bottom of the stairs and feeling relaxed and excited.


Now you are at the bottom of the stairs you might notice that you are on a football field. You feel excited to be here. Notice how the grass feels under your feet. The weather is perfect. The sun is shining, but there are clouds in the sky and there is a gentle breeze. You can hear some birds chirping as they fly above you. Walking across the field you can see a pile of footballs, when you get to the pile of footballs you notice that they are all flat and need to be pumped up. Next to them you can see a football pump. This is a special pump because it can put any worries you have into the football as you pump it up. So it’s time to pick up a football, begin to pump it up with the special pump as the football fills with your worries, it might be worries about school, or friends, or family. Whatever your worries are, imagine them moving into the football with this special pump. As the football fills with all of your worries, you notice yourself feeling lighter and happier. Now for the fun part. It’s time to kick that football with all of your worries, as hard as you can, you may kick it through the goals, or the points, or you may just kick it off the field. It doesn’t matter which direction you kick the football because it disappears before it hits the ground. Notice how good it feels to not carry those worries. Returning to the pile of flat footballs and picking up another. Go ahead and inflate the football, this time with any thoughts you don’t want to have, they may be thoughts about yourself, or about someone else, it may even be about a situation. As you pump up the football with these thoughts, you feel lighter and stronger, more yourself. Now it’s time to say goodbye to this football and these thoughts by kicking it again, out of the field, disappearing out of sight. Feeling more confident and happy. You begin to realise that you have the power to kick anything out of your mind whenever you want. Again, returning to the pile of flat footballs, pumping another one up with something else you want to say goodbye to. It doesn’t matter if you can’t think of something, because your brain is able to do it for you without you having to think about it. All you need to do is watch the football expand and notice yourself feeling so happy and so much more yourself. Now, kick that football and watch it disappear out of the field. Feeling stronger, feeling happier and more confident to be you. (Continue with piles of footballs until client indicates they are finished).

Now you are feeling so much lighter, so much stronger, and so much more confident to be yourself. It is time for a victory dance. Begin to imagine yourself dancing on the football field, practising your favourite moves, feeling so comfortable being yourself. You feel so happy and so free. As you dance you notice people begin to join you. Imagining your favourite people here, dancing with you, cheering you on for the amazing person you are. They may be dancing well or maybe a bit silly, but they don’t mind because they are full of confidence, just like you. Now maybe you’d like to imagine your favourite animals or TV show characters or even your favourite toys joining you on the football field. They are all here, dancing and celebrating you as a unique person. You feel so happy knowing that you have the support of so many, that you are loved exactly as you are.

P.R.E.M/Wake up

Notice how different your body feels, notice that feeling of lightness, and energy all over you. You can know that you have the love and support of so many, even when you don’t see them around you, they are always cheering you on, celebrating you for being yourself. Even when you are no longer here, you always have the ability inside of yourself to feel this loved and confident. Every day you will be able to feel that love and support from everyone you meet. Every day you will feel stronger and more confident. And when it is time to sleep you will be able sleep easily and release any worries by imagining yourself pumping them into a football and kicking them away. It doesn’t matter how many times you need to do this as there will always be a pile of flat footballs, waiting to be put to use. Every time you do this you feel stronger, happier and more confident to be yourself.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10 and when I reach 10 you will come back to the room, feeling good inside your body, noticing how light you feel and how relaxed you are. 1, feeling returns to your feet and ankles, 2, feeling moves up your legs, 3 to your thighs and hips, 4, to your belly, 5 feeling returns to your chest, 6, feeling moves down your arms, 7, feeling comes back to your hands, feeling so light and so good, 8, feeling moving up your neck and into your head, 9, feeling moving around your head and 10, your eyes are opening and you are feeling great.