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Unlock the secrets to transformation and transcendence. Have a clear pathway and powerful tools to guide others on their journey of healing and growth.

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Do you have a passion for helping others? Are you looking for a new direction or perhaps other tools to assist current clients and grow your business with integrity and authenticity. Do you want to KNOW you are having a huge impact? Imagine being able to do what you love, wherever and however you want, and be rewarded both financially and personally

Perhaps you feel

Lost as to which direction to take  

Unclear on which course is right for you  

Unsure if this is the path for you  

Your friends confide in you, and you love helping people.  

Already in the helping field but frustrated with insufficient tools

A longing to incorporate spirituality but want financial stability  

If you said yes to any of those feelings, you are not alone!

Hi, I’m Ann Rodis

You know, over 20 years ago I found myself still in a career that I always knew wasn’t for me. It was a good job, it paid the bills, but I was slowly dying inside. I saw other people loving their lives because they loved their work. I wondered what was wrong with me? My life was good…but I knew there was more. I felt trapped in the 9-5, being told what to do. 

I spent years trying different things, trying to find my path. As well as wanting fulfillment, I wanted financial security and in fact abundance in all areas. I always knew deep down that it was possible to “have it all” but I also knew it had to be with integrity. I wanted to feel confident in whatever I did, knowing I was making a real difference.  

Today, as someone who has travelled that transformative journey, I am passionate about helping others achieve clarity and to believe in their ability to love what they do, do what they love, and be rewarded for it. 

Did you know that the personal development market has experienced significant growth in recent years and is forecast to increase by a rate of 5.8% globally over the next 8 years. Several factors contribute to this growth, including increased awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being, the desire for self-fulfillment and happiness, and the need for individuals to adapt to an ever-changing world. As our world continues to evolve, people are experiencing an increasing need to heal inner wounds and transform to a state of greater balance and alignment. Hypnotherapy and energy medicine are fast becoming recognised as extremely valuable tools in assisting this process. 

And over the past 20 years of developing this pathway, I have discovered the importance of the spiritual perspective in achieving profound results in therapy. 

Let me explain why…. 

I am passionate about marrying science with spirituality. I have always wanted the best of both worlds! So, I find it very exciting when science makes “discoveries” that align with concepts that have been around since ancient times. Science has now “proven” that everything is energy. And we also know that our experience in this life is only one dimension of a much bigger picture. Much evidence-based work has been done around other dimensions and other lifetimes. And the results of thousands of studies indicate that we incarnate with energetic blueprints from other dimensions and other lifetime experiences. These patterns impact the energy system of our human body and mind just as experiences from our current life. As a result, if we only address our current human experience, we are only doing part of the job! Soul Based Therapy incorporates the multidimensional approach so that all aspects of a person are addressed leading to true transformation.  

The Soul Based Therapy Practitioner Course

Our 8part program that is the Soul Based Therapy Practitioner Course will guide you through the steps you require to create a successful business helping others in your unique way. You will graduate with confidence, knowing you have the tools and knowledge to truly make a difference in the lives of others bringing you to a state of rewarding fulfillment. Through your own experience of transformation through Soul Based Therapy, you will be in a better position to guide others through this process. This personal evolution occurs whilst you are learning all the skills you need to embark on a successful, internationally recognised career path helping others change their lives.  

You will receive: 

📜 Diploma in Hypnotherapy (industry accredited that can lead to provider status) 

📜 Certificate in Counselling 

📜 Certificate in Past Life Regression 

📜 Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner 

📜 Certified Soul Based Therapy Practitioner 

I have been in this field actually achieving these results with my own clients for over 20 years. In fact, it was the clients themselves that inspired me to create this training because they wanted to learn how to do what I did! 

And now, the program is entering its 5th year with Soul Based Therapy now spreading internationally as our community of transformational therapists continues to expand. 

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Here’s what some of our students have said:

Fay Griffin

Transformational Coach 


No words can truly explain how life changing this course is. I can safely say that I’m not the same person I was nearly two years ago. 
Not only will this course give you powerful tools to guide clients through their transformation and give you the confidence to be a great Soul Based Therapist, it is also an incredible and transformational healing journey for you too! You will not regret making the choice to experience this course. The facilitator is a wise and loving teacher. You will always know she has your growth & learning at heart. Saying thank you and how grateful I am, will never cut it. 

Jessica Richardson

Allied Health Assessment Coordinator 


This course has been so comprehensive and interactive that I feel really comfortable and prepared as a practitioner. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from their lovely and knowledgeable teachers. I have also grown so much personally as well as professionally through this course. If anyone is contemplating whether to sign up or not, I would say definitely do it and invest in yourself as you would never regret it. 

Scott McCamish

“Past Influences” 


Your course literally changed my life! I’m so grateful that I found your course and was able to fulfill my dream of being a hypnotherapist. I’m having some really good experiences with my clients and feeling very rewarded in the process. 

Dionne Dalton

“Holistic Soul Revolution” 


I am so grateful to have found this unique modality. The Facilitators provide amazing support and understanding, and as soon as I found the course, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. This course has provided me with the knowledge and tools to begin to heal, and I am confident that I will be well-equipped to assist others in transforming their own lives upon completion. 

Become a healer and join us in supporting each individual as we transition into a better world…. A world with

More Love…. More Peace…. More Community…. More Unity

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As a bonus, you will also receive a FREE Hypnotherapy audio to kickstart your transformative journey.