By Honor Paule

Once upon a time there was a young Princess who lived in a magnificent castle. She was given everything she ever wanted and all she had to do was ask her father, the King of the Castle. From toys and animals, dresses and gowns, to an endless number of friends, and abundant amount of wealth, she really could have anything she had ever wanted. All her friends, animals and material items brought her great joy and happiness. She did not have to work a single day in her life as everything was simply handed over to her on a silver platter. As she grew into an adult, she felt as though that something was missing. “I want a charming Prince to marry and we will live happily ever after!” the Princess said. The king was jumping for joy, knowing that his daughter is now a woman, ready to wed and take over the castle. A royal ball was announced, and her father scoured the castles from all over the world lining up all the Princes that she could choose from.


The Princess met all the charming Princes but sadly, she couldn’t seem to connect to a single one. “I don’t understand the concept of love, I would rather be alone”, the Princess told her father. The King told the Princess that eventually she must pick one, as she will one day become the Queen and take over the castle with her King.


Time was passing and Princess was getting older and older, as was the King, and she was beginning to feel the pressure. “I would like a magic mirror!”, the Princess said to her father. And so, a magic mirror was delivered. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is my true love of them all?”, the Princess asked. The mirror did not answer, and all she could see was a reflection of herself. She stared at the mirror, hoping for a change in the reflection, but the mirror didn’t budge. She asked every day and there was still no response, and every time she would walk away frustrated, angry and upset. Weeks and weeks went by, and the Princess decided to ask the mirror for one last time. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is my true love of them all?”, and again she only saw herself. She fell on the ground and began to cry in front of the mirror. She thought to herself that she will never find true love. When the Princess looked up at the mirror, she noticed that the reflection was still her, but it was not of her on the ground, crying. It was herself, standing in the reflection. The image of herself in the mirror, grew bright as all the furniture in the background began to fade. It was in that moment she realised that the mirror was answering her all along.


Often in life we become lost and carried away with the external and materialistic world. We try to discover our identity through seeking answers from the external. Many of us want to find love and be loved. We focus so much of our attention on what’s out there, that we forget that our inner world is simply a reflection of our outer world. When we truly love ourselves and are grateful for what we already have in our lives, our outer world will respond in the same way. Our outer world will always reciprocate the love we have for ourselves. When we feel lost and and are chasing for something ‘more’ in the external, sometimes all we really need to do is take a step back, take a look in the mirror and look at what is it we need to change within ourselves.


How and what can you do to love yourself more?