By Laura Omar

This script may be utilised for a:

  • Client who is trying to get over a relationship/person by cutting the ties.
  • Client who is trying to let go of stress and stressors in their life i.e. negative people.
  • Client who is trying to let go of bad habits i.e. gambling, drinking.

It is time now to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs…and then your stomach…hold it in and breathe out. Breathe in again, through your nose and all the way to your stomach…and out. Become aware of the rise and fall of your chest and how this happens so naturally…without you having to do anything at all. Now, I want you to visualise a golden light coming in through the top of the head, gently circulating in such a peaceful, relaxing way… as it does you feel the mind start to slow down and the brain waves lower…the eyelids are getting heavier. As the light moves through the neck…the head is getting heavier and neck muscles are loosening up. As the light moves to the shoulders they start to relax, and the tension dissipates. The golden light is now moving to the chest, swirling around…as it does you feel your breathing slowing down even more. The light is also working to relax the muscles in the back…removing all tension in the back. The light then moves along the spine… relaxing all the vertebrae and the muscles holding the vertebrae together. The light then moves to the abdomen…the pelvis. Feel as the muscles of the buttocks relax and loosen…as they sink deeper into the chair. The light then moves down the legs…relaxing the thighs…the calves and the feet. The light is now swirling through the feet…and you may feel a tingling sensation in the feet and toes. You are now totally and completely relaxed. Every muscle in the body is still and feels heavy…and your brainwave speed has lowered to between 5 and 10 Hertz.

I want you now to visualise yourself walking on some lush green grass. As you walk…you look up…and realise you are at the pinnacle of a large hill. There is a tree up ahead. When you get to the tree, you touch it and you feel the energy of this majestic tree move through you. The energy makes you feel calm and secure. You then look out and see a beautiful stream in the distance…and you decide to head in that direction. You walk slowly, down the hill. The sun’s rays are warm but not too hot, as they envelope your body.  Each step you take down the hill, serves to relax you more and more…the energy from the sun is cleansing your mind and soul and you find yourself feeling looser and more relaxed. You can see the stream in the distance, and you feel this strong desire to lie by the water and listen to the trickling of the stream. When you get to the stream, you realise that you are still up high. You look and see a set of stone stairs leading down to the embankment. In a moment, you will commence your descent. This will be safe and easy to do and as you do, you will be taken to a deeper, more relaxed state. Your mind will slow down even more, with every step down. As your mind slows down, the very relaxed part of you will become dominant…it is the part of you that makes you feel secure and safe and open to positive suggestion and change.

You begin your descent down, 10, 9, 8…going down now…deeper and deeper…7, 6, 5…feeling your body relax even more…4, 3, 2…deeply more relaxed…and 1…you step onto the embankment and remove your shoes. You walk on the soft grass over to the stream and lie down. The sound of the water trickling eases any remaining tension and you enjoy the stillness of your mind. Although your mind is still active, which the mind always is, you can sense that it has slowed down so much. There is a stillness inside your head…and you feel a connection with nature.

After a moment, you get up and see a door next to the stairs. You make your way towards the door and pull it towards you. When you step through the door, you look up and see that you are at the beginning of a pathway lined with palm trees. At the end of the path you can see a luscious tropical forest and you set off, excited about your new adventure. The pathway feels soft and sandy but firm enough so that you can walk easily. You keep walking until you get to the entrance of the forest. As you step inside the forest, you feel the path harden a little and the temperature cool down a fraction, which is a welcome change after your walk along the path. You take in this fresh air with a long deep breath and instantly feel it healing your body. You commence walking along the path, taking in all the beautiful surroundings. You look up and a few metres away, a monkey jumps from tree to tree. You can hear the chirping of the birds and hear them fluttering and talking to each other. The monkey is now swinging from branch to branch alongside you…almost accompanying you on your walk. Your breath is taken away by the beauty of the tropical plants nestled in the trees…their colours so vibrant and varied…with yellow, red, fuchsia, orange…and so on. As you walk, you feel a sense of clarity growing in your mind. Up ahead you see an exit and a bright light streaming through. You get to the exit and step out onto bright, white sand…so soft it feels like cotton. Up ahead the aquamarine water is so transparent you can see the ocean floor. You walk to the water and step in and watch as a gentle wave comes to meet you. You can see the beach stretching for kilometres on both sides. You are in awe as you realise that this is your own private island…your own safe space that belongs only to you. You look to your right and in the distance you see a small pontoon that reaches out to the water. You are curious and begin to walk over. When you get to the pontoon, you see a little boat attached…you admire the boat as it bobs up and down…and you realise there is something special about this boat. It is a boat waiting for you…waiting for you to fill it with whatever it is you need to let go of. Although the boat seems small, it has the capacity to hold whatever it is you need to let go of. Its capacity is endless. So I want you now to take this opportunity to put everything in the boat that you no longer want in your life…people, thoughts, feelings, behaviours…anything that does not serve you anymore. I want you to tell me when you have finished…by saying the word ‘finished’.

You look around and see a knife at the edge of the pontoon. I want you now to pick up that knife and walk to the rope that attaches the boat. Before you cut the rope, I want you to say goodbye to everything in the boat. These things may have felt important to you…they may have even defined you. However, letting go of these things will have a positive effect on you…you will feel lighter, happier and more empowered. You cut the rope…and as you do…you suddenly feel lighter. You watch as the boat glides away with the tide…getting smaller and smaller. The smaller it gets, the more empowered you feel. You wave at the boat and smile, saying goodbye out aloud…as you continue waving.  As the negativity floats away, those positive aspects at your core that were being suppressed and hidden by the negative are now resurfacing and becoming stronger.  You feel a sense of self-worth, confidence, purpose (add relevant resources) arising within you.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10. When I do you will awaken feeling lighter and more positive about all aspects of your life. The happy feeling that you experienced while watching the boat get smaller, will remain with you and will be a dominant feeling for you moving forward. You will be more confident about who you are and what you can achieve. You will have gained more clarity around your goals and how to manifest the life that you desire. And when you next sleep, you will sleep deeply and comfortably, while your subconscious mind reprogrammes itself in accordance with the changes you have made. These changes will have a lasting impression and will be a positive influence in your life.

1, feeling the energy returning to your feet and ankles now, 2, as it moves up your legs, 3 to your knees, 4 to your thighs, 5, 6 the energy returning to your pelvis and abdomen, 7 your heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration returning to a normal healthy level for you, 8, the energy moving down your arms, 9 around your head, eyes wanting to open now, and 10…fully awake, fully alert and back in this room.