By Kai Ling Kung

You now feel completely relaxed, completely at ease…

Imagine yourself lying on a bed of soft grass. You can feel the breeze on your face, and the warmth of the sun on your skin. As you look up to the clear blue sky, you see a cloud floating into your sight. You know you can unload all your worries, stress and self-doubts to the cloud, and you do so with ease. In that moment you realise those worries don’t bother you anymore. You now see the bigger picture, how the cloud adds to the beauty of your sky, and how it adds to your unique journey.  

You say thanks to the cloud, but you also realise you don’t need to hold on to it any longer. Just like the cloud, those worries and self-doubts are not permanent. Allow the cloud to drift out of your sight, and send it away with love and blessings.

Look at that clear blue sky now, how unlimited and abundant it is. You got this. You know you have everything within you. Now just trust and let go. Let your inner guidance guide you. Follow your heart. Lead a life that you’re meant to live. Lead a life that’s in alignment with who you truly are.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 5. On the count of 5 you will feel fully awake and alert but with the new sense of confidence in yourself and your purpose. You’ll wake up feeling confident, driven and completely in alignment with who you truly are. When you fall asleep tonight and every night, you will rest deeply and peacefully, and wake up at the time you desire, feeling fully recharged and excited about what your new life has to offer.