As you gently allow your eye lids to close over your eyes, you automatically feel a sense of peace and relaxation coming over you. Your eye lids feel heavy, soft and regenerating as they are shut closed. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth… in…… and out…. good… in…. filling up your lungs with nature’s fresh air…. and breathing out the unwanted or negative energy within your body……phewwww….  Allow your breathing to be nice and deep and even. A lot of relaxation techniques, whether that is through meditation or yoga, focus on breathing because this is how our bodies connect with our minds and the space we are in. You’re doing a wonderful job…. I want you to imagine a beautiful ball of white light coming down from the top of your head…slowly, this beautiful ball of white light is passing through the top of your head and down into your facial muscles. Feel the light washing over your eyes… going down and washing over your nose… it’s slowly coming down over your cheek bones and out towards your ears… don’t forget your ear lobes… this beautiful white light is now coming down around your mouth and relaxing your jaw… feel your jaw dropping ever so slightly as the light washes over and relaxes those muscles, you may even notice your mouth opening up slightly as you breath in and breathe out relaxing all your facial muscles…. Good…. this white light is now coming down over your neck and into your shoulders…. Following it down into your arms and into our hands… relaxing your hands and fingers as this white light washes over them… ahhhh let go of any tension that your hands are holding onto… wonderful… now this white light is going down into your chest and down to your stomach… relax and let your stomach go… when your stomach is relaxed you’re able to fully let go of any stresses that may be stored within it… let your tummy just sit, no tension around it and you’ll notice that your tummy starts to push out… this is perfect… Now this white light is coming down into your hips and your groan area…. Breathing normally… in and out… the white light is now travelling down into your thighs and legs… following it down into your ankles and feet… right down into your toes…let this white light fill your whole body up with its beautiful, relaxing energy and you are now feeling so peaceful… soooo relaxed…and so very safe and protected….



I want you to imagine now that you are at the top of a beautiful staircase. The staircase is solid wood and it is so intricate in detail with carvings of beautiful designs on it… This staircase leads you down to your sub-subconscious mind where you will start to explore the many possibilities of what your journey holds. I’m going to count down from 10 to 1 and as I do you will feel very relaxed and very sleepy… 10 taking your first step down onto the beautiful wood staircase, 9, 8, 7 going down deeper now taking each step down into your subconscious mind….6, 5, even deeper now, 4, 3 almost there, feeling very relaxed and very safe, 2 and 1 you are at the bottom of the stairs…. There is a door in front of you… I want you to open up the door and walk through it… good… you find yourself in one of YOUR most favourite places in the world. This could be a beautiful garden… it could be a paradise beach… maybe even just in your comfy bedroom… wherever it is…. This place is your safe haven. If at any time you feel unsafe during our journey… I want you to imagine your safe place… take a photo of it now in your mind so you know that you can return to this place whenever you need to during our session together…. This is the most special place that is your own. No one else’s but yours. Know that you can return to this safe, special place whenever you need to and know that this safe place will bring you calmness, love and support. We will create a safe word for you to say to me and you will automatically be brought back to this beautiful, safe haven of yours whenever you feel unsafe on this journey we are about to embark on. The safe word is ‘Haven’. Nod your head if you know what the safe word is….



Great, let’s begin your adventure. I want you to walk around your special place…and as you do you see a beautiful green light in the distance… it’s getting closer to you and it looks like it is urging you to follow it… I want you to follow this green light… remember you are safe and everything within your special place is here to help you and keep you from any danger… follow the green light… it has stopped up at a clearing… the green light is forming shape now…you can see that it’s a small car with giant wings on it…This car is going to take you to a special place within your childhood memory where you first created the ego state that was protecting you from feeling abandonment… step into the car… it feels sturdy.. touch the wings…. how do they feel? … put on your seatbelt and get comfortable … sit back and relax as this car is going to take you to that time in your childhood. We are now going to start your journey back…. I’m going to count down from 3 to 1 and when I get to 1 you will be at the exact moment in time in your childhood where you first created this ego state….3, 2, 1 and go there now! Take a look around…. Do you recognise where you are? … look down at your feet… are you wearing anything on your feet? Look at the clothes you are wearing… what are you wearing? Can you tell me how old you are? (answer) Can you tell me where you are? (answer) Is there anyone else there with you? (answer) You’re doing great (name)… What’s happening now? (Explain their situation). I would like to communicate with the part that has knowledge and control over the energy of feeling abandonment…. please nod your head once you have that ego state in front of you…. wonderful…. Hello… I’m here to have a chat to you about (name) and to explain to you why I am here…. It is my belief that the feelings of abandonment (name) is feeling is intended to protect her from something at some level and it’s not my intention or desire to

remove that protection, but I would like to explore with you the possibility of finding an alternative method of protection that would allow (name) a more positive experience of her conscious reality. What is it that you need right now to help support you and (name)? 

(Answer: love) 

Ok, wonderful, I’m going to give you some extra resources to help you both feel loved and protected. Would you like that? (Answer: no), Is that because you will feel like you won’t have a job to help support (name) anymore? (Answer: yes) Ok, how about we assign you a different job that (name) needs right now in their life so you are still here helping support (name) in her journey in life? (Answer: yes) Wonderful… We are now going to assign you the role of peace… How does that sound? (Answer: great). Wonderful… your new job to help support (name) is to bring her peace whenever she is starting to feel a sense of abandonment. Love will be replaced with this, and YOU will bring peace with the love so she feels supported, protected and safe with the choices she makes in her life. Thank you for joining us today and helping (name) find a peaceful resolution to her feelings of abandonment… Can I talk to (name) now please? (nod) Hi (name) are you here with me now? Wonderful…Get back into the green car… put on your seatbelt and breathe in as the car is now bringing you back to the present time….3,2,1 you are back in the present time now back in your safe place…



As you sit feeling relaxed and safe, remind yourself that you are a loving soul living a human experience here on Earth. You are deserving of love, peace and security, it is your human right to experience abundance in these areas plus more! Anything is possible and achievable in your life and you are safe and supported by the universe while you achieve these things. Know that you are worthy of love and peace in your life…. get out of the car and as you step out the car it is forming back into the beautiful green light that it once was…. This green light is now enveloping you in love and peace filling your body and soul

up with its powerful essence that is with you now and forever… 


Wake Up 

Start walking towards the staircase….as you walk up, I’m going to count from 1 to 10 and as I count up to 10 you will wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling alert. You will be back in the room and feeling positive and happy…. 1 feeling the sensations back into your feet and toes, 2 feeling the energy coming back up your legs and into your hips, 3 sensing you are back into the room, 4, 5 breathe coming back to normal and feeling the energy moving back up into your stomach and chest, 6, 7, noticing any sounds in the room and around you, 8 feeling the sensations back in your whole body and up towards you head, 9, 10 fully awake and opening your eyes.