By Laura Omar

This script is relevant to a client who has become stuck in life. They have become a little shy and need a boost to their self-esteem. They need a reminder about what is important in life and that one should always run their own race and should never be disheartened by other people’s successes. They need to believe in themselves and be reminded that living authentically will give you ultimate happiness and success.

This story is about a lady called Lydia who finally decided to do what she had always dreamed of, which was to live in the country. Lydia had always been very shy and was close to not pursuing her dream if it were not for her best friend Charlie. He told Lydia to just give it a go and if she did not like it, she could always come back. Lydia had grown tired of hairdressing and really wanted to leave the big smoke and try something new. She ended up purchasing a small organic apple orchard – a humble little establishment in a humble little

The orchard was a little run down and needed a lot of TLC, so she spent many hours rejuvenating it. Lydia felt a sense of peace as she spoke lovingly to the trees and gave them all the nutrients they needed. She noticed that the apples started tasting better after a few months. One day she saw a sign for the Annual Apple Pie Competition. Something inside Lydia told her to enter but her shyness overcame her momentarily. She thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to give it a go as life was just too short. She also thought it would be a great way to meet people.

One day she was at her local market buying some fruit and vegetables and started talking to the local farmer, James. When Lydia told James she was entering the competition James said to her “Oh wow, you’re entering the competition…get ready because you will be competing against the annual champion Jacinta. Jacinta’s pies are award winning pies – they always look so amazing and perfect, and it is their look that always guarantees her win. Good luck…just don’t get your hopes up!” Lydia was a little disheartened but nevertheless, she smiled gently and said thank you. When she got home she considered pulling out but her friend Charlie told her that she was a fantastic baker because she bakes from the heart. He told her not to look at what Jacinta may have over her and that all she needs to do is bake the pie with beautiful, loving intent. She took Charlie’s advice on board and felt very excited by her choice to participate.

The night before the competition she grabbed the apples from her orchard. She said a small prayer of gratitude to the apple trees that had bore the fruit. She then gently placed each apple in the basket, as though they were newborn babies. She also thanked the apples for the opportunity they were giving her. As she chopped each apple, she filled her heart with love and positive intention. The next morning, she got up at 5am excited about the day ahead. She was happy to just participate as no matter what, every experience is exciting and should be cherished. She was also going to share the fruits of her love with others and that made her feel good.

When she got to the venue she went and placed the pie on the table. A lady was standing there and she smiled at Lydia, bearing lots of lovely straight teeth. “You must be Lydia”, she said. “I’m Jacinta”. Lydia smiled and shook Jacinta’s hand. Jacinta then began telling her how successful she had been over the last ten years in the competition because her pies were so big and looked so aesthetically pleasing. Lydia smiled and told Jacinta that her pie did look beautiful and they both wished each other good luck.

When the judges tried each pie, they all managed to keep serious poker faces which meant no one had any clue as to who the winner could be. Well, as you can guess, it wasn’t Jacinta who won that year – it was Lydia. Although Lydia’s pie was smaller and was not as neat and perfect looking like Jacinta’s, the taste and texture is what gave her the winning edge. The judges all said they had never tasted apple pie this good. Lydia’s humble pie packed more of a punch than anyone had expected. Lydia drove home that day very satisfied. She had also made some new friends, including Jacinta and the judges. The next thing Lydia had to prepare for was an apple pie baking class that she was going to run the following weekend from her house and this made her smile