On a planet far and deep off in the Galaxy lives a curious being called Menina, with her 5 magikal silk scarves made of translucent everchanging lights named Strength, Love, Honesty, Confidence & Determination. She travels around the universe from planet to planet, through blackholes and into Milkyway’s. Menina was created with these scarves, these have always been a reminder of what a unique being she is. 

But her travels were not always so easy, while she dances with these beautiful scarfs today, her journey long ago was held back by these two very large magnetic crystals, Self-Doubt & Fear. These were attached to Menina wherever she went. Fear was as black as the night sky and Self Doubt was a murky grey. If Menina stared into them for long enough she would fall into a deep trance and would not move for days. They both glistened in the light of day but had sharp jagged edges and were so heavy for Menina to carry on her back. She would dream of being able soar through the Galaxy and discover the secrets and beautiful places it was waiting to show her, but these Crystals were so heavy that every time Menina tried to jump, she would fall to the ground. 

Menina had an attachment to these crystals, they had grown with her since she was born. When she was just a baby and her mother was teaching her to fly, she fell and broke her wing. This was the first time Self-Doubt & Fear grew, but Menina also had the comfort of her scarves to bring her back to her happiness. However, overtime these crystals grew bigger and bigger and the more Menina paid attention to them they bigger and bigger they grew. And the bigger and bigger they grew, her scarves seemed to be losing their effect, so Menina packed them in a little carry bag and threw them over her shoulder. And while she carried them with her everywhere over time, she began to forget they were there at all. 

Menina loved to go on long hikes, every day on her adventures she would see another being, he was always trying to manipulate the elements, turning water into fire, earth into wind but the elements would always stay as they were. He also had the same crystals on his back. One morning she saw something very different had happened, this being ‘s crystals seemed a little smaller and he was now dancing with one of his scarves around the lake, the lake for the first time grew waves. A month later his crystals were even smaller, he had 2 more scarves and the waves had turned to smoke. A few months later Menina couldn’t believe her eyes, now he danced with 5 scarves, his crystals were gone and what was a lake was a now a giant blaze of fire! 

Menina ran over to him and begged to know his secret! His answer was simple, “my scarves! for so long I had forgotten how powerful they were for me, the more I focused on them, the smaller my crystals got and now I know I can do whatever I dream of!” Menina thought that this was too good to be true but she knew deep inside that something in her had changed, she was inspired. She pulled her scarves out from her bag & right away a tiny little chip of crystal fell off Fear & Self Doubt. Every morning she would wake up and practice her jump, each time getting higher and higher. Every time she did fall, she would laugh and would sing her praises at her progress. Menina did this every day until one morning she woke up and her crystals were the size of pebbles, she put them in her pocket acknowledging there was still work to do, took a deep breath, ran outside and launched into the air and up into the galaxy, her scarves flying beside her. She knew the best was yet to come and that if she had her scarves, she could do anything.