Being brave to go into your depth and shadow. There is nothing to fear.

Once there was a young girl. A young girl who lived on the outskirts of the growling woods with her father and big brother. 

Her name was Valerie. 

The family would spend their days foraging and planting, sewing new seeds with the seasons and adapting to the cycles. They lived in tune with the changes and lived simply at that.


In the woods it was dark. And the family never strayed too far deep. For it was said to be riddled with monsters, hungry bears and big beasts. There were growls most every night, Dark screeches coming from within. At night they would hear it, hungry beats lurking deep. 

It was winter. And the picking became less. The sewing became simpler. And the family mostly harvested wood, made fires and warm dinners. Still the forest would scream.

But it was cold now and like i said, food was few. And soon it became apparent that the only place left to look was within those lurking trees and thick stumps. 

The family sent Valerie. As she was young and quick minded.

She set off for mushrooms and leeks, to fill their hungry bellies. ‘But you must go prepared’, the family would say. ‘You must bring weapons to protect yourself from the ugly out there’.

They sent her off with hunting knives, traps and poison, so that if she were encountered, she could kill the harmful beasts!
But then she thought also to bring her famous strawberry muffins. Sweet and warm inside, incase she got hungry, from being alert and on guard. 

So off she went, in her suit and armour. Ready to gather. Ready also, to hunt.

She set off into the growling woods. The metal knife clinking in her basket, against the poison and the net. Her muffin tightly wrapped, in a knitted cloth. 

The forest became darker, wetter and cold.

She heard a ghastly growl come from ahead. It sounded close. 

Out in front a big bear grazed on berries, he looked so peaceful and calm. Enjoying the sweetness of small fruit in the still of a dark forest. The girl must have made a sound, for the bear then saw her. He stood high on his hind legs and growled from his belly. Making the floor shake and thunder. The girl gasped in fright, then looked down at her basket. 

She said ‘I see you like berries and sweet things, will you share this with me?’ She pulled out the muffin, still piping hot and delicious and offered it up to the beast in half. He sniffed, puzzled and curious, coming closer to the girl. He picked up half the muffin and ate it so generously.

The bear had never eaten something so delicious. He had lived long in these woods. Where no one would offer anything, but weapons and yelling.

They sat together and ate the sweet. Not afraid of one another.

Valarie realised if she approached the unknown with the sweetness of her trust and Self, that she could meet any situation without need to fear. She realised she did not need to be afraid, for the beast just needed company too, something to share and to be seen. 

You see the beast doesn’t know how to ask for this quietly or without the loud growl. Without seeing it, it can make us imagine scary scenarios.

It knows only to make sounds when it is calling for something. It could be just attention or the kindness of compassion.

Sometimes it will growl in the forest for days and months, until someone finally hears the call to go deep. And when they do they may be met of course with the unknown and fear, but eventually realise it is peaceful there, soft and still. If you are brave enough to go near, you may get the golden opportunity to share sweet stories with a beast.