I want to tell you a story about pizza. Pizza is my FAVOURITE food. It kind of reminds me of life in some ways. You see, sometimes we treat each different facet of our life like the individual slices of pizza. We might have a partner slice, social slice, work slice, family slice, fitness slice, hobby slice… there are all kinds of slices in our pizza of life. The problem is, though, that if we lose one slice of pizza, the pizza is no longer whole. It might feel like no matter what we do, nothing can replace that slice and the pizza will never be complete again. BUT – Imagine if the facets of life were not the SLICES of pizza, but the toppings ON the pizza… We have the power to add toppings and remove toppings as our tastes change throughout life, and this just enhances the flavour. Most importantly, though, regardless of what changes we make to our toppings, the pizza remains whole. Complete.


I developed this metaphor to help with a client who felt incomplete in her life after experiencing significant transition events, and she wanted to feel ‘whole’ as an independent woman.