Metaphor – body is a temple – used to help with healing and reducing pain as client is preventing with pain following surgery

Some time ago, your body was your temple…. Now… are able to project back to the time that this great temple existed… this temple that is your body…. As you stand outside this ancient temple, you marvel at its important, and powerful glory….

You enter this temple and you meet the workers, the physicians, and the spiritual guides that are inside there waiting for you… You know them as your healers….and you trust them as your healers… As you meet with your healers… they begin to scan your body with a bright green light… running their scanners all over your body…. 

You can see other healers going to work inside the ancient temple…. Cleaning the walls and washing the various intricate ornaments… taking care to protect the precious artefacts, and monuments… that are spread throughout this beautiful and ancient temple… the temple that is your body. 

Your healers continue to run the bright green healing light over you… paying close attention to your pelvis area (or area causing pain for other clients).

As your healers complete their work… you are ready to return to the present…. And into your present body…. Your healers walk with you back to the entrance, and you take one last look at the important, and powerful ancient temple… you feel a sense of trust… knowing that your healers will carry on their work here….

 As you are projected back into the present and into your current body… you take with you all of the feelings and energy that you felt in the temple… You take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, you can feel the healing energy flow through your body…


Wake up