Goal: Cultivate self-love/confidence and help to end comparison of self with others.

One bright morning, a little Nightingale bird named Francis was preparing to venture out for the day. He flew from the branch he had been sitting on and took off into the sky. As he travelled along, he noticed a kingfisher diving down into the lake with precision and at great speed, emerging with a fish in his beak. “I wish I could dive into the water like that” he thought to himself as he looked on.

Next, he came across a great eagle. The eagle soared through the air so high, that Francis looked up in awe. “I wonder how the eagle can fly so high. I’m too small to do that” he sighed.

Francis flew on, and before too long he was flying above a beautiful peacock presenting a grand display of its vibrant coloured feathers. “The peacock is so beautiful and bright. I wish I looked as special as him.”

As the day went on, Francis felt more and more despondent as he looked on at all of the other birds he came across. Feeling blue, he settled on a branch and began to sing a sad song. He poured his emotions into the clear melody and sang until his heart felt full. He noticed a crow fly over and settle on a nearby branch. He sang and sang and it wasn’t long before a Cockatoo approached and landed on the branch next to him, followed by a Kookaburra. He stopped suddenly, wondering why they had all gathered. “Please don’t stop” said the cockatoo. “You have such an incredible voice.” “Yes I wish I could sing like you” the crow chimed in.

Francis felt overjoyed. He continued singing and his song became louder and more confident. He sang with ease as many other birds gathered around to form a large crowd to enjoy his beautiful song.