By Carol Green

This script is for nail biting and incorporates PSH, Direct Suggestion and Creative Visualisation.

Induction and Deepening of choice


I want you in this deeply relaxed state to turn your awareness inwards, inside yourself, to this very private part of yourself, to help you access that part of you that knows everything. I want you to look at the issue of you biting your nails, there could be certain thoughts or feelings that go along with this behaviour that don’t serve you… There could even be a bit of worry or anxiety there. I’ll just give you a moment to connect to this all knowing part of yourself……


So now I want you to ask this part of you that innately knows everything, why you bite your nails… is it anxiety? Stress? Nervousness? Just lie here for a moment, your mind and body so deeply relaxed and see if the reason comes up for you, just allow any awareness to come…………..If you are having any trouble bringing up the reason just let your subconscious do it for you. You don’t need to know the reasons or the solutions.


We are now going to go deeper into relaxation to get in touch with that part of you that is the subconscious mind.  The conscious part of you is now going to rest and I will count down from 10 to 1 and with each number I say you will relax and go deeper into your subconscious mind and you will do this easily as this is why you came here today… so now I will count down and you will sink deeper into your subconscious mind while your conscious mind rests.


10, mentally and physically relaxing… 9, body letting go of all remaining tension… 8, 7,  feeling heavy now…sinking down into the couch, feeling safe and protected… 6, feeling wonderfully relaxed… 5, 4, conscious mind resting now… ah so relaxed… 3, 2, going deeper and deeper into relaxation and the

subconscious mind, and… 1, readily awaiting my positive suggestions that will go deep into your subconscious mind, the only thing of importance is the sound of my voice and the suggestions I make.


And from this moment on the habit of biting your nails is a thing of the past and you will remain free of the habit of biting your nails for the rest of your life. Your unconscious mind takes this idea, this wonderful, exciting idea that you are now free of biting your nails, for the rest of your life… So now you will relax even more and every time I say the word relax a feeling of relaxation will wash over you, you will feel and become more calm….so relax, relax physically….. now relax mentally, more and more and again relax, relax, continue relaxing, more and more with every breath, relax because it feels so good and this is why you came here today to stop biting your nails… relax… deeper and deeper… relax more and more relaxed with every breath. You are now free of the habit of biting your nails and if at any time in the future you feel stressed or tense or maybe worrying about something, you may have in the past bitten your nails, but from this moment on because you are free from this habit of nail biting all you need to do is to say to yourself, relax, relax… And as you say the word relax a wonderful feeling of calmness and relaxation will wash over you, every part of your mind and body will be completely calm…


So now, if for some reason your hands starts going towards your mouth to bite your nails, I want you to say to yourself “NO I don’t bite my nails any longer” and when you say “NO” your hand will automatically come down, so from now on if your hand goes towards your mouth with the intention of biting your nails you will say “NO”.  The habit of biting your nails is now a thing of the past and because it’s a thing of the past that’s how you will talk about it, in the past tense. You will say to people, “I used to bite my nails, but I don’t bite my nails any more, I am free from the habit of biting my nails.” And because you are now free from the habit of biting your nails, your nails will grow stronger and stronger and these suggestions keep growing stronger and stronger in your mind. From now on you will take good care of your nails you will respect them and make them look nice in every possible way.


I will now count down from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1, I want you to move your hand toward your mouth… maybe with the intention of biting your nails, and just before your hand reaches your mouth you will say to yourself in your mind NO, and you will instantly lower your hand. So, 3, 2, 1… begin to move your hand towards your mouth and inside your mind say “NO” and your hand returns to the position it was before….we will do that once more….So, 3, 2, 1… and again begin to move your hand towards your mouth and again inside your mind say the word “NO” and again return your hand to where it was. So when you use this technique for nail biting, every time you say the word “NO” you will automatically lower your hand back down.


The habit of biting your nails is now in the past… So now let’s make this a stronger belief that nail biting is a thing of the past. I will repeat the suggestion, I used to bite my nails and when I say these words I want you to repeat it to yourself and every time you repeat these words the belief that you used to bite your nails gets stronger and stronger.  “I used to bite my nails”, say it to yourself now… “I used to bite my nails”, say it again in your mind… once more say in your mind, “I used to bite my nails”… good… Your nails are growing longer and stronger every day that passes because you are free of this habit and you will remain free of this habit of nail biting because this is why you have come here today.


Now I would like you to see a door in front of you.  I want you to open the door and step inside. So open the door now, step inside, and as you do you see lots of people in the room, all the people you know are in this room. There are school friends, family, work colleagues… everyone that loves you is in this room… your partner, maybe your children. They are all smiling at you, see them smiling at you. They begin to applaud, hear the clapping as it echoes around the room… As you enter the room they continue clapping, they make way for you to walk down the middle of the room, you can see their smiling faces, they all look so happy, feel their happiness as it creeps into your heart and you yourself are now feeling wonderfully happy… They stop applauding now, and as you walk past them slowly they pat you on the back… some have tears of happiness in their eyes and you know instinctively that this happiness is for you.  They know that you have achieved your goal of not biting your nails and that it is in the past. As you walk past people you hear them talking – hear the chatter in the room…..someone approaches you and they say, “we are all so proud of you that we wanted to celebrate with you your achievement of never biting your nails again. You are absolutely amazing how wonderful is it that you have broken this habit. We knew you could do it because we all know what a strong willed person you are, a person of character, a capable and confident person.
And you continue on around the room, others come and give you a hug, feel their wonderful hugs, they are saying “congratulations, we knew you could accomplish this.”  A friend that you have known for a long time comes up to you and notices your beautifully long manicured nails and you feel so proud of yourself… feel the lump in your throat, and the accomplishment that you have created, and know that this feeling of being proud of yourself will return every time you look at your now beautifully manicured nails conveying strength, confidence, and self-worth… As you continue to receive all the good wishes from these people who love you, you reach the door on the other side of the room, you look back, you see and feel the heartfelt feelings that all these people have for you and you know that you could never go back to biting your nails

again. You give a wave of the hand to everyone in that room, you step through the door and as you begin to close it you hear all the people applauding you again because they know just as you do, that now you have gone forward in your life and that you can never go back to as it was before. Just lie here in this momentous moment and praise yourself for changing your life forever, feeling proud of your achievement……….


So in a moment I am going to count from 5 to 1 and when I get to 1 you will come back into the present, feeling really good about yourself, knowing that something has changed. Knowing that in the days, weeks and months to come you will know that every time you look at your nails you feel confident that they look their best… 5, beginning to get feeling back into the hands and feet… 4, coming back slowly into the room, hearing the sounds… 3, begin to move the fingers and toes, have a little stretch… 2, smile , coming back to the present now and… 1,  eyes open, fully alert, feeling great.