Alright, take a moment, here, now, to acknowledge the light, love and peace you feel inside. Allow yourself to fully absorb it, filling yourself with light. Expand now with relaxation, tranquillity, ease and flow. Basking in your essence. Acknowledge and thank this space, this space of you, welcoming the infinite love of your Higher Self to see you. You in all your beauty, grace and wholeness. Know now, and feel, in this moment, that you are the Divine creator of your reality and you are absolutely worthy of such beauty and abundance. Take the knowing that this space exists within you and FOR you to transpire and achieve. Each moment is a blessing, a gift and an opportunity for growth and expansion. Know that you vibrate and attract this pure essence, that is you. Hold this moment now, bringing it forward with you in every day, every moment and every way; for love is what you most truly are, and nothing could ever compromise that or take it away. Take a final moment here.

In a moment I am going to count from 10 to 1, and as I digress to 1, you will pleasantly and readily begin to return your consciousness to your body and the room. Taking all of that beautiful light and love with you. Feeling rejuvenated, nourished, present, awake and filled with true, pure essence that is YOU.And know, that with each day, when you rise, this essence will be with you, and growing. Each day you will love more, emerge more and share more of your light with yourself and the world.

Beginning now, with 10…9…8…7…… etc.