And now, feeling so peaceful and so aware of how safe and loved you are, allow yourself to see yourself as you sit/lie here, and imagine a soft light emanating from your heart area.. the light of your beautiful and unique soul… or spirit … or higher self, however you feel most comfortable seeing this light inside of you. See the light growing into a glowing, warm, and bright light, such as you have not ever seen with your physical eyes and know that it is a part of you, and indeed, it is who you are.

As you focus on the light, you can now feel the gentle loving warmth of that light, filling your chest and gently filling your entire body with life-giving energy and healing. See and feel the immense power and majesty of this light and know the infinite possibility that is contained in that light that is always there for you, inside of you, around you, and flowing through you at all times. This light is you.

Know that you can do anything you wish in this light, that it is there for you and that it is you, and that you only need to think of it, remember it, or visualise it to know that you are a being of light, and your body knows this and will always benefit from the loving healing energy that this light provides to you. Know that this light is a source of healing, wisdom and energy; that is here for your benefit, for your betterment, and that it is effortless. Your ability to draw on it and create what you wish or need at all times, is effortless and limitless. You only have to think of what you need or want to do, and your light guides you towards what is best for you in every way, always for your best and highest purpose.

In a moment I am going to count from one to five …