P.R.E.M. 1

Later, when I have counted from 1 up to 5, you will awaken feeling calm, refreshed, confident and excited to take each moment as it comes.

Now… imagine you’re right back in your all-time favourite place. Wherever your unconscious mind takes you is perfect for you – maybe there are others with you, or maybe you’re enjoying time on your own, but either way, you sense that familiar feeling of love, safety, security, empowerment and self-worth.

You realise that YOU have a lot of power. You have the power to choose life-giving words, choose positive thoughts, choose your responses to situations. You choose to be free…. To feel relaxed and in control of your thoughts and emotions. You are secure, you are stable, you are safe. You can choose how you’d like to feel, and you choose to feel happy. Acceptance, patience, mercy, grace. You feel light, joyful, and able to focus on what you’re doing. Your inner peace and state of acceptance allows you to emit a beautiful radiant glow…. you see and feel this glow right now and when YOU are happy and at peace, others also feel happy and at peace when they’re around you. You can’t help being happy just being YOU – each and every day.

….. wake up


P.R.E.M. 2

Now as you feel that deep sense of connection with all that is…. A deep connection with your ‘self’… You are excited to live your life knowing all of this new wisdom. Forgiveness… Ease and happiness… Peacefulness…Momentum… You’re at peace with yourself. By letting go, you gain vibrancy, you’re operating on a different frequency. Your relationships are more positive – stronger bonds, they’re deeper and more meaningful. You choose to be happier. You feel happier and more optimistic. Your future is a success – measured by your deeper relationships with loved ones, your openness to fostering and rekindling relationships that you’ve foregone, nourishment, good health, a purpose, meaningful job. Stronger social bonds. Having direction…. You see now what you need to focus on. NOW is the time to accept your future, and it is safe to do what you need to do to have it.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 5, and on the count of 5 you will feel fully awake and alert, excited to go about your day. But first, I’m just going to allow you to enjoy these feelings for a moment longer, knowing that you can come back to this inner knowing any time you like simply by taking one deeeeeep breath…… [long pause].

Annnnnd 1……. à wake up.