You are now feeling completely relaxed, calm and full of confidence. Knowing that when you engage in any activity with others, you will do so with a fun and easy manner. You now know that you are a strong and self-sufficient human being and that you deserve every opportunity to feel this way, in any situation you may Now…. imagine that you are on a topical island. There is a warm breeze coming over you and you are looking up into the calm, blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. And as you focus on this beautiful, blue sky with the warm breeze lightly flowing over your face, you notice a big, beautiful butterfly slowly flying down towards you. You notice its wings are majestic and are flapping slowly, so very slowly, slowly, slowly down towards where you are relaxing. It’s almost as if its wings are in slow motion. And as the butterfly approaches closer to you, it lands right next to you. You move your hand towards it and the butterfly flutters onto your hand. The butterfly’s purpose is for you to let go of any worries, concerns and fears that you may be holding onto. It’s as if the butterfly has come to ease your burdens and take them away with her as she flies away into the distance. Taking with her all your worries, all your fears and all your concerns. The butterfly is peaceful and has transmuted all the negative energy that you have let go of. You are now feeling light, free and confident in your ability to feel the positive energies that the butterfly has left you with, just as the warm breeze is flowing over you.

You feel deep contentment and ease with yourself, you’re able to feel the love and wisdom of the universe and it sparks the light inside of you. This light is pure joy, compassion, love and wisdom. You realise that you are the light, you are the embodiment of the universal divine gifts of joy, compassion, love and wisdom. And from now on, whenever you need to, you’ll be able to feel and see your light inside of you, and as you do, you embody all the positive energy that the universe has to give you. You can now transmute any negative energies that come to you in any moment of time and let go of these negative energies, just like the butterfly flapping away into the distance.

In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 5 and when I do you will start to slowly come back into your body and into the room.

1, feeling the energy come back into your toes, 2, the energy is flowing quickly up to the rest of your body, 3, you are noticing any sounds that are in the room, 4, you start to move your fingers and toes and 5, eyes wide awake!