P.R.E.M. Task

And later when I have counted from 1 to 5, you will awaken feeling relaxed, positive, full of energy.

As you drift …… Imagine you are walking along a beautiful white sandy beach. This beach is no ordinary beach, it’s your own magical beach.

The warmth from the sun is at a perfect temperature. A calming soft breeze helps you feel more and more relaxed. The sand beneath your feet is grounding you. This feeling of being grounded helps you go deeper and deeper, relaxed and feeling more at peace with every step you take on your magical beach.

And now…. you start walking closer to where the water from the ocean ends and foams. You look down at your feet and see the water coming in gently, softly, calming and relaxing you. The temperature from the water is perfect, relaxing as you walk along the beach barefoot.

You notice…. Every time the water comes in…. it energises you. With each step, you are filled with positive energy, empowering, and protecting you. The ocean is letting you know that everything in life is working out for you.

You also notice … Every time the water goes out into the ocean, it takes away all your worries, and fears which is all transmuted into love. You are feeling lighter, calmer, happier and at peace with yourself.

Positive energy comes in from the Ocean ……. All worries, fears go out… transmuted into love. …… Each step on this magical beach cleanses and protects you.

This wonderful ebb and flow from the ocean helps to relax, energise and strengthen you……. releasing all tensions, worries and cares that are transmuted into love. It reinforces what an amazing person you are, full of life and love and you deserve the very best in life.

You are grounded and have a choice. You now have more and more clarity…. Empowering you in moving forward positively in your life. This feeling and inner knowing stays with you always from now on.

Whenever you need to… you will be able to call in mind your own magical beach. Feeling the water coming in filling you up with positive energy…. You let go of all worries and cares as the water takes it out into the ocean and transmutes them into love. You will feel strengthened and empowered, ready to move forward knowing you are loved and protected.

Every morning when you wake up… at a time you desire, you will say to yourself.

“I am grounded “ …… “I am an amazing person” ……. “I have choice “… “Every day and in every way as I move forward in life. I am loved and protected. Life is getting better and better”.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 – 5…………………………….