By Honor Paule

Get yourself into a comfortable position and when you’re ready allow your eyes to gently close over… Focusing on your breathing now… Breathing in loving energy on the inhale, letting go of any tension on the exhale… and again… breathing in and out… allowing your body to sink deeper into the chair as you breathe out and let go…You’re feeling so relaxed…Soo at peace…


In a moment I am going to count down from 5 to 1, and on the count of one I am going to lock your eyes from the outside and I want you to lock your eyes from the inside. Allowing yourself to let go more and more with each count and remembering that you are totally safe and protected. 5… Letting go… 4… 3… Locking your eyes from the outside… 2… Locking your eyes from the inside… and 1… *Click fingers* Eyes completely sealed and shut. You are so relaxed now, and you know there is no need for your eyes to open… You can go ahead and try to open your eyes and when you feel that they are completely locked from the outside and inside just let me know by nodding your head. Good…


Now I am going to get you to visualise certain things and it doesn’t matter if you can’t actually see it in your mind’s eye. Just use your senses and see, hear or feel the words that I am saying. Allowing yourself to relax more and more now just by listening to the sound of my voice… Good…


Now…I want you to imagine yourself on top of a mountain… It is early in the morning and there is not much to see as the fog shields the view… As you wander around you find an elevator…This is the elevator of consciousness. I want you to walk into the elevator where you will notice a green downward facing button towards the left-hand side. Beside this green button is a list of numbers from 3 to 1… The number 3 has been lit up and it indicates to you that you are currently on level 3 of this mountain and a level 3 state of trance… I want you to go ahead and press on that button as the doors close before you and you slowly and comfortably begin to move down to the lower levels… As you move down to the lower levels you move down into deeper states of consciousness and relaxation… Moving down to level 2… Your brain wave frequency has decreased even more… Relaxing… Letting go to a level 2 state of trance… Feel how good this makes you feel to be in such a deep and safe state… Slowly moving deeper and further down now to level 1… Feeling relaxed more than ever before… Achieving a level 1 state of trance…Now… As you reach level 1… You notice a blue button appear below the green downward button. This button will take you even further down now to a complete deep state of relaxation and trance within your subconscious mind. Here you are completely safe and protected… And I will be here to guide you along the way… knowing you are always in control I want you to go ahead and press that button… Moving down… slowly… letting go even more now… deeper… and deeper… And finally *click fingers*, you have arrived. Well done.


Enjoy a nice breath in and out and watch the doors open as you find yourself standing in the middle of a beautiful tropical rainforest… Breathing in the fresh oxygen emanating from the surrounding trees and the musty odours from the rocks… As you feel the tropical breeze gently drift across your face…you feel so relaxed, so at peace. Taking a nice breath in and out as you happily listen to the sound of the birds sing and the monkeys chatter in the trees. As you gaze between the trees you notice the gleaming orange sun just hanging above the horizon, feeling the perfect temperature that radiates throughout the forest…


And as you quiet your mind even more… you may begin to hear a soft bubbling echo which appears as a gentle pleasant sound… like water flowing in a river. As you begin to wander, the sound of water becomes more and more apparent to your senses. On the ground, you notice a stone paved footpath and you begin to follow these steps… At the end of these steps you stand across the most magnificent, sparkling waterfall almost three-foot-wide. This spectacular image has caught your eyes and you are drawn to walk even closer towards it… This is a magical healing waterfall and when it touches your body it removes all worries, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.


I want you to go ahead and stand right in front of the waterfall where the water surges down from the mountains above and gushes onto the rocks below… Now place one hand out in front of you and touch the water…Feel how good this feels on your hands…How perfect the temperature is…Now I want you to place the other hand out…Feel how good your entire body feels now…Catching the water with your two hands and washing it over your face…You instantly feel the healing effects of this magical healing waterfall and it makes you feel so light…So happy…So free


As you face the waterfall, the water begins to glow so brightly that you can actually see your reflection in the water… You can see yourself standing tall… A beautiful/handsome, strong and empowered version of yourself, which is exactly who you are in this very moment…As you look at your reflection you notice the image begin to change within the water…It is still you…but it is the young (insert client’s name) looking back at you. Young (insert client’s name) has been completely healed in this waterfall and has a message for you. Listen to what she/he has to say and when she/he is finished, I want you to go ahead and reply with the words you would like to say in return…(pause and allow client to visualise)


Now…I want you to tell young (insert client’s name) how much you love him/her and how you will always be there to guide and protect her whenever she needs… Tell young (???) that he/she now has the resources that he/she needed at the time and that you will be able to provide an unlimited amount of (list necessary resources) whenever he/she needs it.


Fully embracing this moment together knowing that you will both grow in a healthy, happy and unified way,  I want you to take a step into the waterfall and merge yourself into the reflection of your younger self. As you step into this waterfall, feel the healing water wash over your body as it completes the removal of all negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and replaces them with (list relevant resources). As you merge as one, the loving and healing energy of this waterfall restrengthens the connection between body, mind and soul for both of you. Take some time to enjoy this moment as you feel yourself become one with yourself once again…(pause)


Stepping out of the waterfall now and walking back towards the elevator…Notice how you feel now…How much more complete and at peace you feel…How much lighter you feel…And how much more love you have towards all aspects of yourself…Walking through the stoned paved steps…back into the elevator, now noticing a yellow upward facing button taking you back to level three of the mountain…Go ahead and press that button…Moving back up now…level one…level two…level three…You have arrived. As the door opens, you are standing on top of the mountain with the most breathtaking view…The fog has cleared, the sky is clear…the weather is perfect. You can actually see the rainforest and magical waterfall from here…You can even see the birds and monkeys swinging and chattering in the trees…Enjoy this moment with this new perspective created by this new and amazing unified version of yourself.