If you could begin by focusing your attention on your breath. Just noticing it, not influencing it in any way. If you like you may extend your inhale slightly, and at the peak, gently grab onto the exhale and let it out slowly. Now doing long slow breaths, in and out. Feeling the gentleness of each breath calming every cell in the body. Now I want you to try your best to imagine yourself lying down somewhere under the sun. You could be on the beach, with the sand beneath you and the sound of the waves in the distance, or you may be lying on a soft bed of grass, in a lush, life filled garden, with the sound of birds singing in the distance. Wherever you are the sun is shining down on you, providing a feeling of safety and warmth. You may choose to stretch out a little, to encourage your muscles to continue relaxing, to a point of such deep relaxation. Noticing the suns rays on your toes and your feet, the warmth is so nice and so enjoyable. As the seconds go by the suns comforting energy makes its way up your body, passing your knees and upper legs. Both of those legs now immersed with a feeling of complete and deep relaxation, it is an amazing feeling. The entire lower body so heavy yet so light, as they just are. You may now feel the suns warmth moving up into the torso, the skin, the muscles, the organs, all so gentle and calmly just being harmoniously. The arms are now being absorbed by the beautifully warm rays of the sun. The arms so heavy yet so light, they just are. It may feel like you are in a nice warm bath, so soothing, so relaxing. The sun now gently warming the face and head. The eye lids so heavy and gently closed shut. The jaw sitting naturally, loosely just being. The tongue nestled in the mouth; it just is. This body is thanking you for choosing to treat it with the suns healing energy. It is vibrating with love and gratitude.


The sun is a little bright to look at, so you just embrace this truly amazing and soothing feeling the sun is providing for you. Naturally you may want to open your eyes, just to observe your surroundings. Only just for a moment before closing them down again. Every time you do open then it becomes harder and harder to reopen them. Go ahead and open your eyes. And close your eyes. Trying again now, open, and close. Each time you manage to open them they become heavier and heavier. Once more now, open, and close. Now trying to open them again, they are so heavy that you cannot open them, and they remain gently closed. Try and open them again now (repeat if necessary). Your eyes now remaining shut, the heaviness, feels good. It is soothing and indicates to the entirety of your being to keep relaxing, deeper and deeper. Counting backwards from 10 will encourage this feeling to become even deeper, to the point of pure bliss and relaxation. 10, 9, eyes so heavy. 8, 7, 6, the entire body so calm and relaxed. 5, 4, 3, deeper and deeper. 2, 1. Now at the most perfect and enjoyable state of deep relaxation, your journey continues and as it does you will so deeply calm in knowing you are safe and in control for you have chosen this experience.


What I want you to do now is begin to bring your safe place into your awareness, you may be able to place yourself within the space or it may be a collection of feelings, however you choose to experience it start to do so now. It may be a place made entirely of a natural landscape. Filled with lush and vibrant plant life. Tall life-giving trees that offer a sense of security to both you and everything beneath them. There may be a wide array of colours that blend in beautifully with each other creating an amazing sensory experience of smells that encourage feelings of bliss. Alternatively, this space may be something else, like a house you have lived in that harboured joyous memories filled with love. Or it may be a memory itself, a very special one that is stored within your heart that makes you smile every time you recall it. However, you choose this safe space to be, you know you can return here at any point throughout both your waking life and during this journey of discovery. You are in full control of the experience, and everything is a choice, you have chosen to be here, and you have chosen to be ready for this endeavour. Continuing to enjoy this place, absorbing all the feel-good energies it has to offer which may be, love, joy, safety, strength. You can come here whenever you need.

But now I would like you to imagine yourself in this place, looking down at your hands and notice you are wearing a kind of watch. This watch isn’t an ordinary watch, this watch has the ability to transport you to any point in your past lives. It can do so because this watch is an extension of you. It is powered by experiences that you’ve already had that are stored within the varying levels of your consciousness, you don’t even have to accurately try to think of where you need to go, you will just arrive wherever it is you need to be. So, to get a feel for how the watch works we will start by remaining in your current life but being taken back to a happy early childhood memory, if your safe space is a memory, we will arrive in a different one. Placing your hand onto the watch you will land in a childhood memory in 3, 2, 1 be there now.
Ask questions to paint the memory.
– Age
– Environment
– People
– Feelings
You are doing so well, really feel into the happiness and love, carry them with you. You did so well to arrive in that memory. We are now going to move on and continue our exploration into your past. Your next destination is going to be in the womb before your birth. Placing your hand onto the watch you will arrive in the womb in 3, 2, 1 be there now.
Ask questions to paint the memory.
– Can you describe what it is you can see, if anything? Is it light or is it dark?
– How does it feel to be here?
– Are you able to connect with your mother? How is she feeling?
Well done, you are doing this all perfectly. Take your time and enjoy these wonderful feelings.
What we are going to do now is journey back, to a deep experience within your being, one that you won’t be consciously aware of but one that you are able to recall. It may take a moment or two for it to appear in your conscious awareness but just allow it to do so naturally, be patient and curious and just let it be. Again, placing your hand onto the watch, 3, 2, 1, be there now.
Ask questions to obtain clarity of experience.
– Physicality. Human/other. Male/female. Age.
– Name.
– Time. Estimate year.
– Environment. Landscape.
– Sights/smells/feelings.
– Location. Earth/other.
– Emotions.
Amazing effort, you are doing so well. Are you able to describe what is happening around you, what are you doing? Are there other people? Perfect. Whilst you are in this life we are going to travel forward a little to the last day of this experience, to the day of your death. Again you connect with the watch and 3, 2, 1 be there now.
Ask questions to obtain clarity of experience.
– What is happening?
– Who is there?
– Etc.


I want you now go back to the beginning of this experience to imagine seeing (Insert name) from the current life approaching you. They bring with them all the knowledge and wisdom from every life between. They can provide anything and everything you need to transform this experience of (insert issue) which led to you (insert thought patterns/emotions), to an experience of love and positivity, to one that helped fortify your strength both as a human and an infinite being. You may now interact with (insert name) and acquire whatever it is that you need in this moment, please do so now. (allow time and suggest indication of being finished).
Amazing, you are doing so well. Feeling into everything you’ve just absorbed that was gifted by (insert name). I want you to now replay the experience in the way it had have gone with all the new strengths and energies you now possess (allow time and wait for indication of being finished).
Ask questions to explore reframed experience.
Your effort is perfect, well done. We are now going to return to the last day of this life to experience how it may be different. Arriving in 3, 2, 1 be there now.
Ask questions to explore reframed experience.
Turning to (insert name) I want you to express your gratitude for providing you with these new tools and strengths (describe). Exchange your love for each other, reassuring each other that you are always there whenever you need each other, you share a lot in common and can learn a lot from each other. Sharing the power of (repeat acquisitions).


As you have now passed and this life has ceased, I want you to reflect on the life you’ve just had. How do you perceive it? What is the biggest lesson you learned? Great, you are doing a perfect job.
Turn your awareness now to what is happening.
Questions about afterlife
– Are you being pulled or drawn into a direction?
– Is there an arriving or a destination you land in?
– How does it feel to be in this state after being incarnated?
– Is there anyone or anything around?
– Messages/advice?


You have done such amazing work. You should be so very proud of what you have been able to achieve during this journey. We have come to the end of the experience and our re-emergence back into the world is about to commence. In a moment I will count from 1 to 10 and once I arrive at 10 you will be land back into the present world with full awareness of your being and everything you’ve just done. You will be bringing with you everything you gained (insert relative descriptions) you were ready to receive all of this and bring its presence into your current life for you to harness and utilise to your advantage to emphasise the purity of this life. To create more abundance in all areas of your life to make it one that is filled with joy in every day. You are a powerful creator and what you’ve just learned and gained will only make your abilities stronger, the experiences you’ve just had are a reminder to have fun and make the most of this life and its purpose.
Our return home begins now. 1 a slight incline in awareness begins, 2, 3 moving from the bottom up the feeling returns to your toes and feet. 4, sensations to the legs returning. 5, 6, awareness scanning the torso. 7, becoming aware of your physicality. 8, recognising your breath, 9, eyes now facing the front of the head and 10 your eyelids open and you are here now.