Allow your eyes to close gently and easily … Take a few deep breaths… letting go any tensions or worries… And take a moment to become aware of your breath… From the moment you were born you  gave yourself the gift of your first deep breath…. the breath of life… This is the most natural of actions that is usually an unconscious process…. our unconscious process shows us the wonder of our internal system… That part of us that keeps all of our essential organs operating …. This part of our body that controls how well our body functions …… without any input from the subconscious mind… And it is very important to create that feeling of calm within your body……

For now …. I want you to keep breathing as a conscious act … as you tune into what is happening in your body… as you breathe evenly and naturally …. Easily and naturally the body breathes in, and the body breathes out… adding more breath it takes life giving oxygen deep into the lungs …. Feel that inward breath… be aware how it feels …. Be aware of the rise and the fall of the chest…

The rise of your chest as you breath in …. the gentle expansion of the chest at the upper abdominal area… this simple act takes oxygen deep into the blood stream where it is taken to every single cell in your body… and every cell that is touched by that life giving oxygen… now begins to feel calm…

Letting go of tension and tightness… every part of you now accepting this total feeling of calm… of peace…. Be aware of the outward breath…. The body expels the air it no longer needs … This happens without any conscious thought… chest falls gently… the abdominals contract…. As the body expels that excess air… and the shoulders gently fall with each outward breath … you can allow this feeling to become stronger now… those shoulders just sinking down more and more ….

With each outward breath … every muscle group now releasing tension … releasing and relaxing … as you fall gently into a deep state of peace and calm… a deep state of peace and calm …. Flowing into the body and into the mind …. You can allow a deep… deeper sense of comfort to flow throughout your body … and a deeper sense of comfort to flow through the mind …

Gradually you are becoming unaware of particular parts of the body … becoming unaware of any potential distractions … or any other sounds or sensations … you just allow this deep awareness of comfort to be present …. Feeling that comfort … nothing is more important to you now than this… deeper and deeper awareness of this complete comfort … You’re in total and complete control here… so you decide how deeply you want to go… sinking more deeply into that feeling of complete comfort … This wonderful level of comfort is now travelling to your hips and buttocks…

Calming and relaxing you as this comfort continues its journey…. Going down your legs … relaxing and calming you as you go deeper and deeper into this amazing calm ….. this comfort travels down to you hamstrings …. Calves …. Shins…. Ankle and feet…. Feeling calm .. safe and comfortable as you hear my voice… relaxing you more and more… Going deeper and deeper .. enveloped in this wonderful feeling of calm and comfort…. Your whole body from top to bottom is now relaxed .. going deeper and deeper into this comfortable relaxation……



As you go deeper into relaxation …… Imagine yourself walking along a grassy green area ….. as you look down you are wearing the most comfortable shoes…. or you prefer to be barefoot ….  feeling the grass between your toes …. hearing the sound of the grass as you walk along this beautiful grassy green area… listening to the beautiful sounds of nature around you as you experience this special place …. All this helps you go deeper and deeper into relaxation and a beautiful level peace comforts you ……..

You look up at the dazzling sun shining down on you … creating the perfect temperature … a cool soothing breeze comes in as you welcome it … giving you a sense of peace… As you walk along this grassy green area you see a blanket or an outdoor chair that you sit or lie down on. Feeling or sensing any cares to be replaced with peace and relaxation… as you lie on the grass or on your chair you are becoming more and more relaxed…. going deeper and deeper into relaxation… enveloped in this beautiful calming … peaceful … setting.

As you look up at the most beautiful blue sky you have ever sensed or seen …this place relaxes you and you go deeper and deeper into relaxation ….. You look up  and see a small cloud come in. This cloud turns into the shape of the letter 5. sense or feel this number 5 … with this number you go deeper and deeper into relaxation… feeling more and more relaxed….

As you are observing this cloud you notice it is changing shape to a number 4…. sense or feel this number 4 ….with this number you go deeper and deeper into relaxation… feeling more and more relaxed…. Your whole body is now totally and completely relaxed… as you look at this small cloud you notice it is changing shape to a number 3…. sense or feel this number 3…. with this number you go deeper and deeper into relaxation… feeling more and more relaxed….

Any last traces of tension or stress in your body is melting away from the warmth of the dazzling sun and the cool breeze sweeping it all away and transmuting it into love… As you look up at this small cloud it slowly changes shape to a number 2…. sense or feel this number 2… With this number you go twice as much deeper into relaxation… feeling twice more relaxed…. twice more at ease in your body

This beautiful magical day relaxes you more and more… As you look up at this small cloud it slowly changes shape to a number 1…. sense or feel this number 1…with this number you go deeper and deeper into relaxation… feeling more and more relaxed….and as you relax you let go… feeling relaxed at peace and the best you have ever felt…….


2nd Deepener

And now ……. focus your attention on a particular spot on your left hand ……. begin to imagine and notice a beautiful… safe… cold sensation…….. its starts to tingle ……. Any twitches or sensations help you go deeper and deeper into relaxation ….. Every thought you think also takes you deeper into hypnosis….. Your left hand feels more and more of this cold sensation ……. This feeling fades in and out…. Disappearing and coming back … You are experiencing more and more coldness … as you do you go deeper and deeper into relaxation ….. The colder the sensation gets… the deeper in relaxation you go ….. feeling relaxed and safe with this feeling in you left hand ….

Focus your attention on that particular spot on your hand and begin to imagine and notice that it is getting colder…… Then tell yourself it is going numb…… Convince yourself using your internal dialogue that it is so…… Any accompanying twitches …. or slight sensations by telling yourself that they are proof of it taking affect and working for you… going deeper and deeper into relaxation…… This feeling on your left hand is now spreading up your arm…. As it does you relax and go deeper and deeper into relaxation… more and more relaxed ….. You tell yourself that your arm is getting colder and colder …… It is not an uncomfortable coldness…… In fact… this coldness helps you relax even more as the feeling goes up to the top of your arm….. The colder it gets the heavier your arm feels….. The heavier your arm feels …. You go deeper and deeper into relaxation …. A beautiful calming relaxation as you go deeper and deeper……

Imagine the colour of your arm as this coldness has reached all of your arm …. Your arm is a beautiful white and blue…. Or any colour you wish to imagine ….. This helps you go deeper and deeper into relaxation …. A beautiful warming sensation starts to take place…. Your arm is now feeling warmer…. And as this warmth takes over your left arm ….. this helps you go deeper and deeper into relaxation… even deeper than before… There is more tingling in your arm as this warmth takes over……. Relaxing you and helping you go deeper…. The tips of your fingers are tingling, and parts of your arm is twitching as this warmth takes over…. The colour of your arm is going back to normal as this beautiful warm sensation resonates up and down your arm…. Helping you go more and more into relaxation… deeper and deeper…. Your arm now is back to your perfect temperature …… Your arm is back to it perfect weight … perfect temperature ….. going deeper and deeper into relaxation……


Hovercraft And Milestones

And now you imagine… sense .. or feel… you are at the beach… feel the sand under your feet or you are wearing comfortable shoes… As you stop you notice there are all these stone pillars along the shoreline behind you… As you look …. Sense ….. or feel these stone pillars …. You realise that these stones are the milestones of your journey that you have completed from the moment you were created as a soul, up until the present moment ….. Behind you are all your past lives as you look along the stones…. Not only do you have milestones like key birthdays or achievements in your life on Earth …. You also have key milestones in your past lives and your progression along this spiritual journey ….. You realise what an amazing journey you have been on so far …. You’re in awe of all your past lives and the milestones that you see now….

Today is a special day… you are going to explore a past life that you wish to visit and explore … Your highest self and guides know exactly where to go to… As you look along the milestones …. You know deep down which past life you will be exploring today ….. You also know deep down the significance of it …. As you are standing at this present milestone ( year/2022 ) … you notice a small hovercraft coming towards you… The hovercraft is powered by you… your guides and your higher self… this special hovercraft will help you transport you back to the past life you are exploring today….. You look at this beautiful vehicle … you know how to get into the hovercraft and sit in a comfortable seat…… Your guides and subconscious mind knows exactly how to navigate and steer this beautiful craft ….. The milestones along the way are your guide to which past life you are going to explore today ….  you also know that you can come back to the hovercraft whenever you want… It’s safe….

I am going to count down from 15 to 1 and as you sit there you are going deeper and deeper into relaxation… The more you relax the better you feel …. 15…. You go deeper and deeper into relaxation …. 14…. 13.. 12… knowing that your hovercraft is about to move back into your early childhood when you were around 4 or 5 years old… or even earlier… 11…. At a time when you have a happy childhood memory …. and as you relax you notice the hovercraft moving on its own… 10… you are going back now…9… back to your childhood…. Feeling more and more relaxed… 8… you are feeling safe and in control… 7 …. going further back in a smooth and comfortable motion… 6… going back… back to a happy early childhood memory … 5… 4 ….3…. going back knowing exactly where to be… 2 …..1….. Be there now! ….( click fingers ) …

Allow all feelings and images and anything else that you are sensing to become clearer… Look around and see what is going on … you know deep down this is real…. and in a moment, I am going to ask you questions and you will easily be able to answer and communicate them to me… as you listen to the sound of my voice you go deeper and deeper into relaxation… and the deeper you go the more clarity you will have… the more clarity you have the deeper and deeper you go ……

  • What’s going on around you?
  • Can you sense or see what is going on?
  • Can you hear anything?
  • How old are you?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Do you know where you are?
  • Is there anyone else there?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Describe your surroundings
  • Is it familiar where you are?
  • What are you saying to yourself?

Note: Let the client describe what’s happening and anything else that they need to see that is important for them to explore about this time.

Great… you are doing well …. when you are ready to move on, please let me know……..

Great… now bringing with you all those wonderful feelings of { insert } with you… you can now come back to your hovercraft so we can continue to explore more … as you sit in your seat …. nice and comfortable… you are now going to go back to sometime after your conception…and before your birth .. back to a time in your Mother’s womb .. a time when you were preparing to come into this world…. Relaxing now going deeper and deeper .. 5 … going deeper and deeper …. more and more clarity … 4 going back in time….3 …. going deeper …. 2… 1… In the womb now! .. ( click fingers ) …

  • Is it dark or is can you see any light?
  • Can you see anything?
  • Have you plenty of space or are you cramped? ( if cramped they have to adjust themselves to be in a comfortable position)
  • Can you hear anything?
  • Can you connect with your mum?
  • Can you influence her feelings?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What is your Mother feeling?
  • Can you hear any conversations and what is being said?
  • What are you saying to yourself?
  • How do you feel about coming into this world? Are you excited, apprehensive or something else?
  • And why you are coming into this lifetime? 

You are doing well …. when you are ready to move on … please let me know…

You now get back into the hovercraft …. You sit down and the craft is going to take you exactly where you need to go to a significant past lifetime you need to explore today …. A lifetime that is going to be right for you so, you may gain clarity and insight …. A lifetime that you will be able to heal and create a ripple effect to assist you in your current lifetime…. No longer having something from your past lifetime discordant energies interfere with your current lifetime… What a great gift to have and experience today…. And today you can bring back any talents or strength and wisdom from that lifetime to assist you today and into your future …… The hovercraft takes off knowing exactly the right past life you need to go to right now ….. Going back to another lifetime… 5….going deeper and deeper as you go back in time 4… 3.. going back safely and securely…. 2….1 ….. Be there now! …. ( click fingers ) ……  

Let all images… feelings … sensations come in …. And when you’re ready … imagine looking down at your feet…

  • Are you wearing shoes or some other type of protection on your feet? Or are you barefoot?
  • What clothing are you wearing? Can you feel the texture of your clothing?
  • What colour is your clothing?
  • Are your clothes tight or loose?
  • Are the clothes you’re wearing male or a female?
  • Are you a child or an adult?
  • What colour is your skin?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Do you know where you are? Is it familiar?
  • Where do you think you are?
  • Do you get a sense what year you are in?
  • Do you get a sense of how old you are?
  • What are you doing?
  • Are there others around you? What’s going on around you?
  • How are you feeling?
  • What are you saying to yourself?

( Keep asking questions and establish what’s happening and the significance of this part of this lifetime )

We are now going to explore another significant event ….. 3…2…1… be there now!… ( click fingers )  (repeat with the questions like above )

You can easily move backward and forward throughout this lifetime to gain whatever clarity and around the important events of this lifetime ….. give yourself a few moments to explore where you are…

  • What insights or memories do you have?
  • What awareness is coming to you now?
  • What are you sensing, hearing, or seeing?
  • What are you innately sensing?
  • What are you telling yourself?
  • Are you experiencing any emotions?

( Keep asking questions and establish what’s happening and the significance of this part of this lifetime ) …. 

We are now going to go to the last day of that life to explore how that life ended…. Going there …… 3… 2 ….. and 1 …. Be there now!… ( click fingers )

  • How old are you?
  • How do you know this is the last day of your life?
  • Where are you?
  • What’s happening?
  • How are you feeling?
  • What are you saying to yourself?
  • Are there others around you?
  • Are you hearing anything from anyone?
  • What happened to you?
  • As you reflect back on this life you have lived …. Is there anything more you can tell me?
  • What was the general feeling that you caried in that lifetime?
  • How did you feel as the person that you were?
  • What lessons did you learn in that lifetime?
  • What were your greatest achievements …gifts you received?
  • What were you good at in that lifetime?
  • What was your greatest talent?

( if you want you can heal and reframe with resources in this lifetime )

Are you ready now to let go of that body in that life? ……… Great …. Letting go of that body now … and as you do …… leave behind in that life anything you no longer need and that no longer serves you for your highest good ….. Allow your soul to leave this body whole and complete ….. leaving behind any trauma …. Illness and any negative beliefs and emotions you that no longer serve you …. And as you transition from this third dimensional experience … describe this journey to me….

  • Have you left your body yet?
  • Where are you now in relation to your body?
  • Are you still in the room?
  • Are you moving away?
  • Are you moving forward looking up or backward looking down?
  • Are you moving quickly or slowly?
  • Do you have a sensation of drifting or being pulled?
  • Can you still see the earth beneath you?
  • Are you aware of anyone coming to greet you?

( Ask LBL style questions you want and are relevant )

In a moment we are going to return to the current time and the current place…. Bringing with you any gifts …. talents ….. and abilities that serve you … coming back free from anything in that life that no longer need …… The ripple effect has now come into all the lifetimes after the one you just left…… helping transform each lifetime in a positive and loving way …… There is a shift that is now growing inside of you… transforming your life positively… spiritually … mentally … and physically in this current lifetime ….. You will be able to remember this experience …. all the learnings and clarity you have gained today …. Further insights and awareness will come in your dreams ….

And with any meditations in the days to come … The insight and wisdom you have gained through this experience … will gently integrate into your current life to assist and guide you in living a life’s greater purpose with clarity…. In greater alignment with your authentic self ….. You will have a greater sense of purpose and peace.

As you begin your journey back to your current life … you do so comfortably and confidently…. Knowing you are a divine being having many human experiences ….. in order to learn and become the unique and special person that you are today …. The experience you have had today will transform you so you can move forward in your life in a healthy … happy …. And productive way.


Add any further relevant post hypnotic suggestions

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