Take a moment to settle yourself. Make sure you are in a position that is comfortable and won’t be distracting…Take a big, deep breath in…and breath out now, letting go and relaxing…good…Now taking another big, deep breath in… and this time as you breath out, allow yourself to sink deeper into the chair…Slowly, I would like you to close your eyes. Feel them closed. Feel how good it feels for them to be closed. Our journey to the subconscious world is about to start. Become aware of the feelings in your eyelids. You can choose not to close them but that’s not why you are here today…Good… close them now and how good it feels now that your eyes are closed, and we are beginning our journey.

Imagine yourself outside in your favourite place in nature…It could be a peaceful tropical beach, it could be a lovely old garden, or perhaps you could imagine laying back on the chair in your backyard…It really doesn’t matter where you are, as long as it feels good to you…Nod your head when you are thinking of somewhere special…Good…and it’s a beautiful day. The sky is a special shade of blue, very clear and it’s a warm day, a warm summer’s day…imagine this now, in your mind…A bubble greenish sphere starting to wrap you around your whole body. Inside of this sphere, your whole body is getting relaxed. First it starts at your face, relaxing those muscles around the eye and the nose and the mouth…then into the throat area…feeling the warmth of the surge coming from this energy, relaxing all those muscles, letting go…and as it moves into the shoulders and across the shoulder, making them feel loose and comfortable…You feel so relaxed, so comfortable and at peace…and this relaxing energy now start to fill both of your arms, your palms, your fingers…and it’s beautiful feeling to be here right now…The overwhelming feeling of joyful and blissful suddenly pour into your spine and spread out your whole back, relaxing every back muscles and bones…you can feel you whole back starts to get lighter and lighter…Now this relaxing feeling moves into the chest area and relax the chest and all the muscles there…good…now the stomach, relax the tummy…and down to the hips and over to the right leg…Relax the right leg…let it feel lighter and comfortable and let it fully contact and immerse itself into this energy… to the right foot…to the top of the right toes…And it’s a beautiful day in a beautiful place…let this energy move finally into your left leg…left foot and left toes…

You whole body is now totally and completely relaxed, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes…just finding the last traces of tension in your body and melting away that tension within this relaxing sphere…and as your body relaxes so does your mind…and as your mind relaxes just notice yourself are drifting into a deeper and deeper state of consciousness. I am going to count from 1 to 10, as count of 10, your mind will be in a place 10 times deeper than you are now…10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…


I would like you to imagine, now, that you are standing in front of the long corridor. On the end of the corridor is big door, in where you can find greater levels of knowledge and truths you are seeking. It contains all the answers to every question you want to ask. You might imagine the corridor in any way you wish, just know that it is leading you into the depths of your being, where truth, support, healing all wait for you. I will start counting slowly from number 1 to 10. When we reach 10, you will have arrived at front of that door. As you walking towards that door, know that you are going deeper with every step you take, coming closer, with every step, to the answers that you seek.

1…Beginning the journey. Start walking towards that door. Where all the answers await.
2… Going deeper. Deeper and deeper. More and more relaxed.
3… Going closer, closer, and closer. Deeper and deeper.
4…Closer still. Deeper and deeper. More and more relaxed. So peaceful…
5…Deeper and deeper, closer and closer…
6… Deeper and deeper, closer and closer…so peaceful…so quiet…so beautiful…
7…closer and closer…letting go…slowly…calmy…easily and gently…
8…You can see the door…it is so close… you are about to reach that door…
9…Deeper now, so peaceful…You can touch the door…
10… And 10..

Past life regression- Exploratory (healing pond in heaven)

After opening that door, you immediately know that you are somewhere in heaven. You know why you are here. You are here to explore your past life. You are now in front of the building called “Past life.” You feel immense energy flowing throughout the building. An angel walked out of the building and welcomed you. At this point, you still worry about what will happen. Angle seems to notice your concern and says, “Just relax. You requested to be here. We heard your request, and we are here to help you.” You followed the angel into the building. There is countless room inside the building and each room stands for different lifetime. Intuitively, you find the exact room you are looking for. Once the angel opens the door for you, you can immediately see a big pond with water clear as mirror. Angel says, “This pond will lead you to your past life. In order to do so, you need to stay inside it for a couple of minutes.” Without hesitation, you step into the pond. You feel relaxed and calm. Half of your body is on top of the water, while the other half is under. Slowly, you start to see everything you have experienced in your current lifetime on the surface of the water, just like a movie playing on the screen. Not only that, but you also experience the exact same emotions accordingly. These include all the good and bad things that have happened in your life so far…joy, sad, angry, happy, regret, guilt etc… As all these scenes quickly rewind backwards, you start to again drift into even deeper degree of subconsciousness…Just letting go and let these scenes to play themselves… There is no need to make any effort…Just let the deeper part of your mind and your higher self be your guide now on this journey. As I am counting from 1 to 5, the scene will stop itself to exact where it means to be…A happy, enjoyable time…perhaps a memorable event when you are about 3, 4, or 5 years old…Just allow these memories, images, and sensations to become more vivid… because you are in the water, I also want you to dissolve yourself into this experience. In a moment, I am going to ask you to communicate. You’ll be able to do so easily and clearly and at the sound of your own voice, you’ll drop even deeper into this experience…1…going back now…2… an early happy childhood memory …3…searching…searching…4… the scene has stopped…5 dissolving yourself and be there now…

• What is it that’s happening?
• How old do you feel yourself to be?
• Are there others with you or are you alone?
• What are you wearing?
• Are your surroundings familiar?
• Describe these surroundings
• How are you feeling

Great, you are doing well. Just check if there’s anything else that’s important for you to remember or explore about this time…and when you ready, let’s back to the pond.

Good…now bringing those wonderful feelings you just experienced with you, the scene on the surface of the water start to rewind back again… This time, to sometime after your conception and before your birth…back to that very special time in the womb where you’re preparing to come into this world…where you may have a more sensor experience…1..going back now…2…back more earlier in time…3…searching for the womb…4…the scene has stopped…5 dissolving yourself and be there now…
Tell me…
• Is it light or dark?
• Are you aware of any colours?
• Do you feel cramped, or does it feel like you have plenty of room?
• Do you feel you are able to connect with your mother here? What is she experiencing with regards to this pregnancy?
• Can you influence her feelings? Try to reassure her.
• How do you feel about coming into this world? Are you excited or not ready to come?
• And what is the general reason you’re coming?
You are doing very well…Now…once again…back to the pond… Prepare yourself for a completely new scenery exploration. This time, you are going to a completely different lifetime, one of your past lifetime whatever would be beneficial for you to review. You may recover special gifts, talents and abilities. You may gain clarity and insight…and you may have the opportunity to heal and free yourself of influences from the past…I am going to count from 1 to 7. This process might take a bit longer, but it’s okay. Trust the process. Your higher self and your guides will always help you and support you here. 1..going back now…2…back way more earlier in time…3…going deeper and deeper as you go back in time…4…through other dimensions…5…safe and in control…6…the scene has stopped…7 dissolving yourself and be there now…and when you are ready, imagine looking down at your feet.
• Tell me, are you wearing any shoes or bare feet?
• What about your clothing? What colour are they? Are they loose fitting or tight?
• Do they seem to be the clothes of a male or female?
• An adult or a child?
• Look down at your hands. What colour is the skin?
• Are you inside or out?
• Describe your surroundings
• Become aware of this place. If you were to look at a map of the world or a globe, where would you be drawn to
• What time in history is this? Again, you may just know, or you may have the numbers pop into your head.
• How old are you?
• Do you have a name? What people call you?
• What is it happening?
Okay, great! We’re now going to go to a significant event in this lifetime…3…2…1…be there now!
• What’s happening now?
• Where are you?
• How old are you?
• What are you doing?
• How are you feeling?
You can easily move backward and forward through this lifetime to gain insight and clarity around the important events of this lifetime. I’ll give you a few moments…and indicates me if anything other insights, memories or awareness comes up by the nod of your head…
Great…while you stay there, we are now going to go to the last day of that life to explore how that life ended. Going there now…3…2…1… be there now!
• What’s happening now?
• Where are you?
• How old are you?
• What are you doing?
• How are you feeling?
From this perspective, as you reflect back on the life you have lived, what more can you tell me?
• What was the general feeling that you carried in that lifetime?
• How did you feel as the person that you were?
• Have you learned any lessons in that lifetime?
• What were your greatest achievements?
Just before you go, I want you to know that sometimes there are special talents, gifts and abilities that you have in that lifetime can be lost in your current lifetime. However, if you wish, you can step into a scene where you can also experiencing reclaim all these gifts and talents and bring back with you…
When you ready, letting go of that body now…and as you do, leave behind in that life with anything you no longer need, such as trauma, illness and any negative beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you. And as you slowly leave that lifetime describe this journey to me…
• Have you left your body yet?
• Where are you now in relation to your body?
• Are you still in the room?
• Are you moving away?
• Are you moving forward looking up or backward looking down
• Are you moving quickly or slowly?
• Do you have a sensation of drifting or of being pulled?
• Can you still see the earth beneath you?
• Are you aware of anyone coming to greet you?

P.R.E.E and wake up

You did very well…now back to pond again… you are now ready to get up, leave the room and return to the current time and current place. In a moment, I will slowly bring you back to full waking consciousness…As I bring you back, your mind will transfer all these positive insights with you into your conscious mind. When you return, all the insights and awareness will be firmly adopted. They will feel so real to you that your subconscious mind will believe them, and you will permanently believe them and incorporate them into your everyday life…long after you have left my chair here…and not just because I say so… but because you know it to be true…You will be able to trust more, love more and have a greater sense of purpose and peace.
To bring you back to full alertness, I am going to slowly count from 10 to 1…and with each
count forward you will become a little more alert…your eyes can remain comfortably closed
until I get to one. when I get to one your eyes will open and you will come out of hypnosis
feeling fully alert..
10..Feeling the tingls in your toes
9…that feeling traveling up the legs and through the thighs
8…becoming more aware of my voice and other sounds in this room
7…feeling good, happy and confident
6…breathing coming back to a normal, healthy comfortable level for you
5…from now on, each time you experience social anxiety, it will just get easier and easier to
cope with it, easier and easier to act accordingly with your new learnings in a happy, safe and
positive way.
4…feeling rejuvenated
3…feeling energised
2…eyes wanting to open now
1…open your eyes, fully alert