Close your eyes now and allow your body to relax and soften…sinking into the surface you are lying on. And just know that you are completely safe to fully allow yourself to melt into the relaxing experience you are about to embark on. As you breathe in deeply, you allow a wave of calmness to wash over your entire body. Breathing in the feeling of peace…and breathing out all tension. And again, breathing in calmness…and breathing out resistance. 

Just allow yourself to enjoy using your breath to instil complete relaxation. Knowing that your breath is such a wonderful tool, and a tool that   Keep breathing in these wonderful feelings of peace and joy, and releasing whatever it is that does not serve you at this time. That’s it…. just breathe in…… and out……. 

And in…. and out…. 

And you may notice sounds around you…. sounds such as cars passing by…. The chirping of birds outside   window…. or any other range of noises occurring in the world around you. And just know that as you notice these sounds, you can let them fade into the distance, or simply just let them be there. And as you continue to listen to the sound of my voice, allow any other sounds that may arise just to be there….and the more you focus on the sound of my voice and the words that I say….. the more relaxed and at peace you feel. And in fact, you may find that any sounds you hear now make you even more relaxed. You find yourself sinking deeper down into a state of complete trust and relaxation now. Knowing that you are on a journey to a place of deep healing…where you can choose to be at peace. And on this journey, you will arrive at a place where you can access the part of you that can find healing and improve your life for the better. 



I’d like you to imagine that a pathway is opening up for you now…this is a pathway of the heart….and you may get the sense that this pathway will lead you to a place where all previous experiences that have hindered you from giving and receiving love can be healed. 

See this path now…. It can look any way you want it to be. Is it winding? Or straight? Is it man made or in a more natural setting? It’s really up to you. For this is your special path, and it exists entirely for you. Start to walk along this pathway now…and notice that with each and every step, you fall deeper into a sense of trust. Of safety. Knowing that you are on your way to exactly where you need to go. You notice a beautiful light glowing up ahead. It could be white, or gold. Or it could be a different colour entirely. Keep walking towards this light…and once you arrive, immerse yourself in this beautiful light. Feel it wash over your entire body….. 

And as you enjoy this peaceful feeling washing over you, you notice that this light has illuminated a short staircase in front of you. And you find yourself moving towards it, feeling totally at peace.  You stand at the top of this staircase now and you notice that this staircase has 10 steps. You feel eager to make your way down, as you know that there is deep healing to be found at the bottom of these stairs. 

In a moment I’m going to count from 10 down to 1. And with every number I say, you will find yourself able to go deeper into your mind and become more and more relaxed. More and more able to access that part of your mind that can easily accept new thoughts and experiences.


10…. Making your way down onto that first step.

9…. Onto the next step now. With each slow movement from one step to the next… you become more and more relaxed.

8…. .

7…… So deep. So peaceful.

6….Feeling doubly relaxed with each step now….deeper and deeper.



3…. Feeling ten times more relaxed with each step now



In your mind’s eye, you have now arrived at the very last step. Step down onto the ground now, and feel yourself in a state of total relaxation.



You have now arrived in your own special garden. It is so beautiful…. So green. Look down now and see the lush, soft grass…feel the sensation of this grass underneath your feet. 

You can feel the sunlight warming your skin. Really take in your surroundings now…what sounds do you hear? Can you feel the gentle breeze as it washes over your skin? Can you hear birds chirping? As you concentrate on the sounds in your garden, you start to notice that you can hear the sound of trickling water…. And just up ahead you see a beautiful creek. The water looks so clear and inviting. You can hear the lovely sounds of the water, almost tinkling like music you. 

Walk over to this creek now and sit down on the bank. You lightly touch your fingers to the stream of fresh, clear water. I wonder how this water feels. Is it cool against your hand? I wonder just how soothing this water could feel. As you sit here enjoying the sight, sound and feeling of this healing water, I’d like you to think of a time when you first took on the belief that you are not valuable and deserving of love. Really feel the feeling…. Remember what occurred. Good…. 

Just know that you do not need to hold on to this experience any longer. For this creek has the ability to wash away the imprint of this experience. You notice some empty little toy boats next to you on the grass to your right. I’d like you now to take all of the essence of this memory, all of the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns that have resulted from this experience and put it into this little boat now. You instantly feel a sense of relief, as you begin to free yourself from the impact of this memory. Place the box into the stream and see it float away… it drifts further and further downstream until you can’t see it anymore. And you are almost certain that it dissolved right in front of your eyes as it floated into the distance. It doesn’t really matter though, because you know that it is now gone. And you know that this experience cannot hold you back anymore. That you are so valuable and deserving of love. 

Now I’d like you to find a time where you first felt that you can’t trust in relationships. Once you find this memory, repeat this process by placing into another boat and allow it to simply drift away………………… 

Good… you’re doing so well. Go to another time now in your adult life where you felt betrayed and felt like you needed to close your heart. When you have found this experience place it into again into another boat and release it into the running water……………… 

I’m going to give you some time now to think of anything else that you are ready to release at this time. There may be one other event or memory, or maybe even a few that come up to let go of. Just place all of these into the little boats and allow them to gently float away to be transmuted. Feel the release of this. When you are ready, let me know by nodding your head………………… 

You now notice a box to your left. Inside this box are photos of all of the people that you are now ready to forgive. You know now that you are not defined by what the people who have hurt you. You understand now that by choosing to forgive, you set yourself free. Open this box now and pick up the first photo that is inside. If you like, tell the person what it is that they did to hurt you and how it has impacted you. Tell the person that you are ready to forgive and release the pain from this experience. When you are ready, place the photo into the stream and allow it to flow away. As soon as this photo touches the water, deep healing occurs for both of you. Pick up the second photo and after you have said what you need to say to them, place it into the healing stream. I’m going to give you a few moments to take out any other photos that may be in the box and go through this forgiveness process.  When you are finished give me a nod of the head……………… 


There is one more photo that has appeared in the box. You realise that it is lying face down. This is a photo of yourself. The past version of you who felt disempowered and fearful of relationships. It could be photo of you as a child, or from more recent times. Whatever age you are in this photo, it is perfect for what you need to heal right now. Turn the photo over and as you look into your own eyes, speak words of love and forgiveness to this past version of you. Let yourself know that you are ready to release the past and that you forgive yourself for any experiences you created that caused you pain. You were doing the best you could with what you knew at the time. You now know that you are safe to open your heart to love and to trust yourself. Take a few moments now to go through this process of love and forgiveness. Whatever you want to say will be perfectly healing for you. When you are ready, place the photo into the last boat in the water and when it has disappeared from sight, let me know by nodding your head. 



Wonderful…. Now, we have more place to visit in your beautiful garden. There is a healing bed of restoration waiting for you somewhere in your garden. I’d like you to walk over and find this inviting bed. When you get to it, notice just how comfortable it looks……. 

Lie down on this bed now and feel just how plush and soft it feels. More comfortable than a cloud and providing your body with such softness and support. You feel a beautiful warm energy emanating from the bed and washing over your body rejuvenating the cells of your body…. clearing away any remnants of debris from your heart and allowing it to soften…. Removing any walls, you have created or anywhere you closed your heart down. You are safe now. Safe to effortlessly give and receive the love that you so deserve. 

The regeneration that this healing bed is providing is filling you with a strong inner knowing that you are so valuable. So worthy. You now feel empowered and full of joy. You feel ready to relate to others with compassion and kindness. You know you are capable of creating balanced relationships that uplift and support you. You trust that the people in your life don’t want to intentionally harm you and have good intentions.

You know that your relationships can now flow with ease. You feel excited to create a loving romantic relationship based on integrity and respect. You now trust yourself, so you are able to trust life. 

You feel confident and you know that you can handle all situations with others in an assertive, loving way. You are magnetic and people love to be around you.

You have created a new self-concept where you know that everything is working out for you in the best possible way. You are the author of your life and you know that you are creating incredibly positive experiences. You are a victor in your life.  All of your interactions are filled with loving-kindness, given and received in equal measure. You are now able to go with the flow and see your relationships as a vehicle for positive growth and enjoyment. 

This deep knowing of your innate capabilities feels incredible. You are so confident. So empowered. And   return to this healing bed at any time to remind yourself of how worthy and deserving you are 

As you bask in these wonderfully positive feelings and beliefs, allow them to integrate into your heart and your subconscious mind permanently. And when you go to sleep tonight, these beliefs will amplify in your being even further. And when you wake in the morning, you will see this new outlook on worthiness, life and relationships taking positive effect in your physical reality. And every day after that, it now gets better and better in every way. 


Wake Up 

In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 5… and when I reach the count of 5 you will awaken with a calm confidence, feeling loved and feeling fantastic. 

1…. feeling the energy return to your body starting at the fingers and toes

2….. energy travelling up through the arms and the legs

3…. Body temperature returning to normal now

4….. whole body feeling rejuvenated

  Eyes open, alert and feeling great.