Safe Place

In this state of deep relaxation, this state of slower brain cycles, cycles of 5 Hertz, or 5 cycles per second, you might notice you are in a place that feels safe, secure, peaceful and where you feel completely at ease. You might be in a room, a garden, at the beach, or anywhere you feel perfectly safe. Take a moment to notice your surroundings. You might see them, or you may simply have a sense of them. However, you experience this safe space is perfect. When you have a sense of this safe space, nod for me (pause for response). Great. And as we begin our journey, know that at any time you feel the need, you can return to this space easily and quickly, simply by thinking about it.

From this safe space, you may be surprised to notice a pathway of pavers in the sky above you, and next to these pavers, there’s a signpost. And the strangest thing about this, is that it doesn’t seem strange at all. In fact, you know this is the pathway of your lifetime. And you might notice that from your safe place you begin floating upwards, higher and higher, and that while you go upwards into a state of higher consciousness, you are also going into a deeper state of trance with every movement upwards towards the path and signpost.

And as you reach the signpost, you notice everything else around you floats away, and that this feels safe and comfortable. And that as you stand on the pathway of pavers, looking at the signpost, you notice there is a sign pointing backwards that says ‘your past’, and there is another sign pointing the opposite direction which says ‘your future’, and above this is another sign that doesn’t point in any direction. This third sign attached to the signpost might have an image on it, or a word, or it might be a colour that you notice. With curiosity, just notice what’s on this sign.

From this signpost, looking in the direction of ‘your past’, you will notice that there are some pavers that stand out more than others. One paver in particular will draw your attention. It might be lit up, there might be an image or pattern on the paver, or something else that draws your eye. This paver is a paver that represents a very happy moment in your childhood. I am going to count back from 3 to 1, and as I do, you are going to move back to that paver, to that happy childhood experience, and as I say 1, you will enter into that experience, that happy moment. 3, 2, 1…Be there now!

As you move into the experience, notice any images, sensations, and knowing to come into your awareness. Notice what’s happening around you, who’s with you, and how you feel. And in a moment, when you tell me a little about this, you will be able to communicate with me easily, and with the sound of your voice, you will go deeper into this experience.

• What is happening?
• How old do you feel yourself to be?
• What are you wearing?
• Are there others with you or are you alone?
• How are you feeling?
• Is there anything else you would like to share about this moment, this experience? (pause for response)
Great, now place all those feelings, those positive emotions of (include feelings remembered) in your heart and know they are a part of you, and that you can always access these easily and freely, and that they are supporting you now, and they will support you into your future.

So, brining those feelings of (include feelings) back with you as you leave this experience, and on the count of 3 find yourself back at the signpost. 3, 2, 1….Back at the signpost now.

Good. And as you stand at the signpost this time, feeling (emotions brought back with them), knowing that these emotions are a part of you and accessible to you at all times, I want you to now look into the direction of your future. And you will notice that the pathway of pavers extends into the future, in the direction the ‘your future’ sign is pointing. And like for the past, you will notice that there is a paver that draws your attention. This paver represents a significant event in your future where you are feeling happy and successful. And the wonderful thing is, this paver is actually not far ahead at all. It’s actually quite close.

Again, I’m going to count from 3 down to 1, and on the count of 1, you will find yourself drawn into this paver, this paver that draws your attention, that represents a time in your near future where you are feeling happy and successful. 3, 2, 1…Be there now!

As you move into the experience, having with you the feelings of (insert feelings from visit to the past), notice any images, sensations, and knowing that comes into your awareness. Notice what’s happening around you, who’s with you, and how you feel in this situation. Observe and experience this scene with curiosity, wonder, and with the secure knowledge that this is your near future. I want you to take some time and really experience this moment. I’ll stay quiet for a while so that you can do this, noticing what you see, hear, feel and maybe even smell. Take some time and fully experience this moment, enjoy those feelings of happiness, success and wonder. And when you’ve soaked all this in, nod to let me know (pause for response). Great. Now, notice that you have a phone in your hand and with this phone, take a photo of this moment and then put the phone back into your pocket, or bag, or wherever you keep it with you, knowing you will have access to this photo wherever and whenever you want it. And when you’ve done this, nod to let me know (pause for response). Good. You’re doing really well.

And now, with the photo stored on your phone, it’s time to leave this experience and to come back to the signpost, brining all these wonderful feelings of happiness, success, and any other positive emotions you experienced with you.

So, letting go of this experience, start moving back along the pathway of pavers back to the signpost. And when you reach the signpost, I want you to look up. You will notice the signs pointing in opposite directions as they were before, to your past and to your future, and that they look the same. However, you may notice that the third sign on the signpost may have changed. The image, word, colour, or something else might be different. Just notice this with curiosity. Good.

In a moment, you will start to float down from the signpost, back into your safe space, and you will bring with you all the positive emotions from your happy childhood experience, and you will bring with you a very strong sense of the emotions, knowledge, and excitement of your happy and successful time in your near future. And in your safe place, take a moment to absorb this, to integrate it into your current reality, knowing it is all part of you and will continue to be part of you, will become increasingly part of your life with every moment. (pause to allow them to integrate this for a short while).

And when you go to sleep tonight or at a time that’s right for you, you will have peaceful dreams, integrating all you have just experienced, sleeping peacefully and only waking if you need to. And you will wake feeling full or energy, revitalised, and with the knowledge that you are creating your happy and successful future with every making moment, knowing your subconscious will be doing all you need in order to take the necessary steps. And every time you touch your phone, you will experience all the emotions you brought back from your happy and successful near future, and from your happy childhood experience, and you will know exactly what you need to do, and when you need to do it so that the image on your phone matches the image of your life more and more in the coming days and weeks. And every time you touch your phone, you will know that every day, in every way, it gets better and better, that you are happy and successful and capable of all you want to achieve, both now and into the future. You will know the feelings of (insert feelings from the past) were with you in the past, they are with you now, and they will be part of creating the near future experience that your subconscious easily knows how to guide you to, and knows how to create and to bring into your reality.


So, as I count from 1 to 10, you will return from your safe place into full conscious awareness. 1. Energy returning to your feet and ankles. 2. Moving up your calves and into your knees. 3. Energy moving into your thighs. 4. Becoming aware of your pelvis and hips. 5. Energy moving around your abdomen. 6. Awareness of your spine increasing. 7. Energy returning to your shoulders, arms and down into your hands, 8. Blood pressure, heartbeat and respiration returning to a normal healthy level for you now, 9. Energy moving into your neck, face and head, and 10. fully alert, fully awake, back in the room, feeling great. Open your eyes.