Settle in and make yourself comfortable…start by closing your eyes and taking in a few deep breaths…and with each breath, you will start to feel yourself at ease…. feeling lighter and more relaxed…. yes, that’s great… Feeling lighter with every breath… Feeling so at peace…with every breath feeling as light as a feather… so good so peaceful

In a moment, I am going to click my fingers and when I do this, you will open your eyes for a moment and when I click my fingers again you will close them. When your eyes are closed once more, you will enter into a state go of deep hypnosis…

Eyes open *click* very good you will feel your eyelids are very heavy, you want to close them as you can feel the weight of your lids getting heavier and heavier with every breath and every blink you take. Feeling sleepier, every blink you’re feeling more tired, so relaxed, eyelids getting heavier and almost closing that’s right…So relaxed….

Now eyes close *click* yes that’s right, even deeper so deep, so relaxed and so detached…

And now that you’re in this deep state of relaxation, we will go even deeper by releasing any extra tension that may be lingering in your body… I will do this by softly tapping your third eye. And when we reach the fifth tap, you will be in the deepest trance state, where everything I say to you will remain in your subconscious and will continue to make an impact even once you leave here today.


*tap* Every time I tap your you will feel even more at ease, so at ease going deeper and deeper,

*tap* That’s right… with every tap, a profound feeling of tranquillity flows through your body

*tap* Deeper & deeper, so calm, entering into a deep trance

*tap* Even deeper now… that’s right.

*tap* So deeply relaxed, the most relaxed you’ve ever been………….

Now I’d like you to imagine that you’re standing in a rainforest outside a magical cabin made of wood…. beautiful ferns with purple flowers drape over the roof… I’d like you to open the door and go inside… you can imagine this special space to look however you like, have a moment to take in the feelings and smells, feel how comforting this place is.

I’d like you to walk over to the kitchen… once you’re in there, right in the corner next to a wooden table with a mug on top of it, you can see an open cupboard with hundreds of tiny colourful vials, like something out of Alice in Wonderland……walk over to the cupboard… now you will see each vial has a label on it, there are so many positive qualities and emotions here! from love, strength, determination, happiness, abundance… anything you can imagine is here……

Above the cupboard is a poem that says “Pick a potion your heart leads to, it will magnify what’s already in you, once its sipped, forever it will stay and you will feel its powers even on your darkest day”

I’d like you to pick with strong intention the potions that say, Confidence, Strength, Love & Self-Acceptance… and once you have let me know by nodding your head.

Beautiful, now with the potions in hand walk over to the bench and one by one drop each potion into the mug… you notice that as soon as you do, you can smell a mix of sweet scents, like vanilla beans, rose & cinnamon… And now you can see a beautiful mist rise from the mug, all different colours dancing around in front of you…… they slowly begin to paint an image… the image is very familiar to you, as it’s you, doing something you love that is unique to you and you’re doing it with so much confidence & strength… you can see how much love you are pouring into this….feel how happy this image of you makes you feel……

Pick up the cup….and drink the whole potion in one go… as it runs down the back of your mouth, through to your throat and into your stomach, you feel this beautiful wave of energy flush through your body… You feel so much lighter and brighter, a big smile grows on your face. Feel into this moment, the smells & sensations around and in your body… this strong sensation of absolute love for yourself and the self-acceptance of how wonderful, unique and significant you are in this world.

Start to make your way out of the cabin… once you’re outside marvelling at the lush peaceful rainforest outside, you can feel this strong sense of confidence & strength within you… you know you hold so much power to make it through anything in this life, you are loved and surrounded by love and love deeply… you now know and feel deeply that there is no task too big or too small that you cannot complete in your own unique way… You will go through life with ease and a strong belief that you have the power to make the most out of any situation… As you breathe in the fresh air of the rainforest take in this moment and really feel this empowering sensation fill your body from head to toe… you are glowing and you are ready to take on the world, just by being you…

In a moment I am going to count from 1 up to 10 and when we reach 10 you will awaken feeling fresh and alert and ready to continue your day, knowing that everything I have said to you today will continue to exercise in your everyday life and every choice you make. Believing that every day in every way you are growing stronger and wiser and are creating the most abundant life for yourself.

1…Feeling the sensation coming back to your toes

2…3…Travelling up your legs and thighs up into your hips

4…Feeling more aware, confident and strong

5… Becoming more aware of my voice and your bodily sensations

6…Feeling so empowered and more alert

7..8… Breathing coming back to normal 9… eyes wanting to open now

10… eyes open and fully alert